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WW II Deaths of New Mexico
C. W. Barnum July 2006
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Causalities: KIA=killed in action  DOW=died of wounds  DOI=died of injuries 
 DNB=died non-battle  FOD=finding of death  MIS=missing

Grade: GEN=Four Star;  LTG=Lieutenant General Three Star;  MG=Major General Two Star;
BG=Brigadier General One Star
COL=Colonel;  lTC=Lieutenant Colonel;  MAJ=Major;  CAPT=Captain;
1LT=First Lieutenant;  2LT=Second Lieutenant  
CWO=Chief warrant Officer;  WOJG=Warrant Officer, Junior Grade;
FLO=Flight Officer; AVc=Aviation Cadet;  MSG=Master Sergeant
1SG=First Sergeant; TSG=Technical Sergeant: SSG=Staff Sergeant;
TEC3= Technician Third Grade;  SGT=Sergeant; TEC4=Technician Fourth Grade
CPL=Corporal;  TEC5=Technician fifth Grade; PFC=Private First Class; PVT=Private.

This list does not cover civilian deaths such as Red Cross workers or nurses. Nor does it cover deaths after discharge. As you know, service men and women suffer mental and physical problems after a war that may contribute to an early death. These instances can not be calculated. Please report typing error or make additions here.

ABRAHAM        NED            L, JR   CPL      DNB  GRANT
ABREN          ALEX           P       PFC      DNB  TAOS
ACKERMAN       ELLIS          J       2LT      DNB  LUNA
ACOSTA         JESUS          P       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEY
ACOSTA         MARTIN         U       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
ADAMS          GARLAND T      n/n     TEC5     KIA  SOCORRO
ADAMS          JOE            n/n     SSG      KIA  CHAVES
ADAMS          RUBEN          C       PFC      KIA  OTERO
ADLER          PETE           R       PVT      KIA  OTERO
AGENS          ROYAL          E       CPL      DNB  SANTA FE
AGNEW          WILLIAM        M, JR   1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
AGUILAR        JOSE           O       PVT      DNB  TAOS
AGUIRE         FRANK          T       PVT      KIA  SIERRA
ALARID         JOHN           L       SSG      KIA  UNION
ALBRRECHT      CHARLES        H       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
ALCANTAR       GUADALUPE      R       PFC      KIA  TAOS
ALDERETE       MANUEL         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ALDERETE       RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  GRANT
ALDERETTE      MANUEL         S       PFC      DNB  GRANT
ALLEN          JAMES          P       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ALLRED         WILLIAM        M       PFC      KIA  GRANT
ALLTERS        CARL           R, JR   2LT      DNB  LEA
ALMAREZ        CHARLES        n/n     CPL      DOW  BERNALILLO
ALMERAZ        MANUEL         G       PVT      KIA  LUNA
ALSUP          ANGUS          n/n     SSG      FOD  LUNA
ALSUP          ROBERT         E       SSG      DNB  LUNA
ALTAMIRANO     PETE           B       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
ANALLA         SANTIAGO       S       PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
ANAYA          BERNARDINO     N       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
ANAYA          RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
ANAYA          RUBEN          R       PFC      KIA  TAOS
ANDERSON       FRED           E       SSG      DNB  CATRON
ANDERSON       GRUBBS         n/n     SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ANDERSON       MAXWELL        G       PFC      DNB  GRANT
ANDERSON       RUSSELL        F       PVT      DNB  LUNA
ANDREAKIS      GEORGE         A       1LT      DNB  SANTA FE
ANDES          JOHN           H       PFC      DOW  ROOSEVELT
AODACA         RAYMOND        G       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
APOCACA        PEDRO          n/n     SGT      FOD  BERNALILLO
APODACA        RAMON          n/n     CPL      DNB  SANTA FE
APODOCA        FELIX          O       PVT      DNB  GRANT
APODOCA        MANFOR         L       CPL      DNB  GRANT
APPLE          NELSON         W       MSG      DNB  LUNA
ARAGON         ALFREDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
ARAGON         EDUARDO        A       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
ARAGON         FELIX          n/n     PVT      DNB  MORA
ARAGON         JOSE           E       PFC      DOW  SAN MIGUEL
ARAGON         JOSE           E       SGT      KIA  SOCORRO
ARAGON         JOSE           M       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
ARCHULETA      AMADEO         n/n     PVT      DNB  MORA
ARCHULETA      RAMON          A       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANA
ARELLANES      PEDRO          S       PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
ARELLANO       ANSELMO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
ARELLANO       MOISES         n/n     PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
ARELLANO       RITO           F       2LT      KIA  GRANT
ARELLIN        ROMAN          n/n     SGT      KIA  SIERRA
ARGUELLO       ALPONSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
ARGUELLO       ELIAS          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ARLEDGE        CARRETT        M       PVT      FOD  UNION
ARMETNA        CARLOS         S       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
ARMIJO         CARLOS         A       CPL      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
ARMIJO         ERMILO         T       PVT      KIA  SIERRA
ARMIJO         HILARIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
ARMIJO         JASE           n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
ARMIJO         MATIAS         A       PVT      DNB  SOCORRO
ARMIJO         REYNOLDS       P       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
ARMOUR         LAFAYE         n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
ARMSTRONG      AUBEN          E       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
ARMSTRONG      BRYAN          n/n     TEC4     KIA  DE BACA
ARMSTRONG      ELMER          n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
ARNDS          RICHARD        C       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLO
ASHBY          JACK           G       CAPT     KIA  GRANT
ATCHLEY        WILLIAM        TJ      SSG      FOD  UNION
AUSTIN         JOHN           H       CPL      DNB  CURRY
AUTREY         DAVID          L       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
AVILLAR        JOSE           O       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
AYCOCK         CHARLES        M       CPL      DNB  DE BACA
BACA           BOLESLO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
BACA           CALEDONIA      n/n     PFC      KIA  CATRON
BACA           EDWARDO        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BACA           ERNEST         n/n     TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLO
BACA           HERMAN         G, JR   1LT      DOW  SANTA FE
BACA           IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      DNB  SOCORRO
