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1858 ~ 1872

Jean Morris

The New Prospect ME Church is located at 25 Franklin Turnpike Waldwick and functions today under the name Waldwick United Methodist Church.

Compiler Jean MORRIS obtained these records following in the fall of 1998, transcribed from the original registers housed at the Waldwick United Methodist Church. This listing of baptism records is not complete as compiler only copied the years pertinent to her research. She notes some of the spellings may be incorrect since the handwriting is hard to decipher.

Phrases written in parentheses are compilers comments and are not part of the original documents.

Feb 7, 1858

Name of Person Being Baptized Residence

(These nine people were listed as adults. No date of birth listed.)

Ann Elizabeth WILSON Hohokus

Jane Elizabeth BAKER Camp Cough

Electa Ann WHITE New Prospect

Caroline Sophia (can't read well) BABCOCK Hohokus

Sarah WILLIAMS Hohokus

Harriet M. WILLIAMS Hohokus

Alaxader CONSULYEA (can't read well) Hohokus

Peter MABRIE (can't read well) Godwinville

David STORMS Godwinville
Officiating Minister: Wm. H. DICKERSON
Witnesses: Aaron ACKERMAN, Henry ?

Feb 14, 1858

Name of Person Being Baptized Date of Birth Residence

Son of Henry &
Mary Catharine CARLOCK May 24th, 1857 Camp Cough
Witnesses: John W. & James W. PULIS

Dau. of Martin &
Margaret QUACKENBUSH Oct. 12, 1857 New Prospect
Witnesses: Henry & Joseph ? (canít read well)

Son of John &
Hestern VANBLARCOM Sept. 18th, 1857 New Prospect
Witnesses: Henry & Joseph ? (canít read well)

Dau. of Abram &
Catharine QUACKENBUSH July 17th, 1857 New Prospect
Witnesses: Henry & Joseph? (canít read well)

Son of Isaac &
Eliza WINTER (canít read well) June 22, 1857 New Prospect
Witnesses: Henry & Joseph ? (canít read well)

Catharine Ann,
Dau. of Michael &
Elizabeth HOPPER May 14th, 1857 Camp Cough
Witnesses: John W. & James W. PULIS.

(There is a note at bottom:)
The above Baptisms reported at Conference in Morristown April, 1858.

May 18, 1858

Margaret Ellen,
Dau of Charles & Cellia April 16th, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Mrs. Gilbert PARLIAMENT

Peter James,
Son of Henry &
Hannah L. ZABRISKIE July 23rd, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Mrs. Gilbert PARLIAMENT

May 28, 1858

Sarah Jane,
Dau. of John &
Hannah M. WYCKOFF Oct. 31st, 1855 Yapough
& John Henry,
Son of John &
Hannah M. WYCKOFF Dec. 26th, 1857 Yapough
Witnesses: John & Ann SMITH

Oct 3, 1858

Anna Melissa, July 3rd, 1851 New York
James R. Hallida, July 3rd, 1854 New York
Eliza Hallida, Dec. 13th, 1857 New York
Children of Lewis &
Hester EARL
Witnesses: Wm. & Hester PACKER

William Martin,
Son of Abraham W. &
Sarah Ann PACKER Aug. 1st, 1858 Camp Cough
Witness: James W. PULIS

John Ackerman,
Son of Peter &
Nancy MABRIE? Jan. 4th, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

John Alfred Ackerman,
Son of James &
Ann PERRY April 15th, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

John Henry,
Son of Wm. H. &
Margaret DEGRAW July 17th, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

Hester Caroline,
Dau. of Benjamin &
Catherine SMITH April 28th, 1858 Hohokus
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

Oct 10, 1858

Abraham Yeomans,
Son of Henry &
Agness ZABRISKIE Sept. 7th, 1858 Camp Cough
Witnesses: Abram & Peggy YEOMANS

Dec 26, 1858

Charles Edward,
Son of Enos H. &
Emily SPRAGUE June 25th, 1857 Paterson
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

Son of Peter &
Maria YEOMANS Sept. 19th, 1858 At the Ponds
Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN

Dec 28, 1858

John I.,
Son of Edward M. &
Mary Ann STORMS Oct. 23rd, 1856 Wyckoff
Witness: Mrs. E.J. DICKERSON

Mar 6, 1859

Sarah Ann, Oct. 16th, 1854 Godwinville
Mary Elizabeth, July 1st, 1856 Godwinville
Lillian, Sept. 8th, 1858 Godwinville
Children of Henry B.
Witnesses: Godwinville Congregation

Wm. Henry, Dec. 13th, 1853 Godwinville
Johnathan, Feb. 12th, 1856 Godwinville
Children of Henry
Witnesses: Godwinville Congregation

Mar 7, 1859

Lewis, April 23, 1850 Godwinville
George, Jan. 13th, 1855 Godwinville
Children of Wm. &
Witnesses: Godwinville Congregation & John VAN HORN

Mar 20, 1859

Letty Jane, June 3rd, 1847 Godwinville
Cornelius, May 12, 1855 Godwinville
Children of Lewis A. &
Catharine MASSACAR

(Underneath are listed these names:)


(No birth dates are listed, so I am assuming these were adults that were baptized the same day.)

