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Military Camps
Camp Ojo Calente through Camp Wing
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Some information was based on the book The Place Names of NM, by Robert Julyan.
When does a Camp become a Fort? When a military officer names it a fort.
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Camp Name County Nearest town Years
Camp Ojo Caliente (Camp) Socorro Caliente Canyon 1854
Camp Cody (Camp) Link Luna County Deming 1917-1939
Cantonment Burgwin (Camp) Taos Taos 1852-1860
Camp Columbus (Camp) Luna Columbus (See Furlong)
Camp Datil (Camp) Catron Datil 1884
Camp French (Camp) Sierra Hillsborro 1880
Camp Fleming (Camp) Sierra Fleming not military
Camp Furlong (Camp) Link Luna County Columbus 1916
Camp Luna (Camp) San Miguel Las Vegas 1920-1941
Camp Mimbres (Camp) Grant Dwyer not military
Camp Monarch (Camp) Grant San Lorenzo not military
Camp Petterson (Camp) Sierra Chloride not military
Camp Plummer (Camp) Rio Arriba Los Ojos 1866-1869
Camp Sherman (Camp) Catron Beaverhead not military
Camp Vincent (Camp) Catron unknown not military
Camp Wing (Camp) Sierra Chloride not military