BACA           JOSE           B       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
BACA           LOUIS          B       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
BACA           MAX            C, JR   MSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
BACA           PABLO          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
BACA           RAYMOND        F       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BACA           THOMAS         G       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
BAHE           VICIAN         n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
BAILEY         GLENN          E       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BAILEY         NOEL           C, JR   CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
BAIRD          WILLIS         W       1LT      KIA  OTERO
BAKER          FOY            E       2LT      KIA  LEA
BALBOA         GABRIEL        J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
BALDRIDGE      DAVID          D       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BARELA         ALBERT         n/n     SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
BARELA         HERMAN         P       CPL      KIA  SIERRA
BARELA         LOUIS          PFC     PFC      DOI  BERNALILLO
BARELA         FELIX          H       PVT      KIA  DE BACA
BARNES         BULEN          n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
BARRERAS       CHARLIE        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BARRERAS       ELISEO         M       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
BARRETT        LOYD           F       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
BARRETT        WILLIAM        E       SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
BARRRERAS      SANTA          C       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BARTH          ROBERT         S       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
BARTLETT       BONNIE         n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVES
BASS           JAMES          F       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
BAUTISTA       PEDRO          C       PVT      DOW  GRANT
BAVOUSETT      EARL           B       SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
BAYLEY         WILLIAM        C       2LT      KIA  NM
BAYNE          ALVIN          L       CAPT     KIA  GRANT
BEADLE         ROGGIE         L       SSG      FOD  LEA
BEAL           BYRON          C       CPL      DNB  ROOSEVELT
BEAL           DUANE          J       1LT      DNB  LEA
BEALL          JOHN           F       CAPT     DNB  CURRY
BEAUCHAMP      ARMAND         R       PFC      KIA  OTERO
BECK           GARRISON       V       TEC4     DNB  BERNALILLO
BECKETT        MIKE           C       SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
BECLEY         SAMUEL         C       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
BEEMAN         JAMES          A       SSG      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
BELL           CHUNKIE        E       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
BELTRAN        Jose           d       PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
BELTRI         ALFONZO        S       SSG      KIA  HIDALGO
BEN            JOE            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
BENALLY        ERNEST         n/n     TEC5     KIA  MCKINLEY
BENNET         LOUIS          C, JR   2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BENNETT        ARVEL          L       PVT      DOW  OTERO
BENNETT        DAVID          n/n     PFC      DOW  SAN JUAN
BERBER         ROBERT         A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BERNAL         LORENZO        n/n     PFC      DOW  MORA
BESERRA        JULIO          T       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
BETHEA         WILLIAM        L       CAPT     DNB  GRANT
BEYUKE         EUGENE         n/n     SGT      KIA  MCKINLEY
BIGGER         ROBERT         E       PFC      DNB  LINCOLN
BIGLOW         ROBERT         L       1LT      KIA  CHAVES
BINKLEY        SAM            P       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BIRD           ROBERT         R       1LT      DNB  MCKINLEY
BIRNER         ERNEST         R       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
BISHOP         FRANK          S       PFC      DNB  LEA
BISHOP         GLEN           W       PVT      KIA  CURRY
BIVENS         HOYT           L       PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
BLACK          BILLIE         M       PFC      DOW  CURRY
BLACK          HAROLD         W       TEC4     KIA  QUAY
BLANCETT       LEONARD        O       SSG      KIA  TORRANCE
BLAND          OCIE           n/n     TEC5     DOW  CHAVES
BLANTON        SCOTT          R       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BLEDSOE        ROBERT         A       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLO
BLUE           HAROLD         G       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BLYTHE         HOWARD         O       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
BOCKMAN        ELMER          E       CAPT     KIA  DE BACA
BOCKRATH       BEN            H       1SG      KIA  HIDALGO
BOELLNER       ARDEN          R       LTC      KIA  CHAVES
BOESE          ABRAM          R       PVT      DNB  QUAY
BOLTON         SHILLEY        L       PVT      DNB  TORRANCE
BONHAM         BENNIE         J       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
BONNETT        HOY            C, JR   1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BOOKOUT        ELBERT         B       SGT      DNB  OTERO
BOONE          HENRY          D       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
BOONE          NORBY          R       PFC      KIA  GRANT
BOOTH          CHARLES        R       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
BORUNDA        DAVID          G       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
BOTELLO        PETE           n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
BOURNE         BEN            F, JR   PFC      KIA  CURRY
BOWDEN         CHARLIE        D       PVT      KIA  LEA
BOWLIN         ROBERT         S       PFC      DNB  LINCOLN
BOWMAN         HERMAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
BOWMAN         THOMAS         C       SGT      KIA  CURRY
BOWMAN         WESLEY         S       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BOWRA          WILLIAM        G       CPL      DNB  SAN JUAN
BOYD           GRADY          n/n     PFC      DNB  CHAVES
BOYD           HARMON         E       CPL      DNB  LEA
BOYKIN         JOHNNIE        R       SGT      FOD  CHAVES
BRACKEN        DANIEL         L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BRADEN         CHARLES        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BRADLEY        J              L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BRASWELL       ARNOLD         G       PVT      DNB  TORRANCE
BRAY           BEN            L       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
BRIDGES        CLAUD          V, JR   TEC5     KIA  CURRY
