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The Netherlands is divided into twelve administrative regions, called provinces.

Province Location Coordinator
Drenthe   south of Groningen; capital and largest city (proper) Assen Piet en willeke Molema
Flevoland   central, north of Utrecht; capital Lelystad, largest city Almere Host Needed
Friesland   north west; capital and largest city Leeuwarden Host Needed
Gelderland   east central, south of Overijssel; capital Arnhem, largest city Nijmegen Host Needed
Groningen   north east; capital and largest city Groningen Piet en willeke Molema
Limburg   south east; capital and largest city Maastricht. Eugene Dubois
North Brabant   (Noord Brabant) south central; capital 'sHertogenbosch (or Den Bosch), largest city Eindhoven Hans Warnar
North Holland   (Noord Holland) north west; capital Haarlem, largest city (of the province and the country) Amsterdam Host Needed
Overijssel   east central, south of Drenthe; capital Zwolle, largest city Enschede Host Needed
South Holland   (Zuid Holland) west central, south of North Holland; capital The Hague ('sGravenhage or Den Haag), largest city Rotterdam Host Needed
Utrecht   central; capital and largest city Utrecht Host Needed
Zeeland   south west; capital and largest city Middelburg Piet en willeke Molema


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