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Index to the
R. Van Dyke Reid Photograph Collection
South River and Surrounding Areas

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R(ichard) Van Dyke Reid was a South River native, born on September 30, 1833. He was a graduate of Rutgers College. He taught in South River, Red Bank, and other schools, and also served as schools principal in Red Bank for a period of about seven years. Among the other positions he held at various points in his lifetime were ship's purser, census enumerator, town clerk, and bookkeeper. He died in Red Bank at the home of his grandson on May 9, 1915


His photographs and scrapbooks reflect the shared interests of small communities in the latter half of the 19th century: marriages, deaths, religion, politics, and photographically, the buildings, the streets, and the people.


What follows is essentially a transcription of Van Dyke Reid's original handwritten index to his photograph collection. Changes have been made only when a photo number or page number was found to be incorrect, or when a photo in the album was omitted from the index. Unless otherwise noted, photographs in the collection are available for viewing at the
South River Museum.