BRIDGES        FREDRIC        E       SSG      DNB  LINCOLN
BRIGHT         WILLIAM        L       PFC      KIA  LEA
BRINK          ALFRED         E       MSG      DNB  TAOS
BRITTON        BENNIE         A       SGT      KIA  SANTA FE
BROWN          BILL           W       SSG      DNB  SANTA FE
BROWN          GEORGE         N       SSG      DNB  DONA ANA
BROWN          HENRY          N       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
BROWN          HOWARD         T       1LT      KIA  CHAVES
BROWN          JAMES          W       SGT      KIA  LEA
BROWN          JAMES          W, JR   1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BROWN          JAMES          W, JR   2LT      KIA  CHAVES
BROWN          JOSEPH         T       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
BROWN          OCIE           E       CPL      DNB  LEA
BROWN          ORMINSTON      D       FLO      KIA  QUAY
BROWN          PAUL           n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
BROWN          WESLIE         H       SSG      FOD  LINCOLN
BROWNE         GEORGE         H       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
BRUNER         ERIC           W       PFC      KIA  QUAY
BRYANT         OTIS           C       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FE
BRYANT         T              B       SSG      DNB  CURRY
BUCK           JOHN           n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
BURCIAGA       ERNESTO        G       TEC4     KIA  CHAVES
BURDINE        RAFORD         E       PFC      DNB  CURRY
BURFORD        BERNARD        P       PVT      DNB  CURRY
BURGESS        HARRY          H       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
BURGESS        ROBERT         E       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
BURGIN         JAMES          F       SGT      KIA  LEA
BURNETTE       CHESTER        A       SSG      FOD  CHAVES
BURNS          CANIEL         J       2LT      FOD  BERNALILLO
BURRELL        DONALD         W       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLO
BURRUSS        EUGENE         n/n     PVT      KIA  HIDALGO
BUSH           MORRIS         D       CPL      DNB  CHAVES
BUSTAMANTE     ADELIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
BUSTILLOS      STANLEY        E       PFC      KIA  OTERO
BYARS          JOHN           B       TSG      KIA  CURRY
BYERS          ELLIS          S       1LT      KIA  LEA
BYRD           CLEO           W, JR   2LT      FOD  CHAVES
BYRD           THOMAS         B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
C DE BACA      JUAN           C       PFC      KIA  MORA
C DE BACA      SEVERO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
CADE           FRANCIS        W       SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
CADLE          CLIFFORD       E       SSG      FOD  BERNALILLO
CAIN           JAMES          R       MSG      KIA  LUNA
CAIN           KENNETH        D       SSG      DNB  LEA
CAIN           WARDEN         n/n     SSG      FOD  BERNALILLO
CALDERON       ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  GRANT
CALEY          PAUL           E       PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
CALHOUN        JAMES          F       PVT      DNB  SIERRA
CALLISTER      JACK           R       CPL      KIA  LUNA
CALRKE         RICHARD        S       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
CALY           JERRY          C       SSG      DNB  LEA
CAMPBELL       BUFORD         R       PVT      KIA  LEA
CAMPTON        BOBBIE         B       PFC      DNB  DONA ANA
CANADY         KENNETH        A       TSG      FOD  BERNALILLO
CANDIELLO      SAMUEL         A       PFC      DNB  GRANT
CARBAJAL       ANGEL          O       PFC      KIA  GRANT
CARDELL        MUREL          E       PFC      KIA  HIDALGO
CARDON         DAVID          M       PFC      FOD  DONA ANA
CAREY          DANIEL         W       PVT      DOW  TORRANCE
CARLILE        FRANK          U       PFC      KIA  QUAY
CARLSON        MARTIN         C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
CARMICHAEL     JOHNNY         D       SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
CARMONA        YSABEL         A, JR   SGT      DNB  CHAVES
CAROTHERS      SAM            E       CAPT     KIA  NM
CARPENTER      ROBERT         E       PFC      KIA  GRANT
CARR           ELWOOD         E       SGT      FOD  LEA
CARR           ROBERT         LEE     1ST LT   KIA  OTERO SHOT DOWN OVER JAPAN 1945*
CARRERAS       DANNY          A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
CARRIERE       JOE            M       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
CARRILLO       ABIE           A       SGT      DNB  SANTA FE
CARRILLO       JOE            G       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
CARRILLO       JOHNNIE        J       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
CASADOS        VALENTINO      E       PFC      DOW  TAOS
CASARES        DANIEL         M       PFC      KIA  GRANT
CASAUS         JUAN           JR      PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
CASIAS         JOSE           M       PVT      DNB  TAOS
CASILLAS       JOSEPH         P       SSG      FOD  CURRY
CASRON         LUPE           B       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
CAST           ELZIE          L       CPL      DNB  TORRANCE
CAST           VIRGIL         A       SGT      KIA  TORRANCE
CASTILLO       IGNACIO        C       PVT      FOD  SANTA FE
CASTILLO       JOHN           B       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
CATANACH       ROBERT         n/n     SGT      DOW  SANTA FE
CATLETT        DICK           W       CPL      KIA  SANTA FE
CAUDILL        OSCAR          D       PVT      KIA  CATRON
CAWTHON        LYLE           B       SGT      KIA  QUAY
CHAFFINO       PEDRO          V       CPL      FOD  DONA ANA
CHAIRES        SIMON          H       PFC      DOW  LUNA
CHALK          DEAN           R       CPL      DNB  CURRY
CHALK          JUNIOR         A       PVT      DNB  CURRY
CHANDLER       MARION         J       AVC      DNB  DONA ANA
CHAPMAN        WILLIAM        H       TSG      MIS  DONA ANA
CHARLES        LOUIS          B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
CHASE          ALBERT         F       1LT      KIA  LINCOLN
CHASE          WILLIAM        G       2LT      DNB  LINCOLN
CHAVES         ADOLFO         n/n     PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
CHAVES         BALTAZAR       B       PVT      DNB  LUNA
CHAVEZ         ABEL           n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
CHAVEZ         ABESLIN        C       PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
CHAVEZ         AGAPITO        n/n     PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
CHAVEZ         ALEXANDER      T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANA
CHAVEZ         BERTO          n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
CHAVEZ         EMILIO         n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
