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Family Updates


  As the son of Lawrence Hager Trimmer (1847-1909), a former NJ State Assemblyman (1889-1891), the founder and president of the High Bridge National Bank, and president and owner of the Middle Valley Trap Rock and Mine Company, 20 year-old Grover took an active part in his father's business interests, as it was required. L.H. Trimmer was considered the richest man in the Middle Valley area.
  On Saturday November 12, 1904, Grover decided to work that morning at the Teetertown quarry with his 21 year-old brother, Anthony, who was also his father's personal representative at the quarry. The Trimmers lived about a mile away.
  They both brought their lunch to work that morning. Anthony stored his lunch in the blacksmith shop and Grover stored his lunch in the boiler house. Due to the cold weather, some of the workers picked up two sticks of dynamite that were used in the blasting operation, and brought them inside the boiler house to keep dry for later use in the afternoon. The fire in the boiler house was low and the dynamite sticks were supposedly placed at a safe distance. Everybody at the work site, including Anthony and Grover, knew about the dynamite sticks in the boiler house.
  When lunch approached, Grover retreated to the warmth of the boiler house and invited his brother, Anthony, to join him for conversation. As Anthony walked towards the blacksmith shop to retrieve his lunch, the boiler house exploded, tearing the frame building into kindling wood and throwing the metal pipes and structure of the boiler in all directions. The explosion was so loud that it shattered windows of nearby farmhouses.
   The workers and Anthony ran to Grover's aid as the debris from the boiler house lied on top of him. Using their hands, they frantically retrieved him from the wreckage, but his body was badly burned and mangled. They placed his unconscious body onto a wagon and drove him to his parents' house, where he died five hours later. The funeral was conducted three days later in the parlor of the home. Many neighbors and friends paid their respects.
   Grover was buried in the Lower Valley Presbyterian Church cemetery. His father never recovered from the tragedy and died five years later. Anthony died in 1931.


Received from Martha Degenhardt (D) 6/8/2000. Recent news on her children and grandchildren.

Douglas Roenbeck has completed another successful year as the Phys. ed. teacher at Longwood School District in Ridge, NY. His coaching job with the girls track team is coming to an end after another good year and he says he is looking forward to some rest. Not for long though, as he will be working with the cheerleading coach all summer assisting with the summer camps they hold for cheerleading students. Longwood High School won the National Championships this year at the finals in Miami, FL and they will work hard so they can do it again next year.

Donna & Al Quiery and their children Jonathan, Jessica and Marisa will be heading to Nags Head, NC for a week’s vacation with their friends. This is an annual event for the family. They get together with old friends, all of whom worked with them at the Stonybrook University Hospital back in the 1980’s when they were all starting out in the medical profession. Today, they all live and work in other states but every year they come to the beach with their families and get reacquainted.

This year our family will not get to see our Fla. relatives. Every year Andy, Corey, Chris, and Tara come either to NY or we meet somewhere and spend part of their vacation time with them, but this year they have purchased a new house and that will have to take priority over vacation. They will be spending their time moving into their new home. We will just have to go to FLA and visit them and see the new "digs" as time allows.

Richard Roenbeck and his son Mike have a long running love affair with roller coasters. This summer they will be going to Sandusky, Ohio on vacation to ride on what is billed as the "World’s Largest roller coaster". Wife Beth and son Matt are just along to watch and sit by the pool and rest.

Patricia Roenbeck has just graduated from Stonybrook Univ., Magna cum Laude, with a degree in teaching. She accomplished this while still being a full time Mom and wife. We congratulate her, and it goes without saying that David and Brianne are more than a little proud of her. Way to go Patti!!

Suellen Roenbeck has resigned from the U.S. Army after ten yrs. of active duty. She was in the medical field, and now is employed at a new Army Hospital. Her field of expertise is orthopedic tech. She is also the new supervisor at the Army pool.

Joy and Randy Newell are coworkers with Dick at their infamous Graphics Co. Colleen is experiencing the Jr. High scene in 7th grade. She enjoyed her first season with the field hockey team as the goalie. She enjoys singing in the Church and school choirs. She loves to listen to music (all the new boy bands) and plays all different kinds of sports. Her favorite hobby is taking care of all kinds of animals.

Megan is enjoying 6th grade. She just received her confirmation. Her cousin Jesse-Lee was her sponsor. Megan has been taking dance lessons for 8 and has been selected to perform in Orlando, FL this year with the Dance Educators of America. She also auditioned for the Broadway Show "The Music Man" this past Fall but was released on the last cut. Better luck next time Meg! She also sings in the Church and school choirs. Megan’s favorite pasttime is playing on the computer and talking to her friends on the phone.

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