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 Zumwalt Family of Lincoln County
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Daniel Zumwalt  / Zumwald
Birth: 1640,  Switzerland : AFT. 1681, Petersbach or Weitersweiler
Wife: Veronica unknown surname
Marriage: 1667 Switzerland?
Daniel Zumwalt
Johann Philip Zumwalt
Hans Daniel Zumwalt
Johann Henrich Zumwalt
Daniel Zumwalt
Margaretha Zumwalt
Margaretha Zumwalt
Margaretha Zumwalt

Johann Philip Zumwalt
25 Feb 1670 - Bef.. 15 MAR 1711 Birth: 25 Feb 1670, Weitersweiler, Bern, Switzerland
Father: Daniel Zumwald
Mother: Veronica unknown surname
Family 1: Susanna Feller
Marriage: 1690
Hans Philip Zumwalt
Johann Wilhelm Andreas Zumwalt
Anna Catharina Zumwalt

Johann Wilhelm Andreas Zumwalt 1698 - 20 Oct 1764
(Andrew Zumwalt) Farmer York, Pennsylvania; 1698, Strassbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany; Death: 20 Oct 1764, Woodstock, Frederick, Virginia; Immigration: 24 Sep 1737, Baltimore, Maryland, on the ship Virtuous Grace
Father: Johann Philip Zumwalt
Mother: Susanna FELLER
Family 1: Anna Catherine Margaretha Jacob
Marriage: 2 Nov 1728, Niederauerbach, Zweibruken, Germany
Maria Elizabetha Zumwalt
Maria Margaretha Susanna Zumwalt
Anna Delilah Ottilia Zumwalt
Johann Henry Zumwalt
Johann George Zumwalt

Family 2: Anna Regina Fite Marriage: 1749, York, Pennsylvania
Christopher Zumwalt
Jacob Zumwalt
John Daniel Zumwalt
Adam Zumwalt
Andrew Charles Zumwalt
Catherine Zumwalt
Johann Henry Zumwalt
Maria Margaretha Susanna Zumwalt

Andrew Charles Zumwalt 1758 - 1823 Birth: 1758, Fredrick, Virginia: 1823, Wentzville, St Charles, Missouri Death: Missouri
Father: Johann Wilhelm Andreas Zumwalt
Mother: Anna Regina Fite
Family 1: Margaret Lail
Marriage: bef. 1792, Kentucky
Family 2: Margaret Baldridge Marriage: 1792, Frederick, Virginia Marriage: 1792, Harrison, Kentucky
Christine Zumwalt
Eve Zumwalt
Adam Zumwalt
Noah Zumwalt
Gabriel Zumwalt
 Lucenda Zumwalt
Adam Zumwalt
18 May 1795 - 16 Jul 1872

Adam Zumwalt Birth: 18 May 1795, Harrison, Kentucky Birth: 18 May 1785, Frederick, Virginia
Birth: 16 Jul 1872, Fayette, Texas Death: 16 Jul 1872, Gonzalez, Texas Burial: 1872, Elm Grove Cemetery, Center Point, Kerr, Texas
Father: Andrew Charles Zumwalt
Mother: Margaret Baldridge
Family 1:Martha Jane Strain Kent
Marriage: 1814, St Charles, Missouri
James Cochron Zumwalt
Andrew Alonzo Zumwalt
Thomas Bowen Zumwalt
Issac Kent Zumwalt
Louisa M Zumwalt
Lucinda L Zumwalt
Noah Adam Zumwalt
Mary Elizabeth Zumwalt
Gabriel Zumwalt
William Zumwalt
Claude Zumwalt
Elenor Jane Zumwalt
Nancy A Zumwalt
William Zumwalt

Thomas Bowen Zumwalt  9 Jan 1820 - 1 Feb 1896; Lived in 1850, Peach Creek, Gonzales, Texas
Birth: 9 Jan 1820, St Charles , Missouri Death: 1 Feb 1896, Capitan, Lincoln, New Mexico
Census: 1850, Roll 910, Page 327, Peach Creek, Gonzales, Texas
Father: Adam Zumwalt
Mother: Martha Jane Strain Kent
Wife: Elsie May Billings Marriage: 1 / 7 Feb 1841 Gonzales, Texas
Eleanor Elsie Ann Zumwalt
Isaac Clark Owen Lewis Zumwalt
Andrew M Zumwalt
Lucinda Jane Zumwalt
Lucinda Ann Zumwalt
Sarah Elizabeth Zumwalt
Thomas Bowen Zumwalt Jr
Noah Adam Zumwalt
Fanny Caroline Zumwalt
Lerinda Zumwalt

Thomas Bowen Zumwalt Jr 25 Jun 1853 - 1 Jul 1929 Residence: 1900, Bonito, Lincoln, New Mexico; 1920, Capitan, Lincoln, New Mexico; Birth: 25 Jun 1853, , Kerr, Texas; Death: 1 Jul 1929;
Census: 1900, Vol 4, ED 68, Page 11, Bonito, Lincoln, New Mexico
Census: 1920, Vol 7, Page 7, Capitan, Lincoln, New Mexico
Father: Thomas Bowen Zumwalt
Mother: Elsie May Billings
Marriage: 12 Apr 1877 Pauline Elizabeth Paul
A. B. Zumwalt June 27, 1924 (one source: A B = Andrew Bowen Zumwalt) Born  Lincoln County
George Zumwalt
Elmer Zumwalt
Dora A Zumwalt
Sarah E Zumwalt
Wildy Zumwalt
Annie E Zumwalt
Tommy Zumwalt
E M Zumwalt