CHAVEZ         ERNEST         A       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         FELIPE         D       TSG      FOD  DONA ANA
CHAVEZ         FERNANDO       J       PFC      KIA  OTERO
CHAVEZ         FRANCISCO      A       TEC4     KIA  DONA ANA
CHAVEZ         FRED           B       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
CHAVEZ         FULGENCIO      n/n     PFC      KIA  MORA
CHAVEZ         HEBRY          F       PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
CHAVEZ         HORACE         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         JOE            A       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         LEANDRO        JR      PFC      DOW  SANTA FE
CHAVEZ         LEO            E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         LOUIS          n/n     PFC      FOD  MCKINLEY
CHAVEZ         MANUEL         n/n     PVT      KIA  CATRON
CHAVEZ         OZIEL          n/n     PVT      DNB  LINCOLN
CHAVEZ         PEDRO          R       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
CHAVEZ         RALPH          F       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         RALPH          P       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         RAY            S       PVT      DNB  OTERO
CHAVEZ         RAYMOND        n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
CHAVEZ         RICHARD        n/n     PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
CHAVEZ         SEFERINO       G       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
CHAVEZ         SEFERINO       O, SR   PFC      KIA  MORA
CHAVEZ         SEFERINO       B       PFC      DNB  SOCORRO
CHAVEZ         TELESFOR       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
CHAVIRA        JOE            B       CPL      DNB  GRANT
CHEAMS         ERNEST         H       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
CHEEK          FLOYD          O       SSG      KIA  CHAVES
CHENEY         ORAL           C       SSG      DNB  SANDOVAL
CHEWIWI        JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
CHITWOOD       CHARLIE        A       TSG      KIA  DONA ANA
CHITWOOD       RAYMOND        H       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
CHRISMAN       THOMAS         P       SSG      KIA  DONA ANA
CHURCHWELL     GEORGE         E       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
CISNEROS       ERNESTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
CISNEROS       MANUEL         J       PFC      KIA  TAOS
CLAN           JOSEPH         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
CLANCEY        CHARLES        C       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
CLARK          CHARLES        T       PFC      DNB  CATRON
CLARK          LOUIS          L       PFC      DNB  GRANT
CLARK          MANSEL         R, JR   1LT      MIS  SANDOVAL
CLARK          THOMAS         P       1LT      KIA  SANTA FE
CLARK          ULRIC          C       SGT      FOD  CHAVES
CLARKE         JAMES          S       MAJ      DNB  BERNALILLO
CLAYTON        KERMIT         n/n     PVT      DNB  CHAVES
CLAYTON        SHERMAN        E       CPL      KIA  QUAY
CLEVENGER      ARTHUR         C       PFC      KIA  LUNA
CLINESMITH     GENE           F       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
CLINTON        GEORGE         n/n     TEC5     KIA  MCKINLEY
CLOSSON        CHARLES        T       1LT      DNB  SANTA FE
COCA           JOE            L       PFC      KIA  TAOS
COFFEY         KENNETH        n/n     PFC      KIA  GRANT
COFFINDAFFER   R              B       PFC      KIA  GRANT
COLBURN        QUENTIN        D       PFC      DNB  OTERO
COLE           MARVIN         T       SSG      DNB  LEA
COLEMAN        GEORGE         T       LTC      KIA  LEA
COLLINS        KENNETH        I       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
COLLINS        MARGARITO      n/n     PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
COLVARD        GEORGE         T       LTC      KIA  LUNA
CONCHO         FERNANDO       n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOS
CONLEY         MILLARD        E       TSG      DNB  CURRY
CONTREARAS     MIGUEL         G       PVT      KIA  LUNA
CONTRERAS       FELIPE         n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
CONWAY         LESTER         L       PFC      DOW  MCKINLEY
COOK           FRED           D       PVT      KIA  CATRON
COOK           JOSEPH         A       2LT      FOD  SAN JUAN
COOK           RALPH          R       TSG      DNB  OTERO
COPELAND       SID            n/n     PVT      DNB  ROOSEVELT
CORDOV         ANTONIO        A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
CORDOVA        ADONAIZ        N       PVT      DNB  TAOS
CORDOVA        FILADELFIO     n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOS
CORDOVA        JOSE           n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
CORDOVA        JOSE           F       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
CORDOVA        JULIAN         Z, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
CORDOVA        REYNALDO       S       PVT      KIA  OTERO
CORIZ          DOMINGO        n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
CORN           WADE           H, JR   LT       KIA  CHAVES
CORTEZ         PRESENTACION   n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOS
COTTON         CHARLES        W       TSG      FOD  NM
COUGHLIN       JOHN           A       1LT      KIA  SAN JUAN
COVERT         DELBERT        O       SGT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
COX            ALBERT         E       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
COX            WILIAM         W       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
COZART         JAMES          N       PFC      DOW  LUNA
CRAFT          DEAN           H       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
CRAIG          HOWARD         E       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
CRAIG          ROBERT         A       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
CREE           GEORGE         W       PFC      DNB  DONA ANA
CREECH         ELBERT         W       2LT      KIA  LEA
CRISWELL       HAROLD         R       PFC      KIA  HARDING
CROOMS         HERSHEL        A       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
CROSCO         ARNOLD         A       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
CRUZ           CANDIDO        F       PFC      KIA  MORA
CRUZ           JOSE           C       TEC5     DNB  TAOS
CRUZ           NELSON         n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
CUMMINGS       WARNER         W       PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
CURRY          KLEO           I       CPL      DNB  LUNA
CURTIS         AUATIN         J       2LT      KIA  CURRY
CURTIS         BILL           D       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
DAMON          ERNEST         A       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
DAUGHTERY      PAUL           P       SGT      KIA  SIERRA
DAVIDSON       EARL           G       AVG      DNB  CURRY