Mar 27, 1859

James Henry,
Son of Jacob &
Harriet ACKERSON Nov.15th, 1858 New Prospect
The above are reported.

May 23, 1859

Julia Ann,
Dau. of Levi &
Jane SECOR Godwinville
Witness: Stephen VAN BLARCOM

Sept 11, 1859

Catharine Matilda
Dau. of James W. and
Hester L. ACKERMAN June 26, 1859 Saddle River
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Mary Cecelia,
Dau. of Edward F. &
Susan E. RYERSON April 29th, 1859 New Prospect
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Sept 25, 1859

Son of John &
Margaret CARLOUGH March 19th, 1859 Campgaw
Witnesses: Campgaw Congregation

Maria Jane,
Dau. of Garret? &
Catharine TERHUNE August 12th, 1859 Campgaw
Witnesses: Campgaw Congregation

Anna Catharine,
Dau. of John &
Eliza HOPPER No Birth Date Campgaw
Witnesses: Campgaw Congregation

Lizzy Courter,
Dau. of Michael &
Elizabeth HOPPER May 1st, 1859 Campgaw
Witnesses: Campgaw Congregation

(The following names are very light and hard to read, so please be aware that some spellings may be incorrect.)

Mar 24, 1861

Mary Ella,
Dau. of Charles &
Cecelia ELBER Dec. 8th, 1860 Hohokus
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Charles Lewis,
Son of Wm. &
Hester PACKER November 15th, 1860 New Prospect
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Martha May,
Dau. of Jacob &
Harriet ACKERSON Jan. 2nd, 1861 New Prospect
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Mary Frambes,
Dau. of John &
Phebe Ann LYONS Nov. 2nd, 1860 New Prospect
Witnesses: New Prospect Congregation

Ida May,
Dau. of ? &
Elizabeth ACKERSON Dec. 4th, 1856 New York
Witnesses: Jacob ACKERSON & Others

William Henry,
Son of Aaron &
Margaret ACKERMAN Jan. 28th, 1860 New Prospect
Witness: Canít read

Mary Lizzie Edna,
Dau. of Henry &
Catherine MALLINSON Jan. 28th, 1861 New Prospect
Witness: A. ACKERMAN

Charles Smith,
Son of Smith &
Ellen M. ROSWOTE? Feb. 1861 Allendale
Witness: F. L. LYONS?

Edgar L.
Son of the above Parents Feb. 1st, 1861 Allendale
Witness: LYONS?

(The handwriting get a little darker here, so names are easier to read):

Aug 24, 1861

Jacob Henry BAMPER Jan 17th, 1860 New Prospect
Margaret Ann BAMPER Aug. 19th, 1861 New Prospect
Children of J. H. (?) &
Witnesses: Parents of children

Aug 27, 1861

Catharine Malvina,
Dau of Jos. B. &
Sarah WILLIAMS Age 10 months Saddle River
Witnesses: Parents of Child

Dau. of Edward M. &
Mary Ann STORMS Age 3 years New Prospect

Apr 11, 1862

Jane Lavina 7 years New Prospect
Sarah Catharine 6 months New Prospect
Children of Edward M. &

(I believe these two, Jane Lavina and Sarah Catharine, are children of David STORMS and Hannah FOLLEY, but are not recorded as such. Hannah FOLLEY died April 15, 1862. Mary Ann FOLLEY was the sister of Hannah FOLLEY, and Edward M. was the brother of David STORMS.)

Apr 24, 1862

Jane Maria,
Dau. of John &
Jane JENKS Age 1 year Campgaw

Margaret Ann,
Dau. of Christian &
Catharine Age 13 months Campgaw
Witness: In Church

Mar 20, 1863

Nathaniel P. LYON,
Son of John &
Phebe Ann LYON Age 2 months
Witness: John LYON - At the home of Jacob ACKERSON.
Note: His name given for General Nathaniel LYON, Hero & Martyr of Springfield Massacre.

