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Wills and inventories

Passaic County will and inventory index 1837-1900
w=will i=inventory c=codicil r=renunciation
Naef Caspar 2216P wi 1881
Naegele Kate 4746P i 1896
Nagel Elizabeth 5410P w 1899 i 1900
 Henry Sr 2476P w 1883
Naman Margaret 2600P wi 1884
Nathan Charles 3504P wci 1890
Nauman Stephen 4529P i 1895
Naumann Frank 4747P wi 1896
 Stephen 4968P i 1897
Neal Samuel 2259P i 1881
Neer David 1828P wi 1877
 John 3930P i 1892
Neill Margaret A 3329P i 1889
 Thomas 2005P wi 1879
 William 1829P i 1877
Neilson William 4748P i 1896
Nelson Thomas 4969P w 1897
Nesbitt Martha 3733P wi 1891
Newbold Anthony 945P i 1866
 Anthony 2217P i 1881
 Mary 1300P wi 1872
Newby James 4749P i 1896
 James Jr 2857P i 1886
Newcomb Jane 5180P wci 1898
Newell John S 2858P i 1886
 Sarah 5674P i 1900
Newman Martha 1724P i 1876
Newton Catharine 2859P i 1886
Nichol John Jr 190P wi 1846
Nichols John 3169P wi 1888
 Lucy E 5675P i 1900
Nightingale James 3328P wi 1889
 John 660P wi 1859
Niven John 57P w 1840
Nolan Anthony 2860P wi 1886
 George 3731P w 1891
 Michael 4138P i 1893
Noll Edward 5676P i 1900
Noltemeyer Emile A 4970P wi 1897
Noorman Leendert 4320P w 1894
Norman Catharine 4750P i 1896
 John D 138P i 1844
 Samuel 2218P i 1881
 Tona 3732P w 1891
Norris Bridget 5677P wi 1900
Norton Chandler D 1138P wi 1870
 James A 4139P i 1893
 Mary 3505P wi 1890
Norwood Elmire 4971P w 1897
 John S 3931P i 1892
Nugent Matthew W 4321P i 1894
Nuttall Thomas 1508P i 1874

Oakes Jane 2601P w 1884
Oakley Catharine L 3932P w 1892
Oakman John 1725P w 1876 i 1877
Oates George 1908P wi 1878
 George 5678P i 1900
Obennener Rachel 1301P wi 1872
0'Blenis John H 3736P wci 1891
Oborski Florian 3933P i 1892
O'Brien Charles 58P i 1840
 Edward 2602P wi 1884
 John 236P i 1848
 John 1022P w 1868
 John 2219P wi 1881
 John 3506P i 1890
 John 3734P wi 1891
 Margaret 4751P i 1896
 Michael 1217P i 1871
 Patrick 1393P wii 1873
 Sarah 3735P w 1891
O'Byrne Edward 505P i 1855
O'Callaghan Catharine 991P w 1867 i 1871
 Catharine 4752P wi 1896 
Ocker Crine 3009P w 1887
O'Connel John 1073P ii 1869
O'Connell John 1515P i 1874
 Redmond 4322P w 1894
 Thomas L 3737P wi 1891
O'Conner Andrew 2260P i 1881
O'Connor James 5181P i 1898
Odell Stephen 3934P wi 1892
O'Donnell Johanna 4323P wi 1894
Oechslein Frederick 5411P w 1899
Ogden Matilda M 1303P w 1872 i 1873
O'Gorman William J 5412P i 1899
O'Kell George 2346P i 1882
Oldham Charles 14P w 1838
Oldis Francis 82P wi 1841
 Harmin 215P wi 1847
Oliver Charles 661P w 1859
 Charles 2729P w 1885
 Elizabeth 4530P wi 1895 
 Thomas 277P w 1849 Proof of pub 1849
Olmstead Margaret P 1907P i 1878
Olmsted Edward K 3010P w 1887
O'Mara Julia 2861P i 1886
O'Meara John 1830P wi 1877
Onderdonk Adrian 122P i 1843
 Sarah 5413P wi 1899
O'Neill Bernard 2114P wi 1880
 Charles 3738P wci 1891
 Isabella 2477P i 1883
 John 2220P wi 1881
 John 3507P i 1890
 Margaret 5414P wi 1899
O'Rourke Michael 1139P i 1870
 Michael 5415P wi 1899
Orr Philip 4324P w 1894
 Thomas 2730P w 1885
Orts Cornelius 4531P w 1895
Osborn Andrew J 2731P wi 1885
 Edward 2347P wci 1882
 Ezra 3170P wi 1888
Osborne Emily G 4753P wci 1896
Osburn Leah 837P wi 1864
O'Shea Martin 3171P i 1888
Ost Elizabeth 2862P wi 1886
Ostrander Annie F 5679P w 1900
Ott Agnes 3739P wi 1891
 John F 2006P i 1879
Otto Elizabeth 5416P w 1899
Otto Jacob A 1831P wci 1877 
Outwater John H 1598P i 1875
Owen Chester B 2348P w 1882
Owens Edward 2603P wi 1884
Owens John 5182P w 1898
Ower Peter 3740P w 1891 i 1892
 Sarah E 4140P i 1893
 William 2478P wi 1883 
Oxley Mary 5417P wi 1899 

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