DAVIDSON       JAMES          L       2LT      KIA  NM
DAVIES         RALPH          E       FLO      DNB  DE BACA
DAVIS          LORAN          W       SSG      KIA  CURRY
DAVIS          R              J       PFC      DOW  CHAVES
DAVIS          REX            A       SSG      KIA  CHAVES
DAWES          HJOMER         R       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
DAWSON         CHARLES        E, JR   SGT      DNB  GRANT
DE AVILA       FRANCISCO      n/n     PVT      KIA  OTERO
DE BACA        BENEDICTO      C       PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
DE BACA        MACKIE         C       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
DEAN           JAMES          B       PVT      KIA  QUAY
DEAVER         ROBERT         L       PFC      DOW  SANDOVAL
DECKER         JIM            n/n     PFC      DNB  SAN JUAN
DEEMER         CARL           E       PFC      DNB  GUADALUPE
DEHERRERA      JOE            I       PFC      KIA  HARDING
DELGADO        EDIE           n/n     TSG      KIA  SANTA FE
DELGADO        SANTIAGO       P       PVT      KIA  GRANT
DELWASKIE      JAY            n/n     PFC      DOW  SAN JUAN
DENNING        WILLIAM        M       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
DENNISON       LEO            A       SSG      FOD  SANTA FE
DENSHAW        ERNEST         R       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
DERRICK        CHARLES        w       2LT      KIA  LEA
DIAZ           BENNY          C       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
DIAZ           JOSEPH         G       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
DIAZ           PEDRO          A       PFC      FOD  LUNA
DIECKMAN       JOHN           H       WOJG     KIA  BERNALILLO
DIMAS          DANIEL         G       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
DINELLI        PETE           J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
DIVINEY        JOSEPH         D       SSG      DNB  GRANT
DOLAN          BERNARD        n/n     TEC5     KIA  OTERO
DOMINGUEZ      FELIX          M       TEC5     KIA  LUNA
DORRANCE       ARTHUR         A       PVT      KIA  DE BACA
DORRANCE       OLIVERIO       n/n     PFC      KIA  MORA
DOTSON         ALONZO         n/n     PVT      DNB  LEA
DOUGLASS       DONALD         R       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
DOWNEY         ROBERT         P       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
DRAKE          HENRY          A       CPL      DNB  CURRY
DRIGGARS       GEORGE         L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
DU BOIS        ROBERT         E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
DUKE           GEORGE         B       PVT      DNB  CURRY
DUKE           LEWIS          E       SGT      KIA  GRANT
DUNCAN         BAYOR          n/n     PFC      DNB  GRANT
DUNCAN         CHARLES        L       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
DUNKLE         ROBERT         H       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
DUNN           AMOS           W       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
DUNN           JAMES          A       PFC      DOW  DE BACA
DURAN          ELIGIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
DURAN          FRANK          A       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
DURAN          JOSE           C       SGT      KIA  SANDOVAL
DURAN          MACEDONIO      n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
DURAN          MICHAEL        R       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
DUTCHOVER      ADAM           n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVES
EARP           ROBERT         n/n     SGT      FOD  UNION
EDWARDS        LEO            S       SSG      DOW  LEA
EDWARDS        RALPH          C       1LT      DNB  MCKINLEY
EGGERT         SAM            n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ELAM           AUBREY         T       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
ELLERD         JOHN           A       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
ELLIS          JACK           L       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
ELY            CLYDE          E, JR   CAPT     DNB  GRANT
EMINGER        LEO            M       1LT      FOD  ROOSEVELT
ENCINIAS       FIDEL          A       PFC      KIA  SIERRA
ENCINIAS       JOSE           R       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
ERBACHER       JOHN           M       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ERWIN          JACK           G       1LT      DNB  CURRY
ESCOBAR        PORFIRIO       J       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
ESPALIN        DAMACIO        JR      TEC4     DNB  DONA ANA
ESPALIN        DANIEL         C       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
ESPINOSA       DAMIAN         n/n     CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
ESPINOSA       DELFIN         G       PFC      KIA  UNION
ESPINOZA       BENJAMIN       F       TSG      KIA  MORA
ESPINOZA       JOHN           L       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
ESQUEDA        ANTONIO        C       PFC      KIA  GRANT
ESQUIBEL       JOE            S       PVT      KIA  TAOS
ESTRADA        ESMAEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
ESTRADA        LOUIS          H       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEY
ESTRADA        ROBERTO        W       PFC      KIA  LUNA
EVANS          KENDALL        W       2LT      DNB  DONA ANA
EVANS          WILLIAM        D       PFC      KIA  OTERO
EVERETT        JAMES          n/n     SSG      KIA  SANDOVAL
EWING          RICHARD        D       PFC      DNB  LEA
FAIRBANKS      GLENN          R       SSG      FOD  NM
FAJARDO        JOSE           D       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
FARLEY         CHARLES        JT      PFC      KIA  GUADALUPE
FAULKNER       TED            S       COL      FOD  QUAY
FENTON         LEE            R       TEC5     DOW  ROOSEVELT
FERGUSON       PAUL           D       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEY
FEVURLY        LESTER         E       PFC      DNB  MORA
FIELD          ALBERT         K       CAPT     KIA  LUNA
FINCH          CALVIN         G       PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
FINCKE         HERBERT        C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
FINCKE         WILLIAM        A       1LT      DOW  SANTA FE
FINLEY         PECOS          U       1LT      DNB  DONA ANA
FISHER         MANUEL         J       1LT      KIA  GRANT
FLANING        CALVIN         D       CPL      DNB  CURRY
FLAVIO         FLAVIO         n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
FLEMING        JOHN           W       SGT      DOW  BERNALILLO
FLING          JAMES          F       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
FLOHRS         DUANE          H       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
FLORES         DAVID          V       SSG      KIA  GRANT
FLORES         LONGINO        C       PVT      KIA  LUNA
FLORES         PABLO          E, JR   PVT      DOW  GUADALUPE