Sarah Catharine, Dau. Feb. 11th, 1861
John, Son of Feb. 28th, 1863
Henry & Mary CARLOUGH
Witnesses: Parents and Kindred

Mar 1863

John MC ELROY Dec. 1859

Children of
John & Eliza Ann HOPPER Nov. 25th, 1861
James Albert April 4th, 1857
Joseph Henry June 2nd, 1859
Ann Lavina Oct. 5th, 1861

All baptized at Mother BAKERís

May 3, 1863

Witness: Aaron ACKERMAN & Jacob ACKERSON

Witnesses: John & James PULIS

May 10, 1863

Son of David and
Sarah K. FOLLY Age 9 Months Parsonage
Witnesses: Preacherís family

Aug 22, 1863

Son of Daniel &
Mary Ann WINTERS Age 6 Months Campgaw
Church Witnesses: Congregation

Sept 23, 1863

Isadorah May,
Dau. of Albert &
Deborah Ann HOPPER Age 6 Months Henry MALLISONís House
Witnesses: Anthony CROUTER & Hatie MALLINSON

Oct 31, 1863

Child of Enos H. &
Emily SPRAGUE Age 3 Months Paterson
Witnesses: G. PARLIAMENT Family

Nov 2, 1863

Child of Jeremiah &
Ellen STORMS New Prospect
Witness: Childís mother

Dec 20, 1863

Hester L.
Dau. of Alphred and Nov. 10th New Prospect
Witnesses: Unassembled Congregation

Dec 22, 1863

Sarah E.
Child of Adam and
Hannah R. SNYDER Age 8 Months New Prospect
Witness: Rev. Jacob TERHUNE

George, Age 4 Years
Abram T., Age 15 Months
Children of Henry &
Witness: Rev. Jacob TERHUNE

Henry L.,
Child of David C. and
Mary Jane BOGERT Age 8 Months Paterson
Witness: Rev. Jacob TERHUNE

Aug 16, 1866

Martha ACKERMAN Sept. 2, 1864 Saddle River
Ann Franklin H? ACKERMAN Feb. 11, 1866 Saddle River
Children of Jno. T. &
Elizabeth ACKERMAN

Aug 26, 1866

Emaline Storms,
Dau. of Adolphus D. & March 29, 1864 Ridgewood
Catharine SHUART

Dau.(?) of
Wm. & Carrie SHUART Nov. 14th, 1863 Ridgewood

Eleanor Oct. 31st, 1862 Ridgewood
Ida Frances June 19, 1864 Ridgewood
Alice Etta, Aug. 14, 1865 Ridgewood
Children of Cornelius &
Rachel A. SHUART

Sept 14, 1866

Abraham Van Blarcom Feb. 28th, 1866 New Prospect
Son of John & Jane JENKS
Witnesses: Jacob R. TERHUNE & Lady ELIZA

Dau. of David &
Sarah C. FOLLY Feb. 8th, 1866 New Prospect
Witness: Garret BAMPER, Sr.

Sept 17, 1866

Mary April 2, 1864 New Prospect
Anna Maria, Oct. 10, 1865 New Prospect
Children of Joseph &
Rachel HELMS
Witness: Garret BAMPER, Sr.

Dec 10, 1866

Ellen Catharine and Feb. 28, 1863 Allendale
Rachel Jane Jan. 9?, 1865 Allendale
Children of Richard &

Catharine Lizzie,
Dau. of Jacob and Mar. 12, 1866 Allendale
Baptized at the home of Abraham ACKERMAN at Allendale

Jan 20, 1867

Dau. of John and Sept. 23, 1866 Hoppertown
Witnesses: Congregation at New Prospect

Cornelius Henry,
Son of Henry & Dec. 7, 1866 Hoppertown
Witnesses: Congregation at New Prospect

John William,
Son of Wm. J. &
Sarah L. PULIS Oct. 12, 1866 Campgaw
Witnesses: Campgaw Congregation

Jul 20, 1870

Abraham, July 23, 1868 Allendale
Son of Richard &
Witness: Abraham ACKERMAN

Oct 21, 1871

Alletta Jane,
Dau. of James & Oct. 22, 1870 Near Allendale
Mary Elizabeth VAN BLARCOM
Witness: Stephen HAMMOND

Oct 5 or 6, 1871

Hazard Archer,
Son of John &
Eliza STORMS Near Allendale
Witnesses: Rev. S.F. PALMER & Congregation of New Prospect M.E. Church

Jan 14, 1872

Dau. of Jacob and
Nancy C. WANNEMAKER Oct. 19, 1871 Hohokus

George W. BURRIS,
Son of David &
Bridget BURRIS Sept. 20, 1867 Hohokus

Feb 28, 1872

Dau. of Abram &
Catharine QUACKENBUSH Aug. 16, 1869 Allendale

Nov 25, 1872

Mabella White,
Dau of Thomas &
Elizabeth HIGHAW Sept. 1871 Bloomingdale

Mary Frances,
Dau. of David &
Sarah FOLLEY Jan. 1872 Hohokus

Cornelius Cooper,
Son of James &
C.E. TERWILLIGER Aug. 1872 Hohokus

Catherine Ann,
Dau of Christopher & Jan. ? Oct. 1872 Hohokus

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