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South River Museum, 2005  

South River Historical & Preservation Society, Inc.

Index to the 1851 R. Van Dyke Reid
Map of South River


Van Dyke Reid map of Washington, South River

R(ichard) Van Dyke Reid was a South River native, born on September 30, 1833. He was a graduate of Rutgers College. He taught in South River, Red Bank, and other schools, and also served as schools principal in Red Bank for a period of about seven years. Among the other positions he held at various points in his lifetime were ship's purser, census enumerator, town clerk, and bookkeeper. He died in Red Bank at the home of his grandson on May 9, 1915.


What follows is a list of the individual names of the property owners that were included on Van Dyke Reid's 1851 map of South River. Every effort has been made to retain the spelling and abbreviations as they were originally written by Van Dyke Reid. The map is available for viewing at the South River Museum or on the New Jersey Digital Highway.


Barkelew, Abraham
Barkelew, C.S.
Barkelew, Charles S.
Barkelew, Mary
Barkelew, S.H.
Barkelew, Stephen H.
Barkelew, Vincent
Barkelew, Wm. M.C.
Beeney, George W.
Beeny, George W
Blew, David B.
Booraem, Nicholas
Booraem, Thomas
Bright, William M.
Carson (Mrs.)
Carson, Jemima
Cheesman (Mrs.)
Clark, Revilo
Coburn, Lydia (Mrs.)
Connett, John S.
Devoe, James
Dixon, Michael
Dunham (Mrs.)
Dunham (Widow)
Dunham, J.J.
Dunham, James J.
Eades, Thos.
Eaton, Jacob
Emmons, John
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Samuel
Harbeck, John H.
Jaques, Catherine A.
Killeen, Patrick
Letts, Ezekiel
Manahan, James
Manahan, William
Manahan, Wm.
Martin, D.B.
Martin, Daniel B.
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Willett
Morgan, Daniel
Obert, Shepard
Palmer, James
Perrine, Charles
Perry, Augustus
Peterson, Geo. W.
Peterson, James
Peterson, Jonathan
Peterson, Moses
Peterson, Thomas
Pierson (Mrs.)
Poole, Henry B. (Dr.)
Radcliffe, Jno.
Reid, J.R.
Reid, John R.
Reynolds, George W.
Rue, Jacob F.
Schmidt, John
Selover, Daniel I.
Selover, Henry
Smith, George
Snedeker, Garret I.
Snedeker, John I.
Sperling, James
Stout, S. (Mrs.)
Stults, Fredk.
Stults, Frederick
Thoburn (Mrs.)
Tuthill, Ann (Mrs.)
Van Deventer, Zenas
Van Ness, John
Van Zandt, Abraham
Van Zandt, William
Vanarsdalen (Mrs)
Whitehead, S.
Whitehead, Samuel
Wilmurt, William A.
Wilson (Mrs.)


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