FLOWERS        JOHN           R       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
FOOR           HERBERT        L       TEC5     KIA  DE BACA
FORBES         JUDSON         C       CAPT     DNB  ROOSEVELT
FORBUS         LEET           C       TEC4     KIA  LINCOLN
FORD           RALPH          E       PVT      KIA  GRANT
FORISTER       CHARLES        J       PFC      DNB  DONA ANA
FOSTER         JOHN           W, JR   2LT      DNB  OTERO
FOSTER         LEE            A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
FOSTER         PERCY          W       PFC      DNB  CHAVES
FOSTER         WILLIAM        N       CAPT     KIA  LUNA
FOUGHT         LEON           Z       PFC      KIA  CURRY
FOWLER         DWIGHT         H, JR   CPL      DNB  OTERO
FOWLER         HOLMES         C       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
FOWLER         HOLMES         W       PVT      DNB  CHAVES
FRAGUA         ALEJANDRO      n/n     PFC      DOW  SANDOVAL
FRAGUA         PABLO          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
FRAME          KENNETH        C       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
FRANCISCO      ROBERT         n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
FRANCO         PORFIRIO       n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
FRANEY         ROMAULD        J       2LT      FOD  LUNA
FRANKLIN       BEN            JR      PVT      KIA  CHAVES
FRANKLIN       DAVID          H       PVT      DNB  CHAVES
FRANKLIN       EDWIN          H       SGT      KIA  SAN JUAN
FRANKLIN       JAMES          D       SSG      KIA  SAN JUAN
FRAUSTO        MARGARITO      C       PVT      KIA  LEA
FREEMAN        SANFORD        L       PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
FRIES          FRANK          E       MAJ      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
FRYE           WALTER         A       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
GAEDE          CUNTER         n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GALLAGHER      JOHN           H       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GALLEGO        MICHAEL        C       SSG      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
GALLEGOS       ADOLFO         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
GALLEGOS       ANTONIO        J       TEC4     DNB  LUNA
GALLEGOS       ELOY           L       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GALLEGOS       HILARIO        B       PFC      KIA  HIDALGO
GALLEGOS       JOSE           B       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
GALLEGOS       JOSE           n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GALLEGOS       JULIO          n/n     TSG      KIA  SOCORRO
GALLEGOS       MANUEL         JR      SGT      KIA  LEA
GALLEGOS       RAMON          n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
GAMBLE         JOHN           D       2LT      DNB  SANTA FE
GARBER         DEWITT         n/n     2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARCIA         ALBERTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
GARCIA         BENNY          C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARCIA         BILL           P       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARCIA         ELIAS          D       SGT      DOW  DONA ANA
GARCIA         FIDEL          n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
GARCIA         GEORGE         n/n     PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
GARCIA         HENRY          n/n     TEC3     KIA  SANTA FE
GARCIA         JOE            C       CPL      KIA  CURRY
GARCIA         JOSE           M       PVT      KIA  MORA
GARCIA         JOSE           V       PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
GARCIA         LEONIDES       L       PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
GARCIA         MANUEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
GARCIA         MANUEL         T       PVT      KIA  SIERRA
GARCIA         NICK           F       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEY
GARCIA         PRISCO         C       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
GARCIA         RAMON          S       PVT      DNB  LUNA
GARCIA         RAYMOND        J       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARCIA         REUBEN         E       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARCIA         SANTIAGO       T       PFC      DNB  TORRANCE
GARCIA         UVALDO         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
GARCIA         VALENTIN       M       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
GARDE          ARTHUR         C       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
GARDE          PASCUAL        n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GARRICK        ALBERT         E       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
GATES          LEONARD        D       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
GINNINGS       VERNON         V       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
GLENTZER       PAUL           C       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
GLORIA         ANDRES         E       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
GODINEZ        FELIPE         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
GOMEZ          ARTHUR         G       TEC5     KIA  GRANT
GOMEZ          FERNANDO       JR      PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
GOMEZ          JUAN           A       PVT      DOW  TAOS
GONZALES       ALFONSO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
GONZALES       BENNIE         n/n     PFC      DOW  GUADALUPE
GONZALES       CARLOS         G       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
GONZALES       EUGENIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOS
GONZALES       FRANKIE        D       PVT      DNB  GRANT
GONZALES       JERRY          O       CAPT     DNB  SOCORRO
GONZALES       JOE            I       SSG      KIA  SANTA FE
GONZALES       JOHN           J       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
GONZALES       JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
GONZALES       MARIANO        n/n     TEC5     DOW  SOCORRO
GONZALES       MAX            E       PFC      DOW  QUAY
GONZALES       RAFAEL         n/n     PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
GONZALES       TELESFOR       n/n     PFC      DNB  TAOS
GORMAN         RICHARD        L       2LT      DNB  SANTA FE
GOSS           WALTER         K       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANA
GRAHAM         JOE            M       PFC      KIA  MORA
GRANTHAM       JOHN           E       SGT      DNB  CHAVES
GRAY           JUSTIN         G       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
GRAY           ROBERT         W       1LT      FOD  DONA ANA
GREATHOUSE     DOYLE          R       CPL      DNB  CURRY
GREENE         ERNEST         R       FLO      DNB  SANTA FE
GREENE         THOMAS         A       SSG      FOD  LUNA
