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South River Museum, 2005  

South River Historical & Preservation Society, Inc.

South River Becomes a Borough


An Act to incorporate the borough of South River, in the county of Middlesex


BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1. The inhabitants of that portion of the township of East Brunswick, in the county of Middlesex, hereinafter set forth, are hereby constituted and declared to be a body corporate in fact and in law, by the name of the borough of South River, and shall be governed by the general laws of this state relating to boroughs.


     2. The boundaries of the said borough shall be as follows: Beginning at South river on a line between lands of Marcus S. Wright, formerly Randolph Low's, and lands of Timothy Selover, and running thence (1) westerly up said line between said lands and continuing on the same course westerly to the center of the road leading from Old Bridge to New Brunswick near (formerly) Sheriff Bissett's house; thence (2) following the center of said road northwesterly the several courses thereof to a line between lands of Milton A. Edgar, formerly Charles Van Deventer's, and lands of Robert A. Messler; thence (3) easterly down the said line between said lands and a line between said lands of Messler and lands of Milton A. Edgar's, formerly of Garline and Abraham Van Deventer's to South river aforesaid; thence (4) up said river the several courses thereof to the place of beginning.


     3. This act shall take effect immediately.


     Approved February 28, 1898.

Source:  Laws of New Jersey, 1898, Chapter 16