GREER          VERNON         J       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
GRENKO         FRANK          G       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEY
GRIEGO         FRED           JR      PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
GRIEGO         JULIAN         E       PFC      KIA  CURRY
GRIEGO         PHILIP         J       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLO
GRIFFIN        IULUS          A       PVT      KIA  GRANT
GRIMMER        FRANK          H       CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLO
GUERREO        ANASTACIO      S       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
GUERRERO       LORENZO        G       PFC      DNB  HIDALGO
GUEST          PAT            F       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GUMP           PAT            F       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
GUNNELS        CHARLES        W, JR   PVT      KIA  QUAY
GURULE         ELOY           n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
GURULE         EVARISTO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
GURULE         FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  UNION
GURULE         JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  UNION
GUSLER         LESLIE         G       SGT      DOW  DE BACA
GUTIERREZ      ANSELMO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
GUTIERREZ      JUAN           F       PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
GUTIERREZ      LUIS           n/n     PVT      KIA  CURRY
HAAS           LEVI           G       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
HAGGERTON      HULCY          B       CPL      KIA  CHAVES
HAGGERTON      THOMAS         M       1LT      DNB  CHAVES
HAKE           OTTO           JR      PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
HALE           JAMES          M       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
HALL           EINAR          H       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
HALL           JOSEPH         E       SGT      DNB  CURRY
HALL           VERNON         D       2LT      KIA  HARDING
HAMILTON       ALVIN          W       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FE
HAMILTON       JOHNNY         n/n     CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
HAMMOND        FRED           JR      SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
HAMMONS        PAUL           I       TEC4     KIA  GRANT
HANESS         LOYD           L       SGT      DNB  LEA
HANKS          PAT            n/n     PFC      KIA  LEA
HARBSON        ROBERT         F, JR   SGT      DNB  NM
HARDY          EDWARD         L       PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
HARDY          RICHARD        J       CPL      FOD  ROOSEVELT
HARGETT        CHARLIE        H       SGT      KIA  LINCOLN
HARRIS         BENJAMIN       F       SSG      KIA  ROOSEVELT
HARRIS         DONALD         B       2LT      DNB  LUNA
HARRIS         REUBEN         n/n     TEC5     KIA  SANTA FE
HARRISON       ASHLEY         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
HARRISON       JERRY          L       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
HARSH          MELVIN         C       CPL      KIA  GRANT
HARTMAN        ELMER          J       2LT      FOD  OTERO
HARTSFILED     JOHNNY         H       1LT      KIA  MCKINLEY
HATCH          CLARENCE       G       SGT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
HAVENS         ARTHUR         L       PFC      DOW  HARDING
HAWK           ALBERT         M       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
HAWLEY         WILLIAM        L       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
HAYNES         GEORGE         M       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
HAZLEWOOD      JAMES          N       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLO
HEAD           DOUGLAS        W       1LT      FOD  DONA ANA
HEARD          JAMES          B       SGT      DNB  LEA
HEARD          JOHN           R       PVC      DNB  BERNALILLO
HEIN           EDWARD         H       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
HENDERSON      LUTHER         A       PVT      FOD  OTERO
HENRY          BOYD           N       PFC      KIA  UNION
HENRY          JOSEPH         E       PFC      DNB  CURRY
HENSLEY        EDWARD         D       2LT      DNB  DONA ANA
HENSLEY        NOBLE          K       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
HERANDEZ       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      DOW  MCKINLEY
HERMAN         HARVEY         D       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
HERNADEZ       LORENZO        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
HERNANDEZ      ARTHUR         n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
HERNANDEZ      E              N       PVT      DOW  MORA
HERNANDEZ      TONY           T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANA
HERRERA        CYPRIANO       n/n     PFC      DOW  SANTA FE
HERRERA        FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
HERRERA        GEORGE         S       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
HERRERA        ISMAEL         J       PFC      DNB  TAOS
HERRERA        JOSE           C       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
HERRERA        LORENZO        R       PVT      DNB  SIERRA
HERRERA        REYES          n/n     PFC      FOD  CHAVES
HERRERA        RUBEN          n/n     FLO      DNB  DONA ANA
HEYNE          RICHARD        n/n     2LT      FOD  CATRON
HIBNER         CLARENCE       C       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
HICKSON        CHARLES        L       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
HILL           BILLIE         B       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
HILL           DAVID          A       SSG      DNB  GRANT
HILL           OLLIE          J       SSG      DNB  CURRY
HILL           OTTO           T       PFC      DOW  CURRY
HINES          AUBREY         A       1LT      KIA  LINCOLN
HINES          LUTHER         P, JR   1LT      DNB  CURRY
HOBBS          ROY            D       PFC      KIA  LEA
HODGIN         RALPH          L       PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
HOLDER         SAMUEL         A       SSG      KIA  DONA ANA
HOLGUIN        JOHN           L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
HOLLAND        AUBREY         C       SGT      KIA  CURRY
HOLLAND        WILLIAM        C       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
HOLLEMAN       NOWL           A       SSG      DNB  TORRANCE
HOLLIS         HAROLD         M       SSG      KIA  LEA
HOLTON         GEORGE         T       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
HOLTSO         JOHN           n/n     PFC      DOW  MCKINLEY
HOOD           BILLY          n/n     SSG      DOW  MCKINLEY
HOOTEN         WILLIAM        n/n     SGT      DNB  CHAVES
HOPKINS        JAMES          A       PFC      DOW  TAOS
HORCASITAS     FRED           n/n     SSG      FOD  GRANT
HOSETSAVIT     ELI            n/n     PVT      KIA  OTERO
HOSKEY         CECIL          n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
HOSKINS        EARL           C       PFC      DNB  LUNA
HOUGHTON       ROBERT         D       PVT      DNB  LEA
HOUSTON        GEORGE         H       CPL      DNB  LEA
HOUSTON        LEONARD        n/n     SGT      KIA  DONA ANA
HOWARD         BENNIE         F       TSG      KIA  LEA
HOWDEN         F              P, JR   CAPT     DNB  CHAVES
HOWE           WALLACE        A       MSG      DNB  LUNA
HOWELL         BURL           C       SGT      KIA  LEA
HOWELL         CLAYTON        F       PFC      DNB  UNION
HOWELL         WILLIAM        L       2LT      KIA  CHAVES
HUBBELL        JAMES          L, JR   1LT      DNB  CATRON
HUDDLESTON     LEROY          n/n     CPL      KIA  CHAVES
HUERTA         RAUL           n/n     CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
HUFFMAN        ALBION         T       SSG      FOD  DONA ANA
HUGHES         ANDREW         J       CAPT     FOD  TORRANCE
HULBERT        MELVIN         F       SGT      DNB  GRANT
HUMPHREY       BERNICE        F       1LT      KIA  NM
HUNICK         ROY            n/n     TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLO
HUNT           RICHARD        B       PFC      KIA  GRANT
HUNT           THOMAS         E       SSG      DNB  SANTA FE
HUNT           WILLIAM        W       1LT      KIA  GRANT
HUNTER         BILLY          D       1LT      FOD  GRANT
HUNTER         ELLIS          M       SGT      DNB  GRANT
HURT           DUCAN          A       2LT      KIA  DONA ANA
HUTTON         ROY            J       SGT      DNB  SAN JUAN
HYNES          GEORGE         J       PFC      DNB  GRANT
ISON           CECIL          n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVES
JACK           HENRY          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
JACKSON        DANIEL         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
JACKSON        DILLARD        R       SSG      MIA  CHAVES
JACKSON        JAMES          D       PVT      KIA  CURRY
JACKSON        ROBERT         D       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JACOBS         LOREN          R       CPL      DNB  UNION
JACOBSON       MENDEL         W       2LT      KIA  CHAVES
JAMES          VERNIE         L       PFC      KIA  QUAY
JAMON          RICHARD        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
JAQUES         FAUSTINO       n/n     PVT      DNB  CURRY
JARAMILLO      PABLO          n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JARAMILLO      T              n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
JARAMILLO      THOMAS         H       PVT      KIA  LUNA
JARMILLO       TERECINO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
JAURIQUI       JOSE           G       PVT      DNB  GRANT
JEANTETE       FELIBERTO      P       PFC      DOW  TAOS
JEFFUS         HUBERT         P       CAPT     FOD  MCKINLEY
JETER          ISHMAEL        H       SSG      KIA  LUNA
JEZEK          JOE            E       PFC      KIA  LUNA
JIMENEZ        ALBERT         N       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
JIMINEZ        EPIFANIO       G       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
JIRON          ARCHIE         C       PFC      KIA  UNION
JOHNSON        ALLEN          T       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JOHNSON        CLARENCE       C       PFC      DNB  GRANT
JOHNSON        DONALD         M       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JOHNSON        HOMER          C       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
JOHNSON        ROY            L       2LT      DNB  CURRY
JOHNSON        VERL           B       SSG      KIA  NM
JOHNSON        VINCE          P       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
JOHNSTON       ROY            M       PVT      KIA  QUAY
JOINER         GLENN          A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JOJOLA         HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
JOJOLA         SAM            n/n     2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
JONAS          RAYMOND        L       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
JONES          CURTIS         C       PFC      DNB  GRANT
JONES          ELLIOT         E       CAPT     DNB  LINCOLN
JONES          FRED           n/n     PVT      KIA  OTERO
JONES          GEORGE         M       TSG      KIA  HIDALGO
JONES          HUGH           A       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
JONES          JAMES          J       SGT      KIA  LEA
JORDAN         FRED           H       CAPT     DNB  CURRY
JUAREZ         MATIAS         M       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
KANALLY        BILLY          B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
KANTENA        HARLEY         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
KELLER         JOHN           A       SSG      DOW  LUNA
KELLY          HARRY          n/n     CPL      KIA  CATRON
KELLY          MARSHALL       E       CPL      DNB  CURRY
KELSEY         GUSTAV         n/n     SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
KEMM           MANUEL         E, JR   PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
KEMP           EDDIE          T       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLO
KEMPER         EMORY          n/n     CAPT     KIA  CHAVES
KENNER         EVERETT        L       2LT      KIA  SANTA FE
KENNEY         RAYMOND        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
KEY            HOWELL         D       CPL      DNB  GRANT
KILWY          MLTON          n/n     SGT      DNB  GRANT
KING           WARNAR         A       PFC      KIA  GRANT
KING           WILLIAM        J       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
KINNISON       HENRY          L, JR   COL      DNB  OTERO
KNIGHT         WILLIAM        L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
KNIKAK         JOHN           S       SGT      KIA  MCKINLEY
KOBLER         CORNELIUS      W       CAPT     MIA  NM
KOHL           CHARLES        F, JR   2LT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
KOLB           MARVIN         n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
KORBER         ROBERT         W       TSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
KORRIS         MARCE          L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
KROS           DONALD         R       PVT      DNB  LUNA
KRULL          HARVEY         L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
KUHNS          WILLIAM        H       PFC      DNB  UNION
KYSOR          BENJAMIN       B       1LT      KIA  SANTA FE
LA ROQUE       JOSEPH         n/n     SSG      DNB  GRANT
LADD           FRANKLIN       E       PFC      KIA  HARDING
LAMBERTT       THOMAS         M       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
LANDON         EDWIN          S       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
LANE           HAROLD         E       2LT      KIA  OTERO
LANE           KENNETH        L       PVT      DNB  UNION
LARA           ANTONIO        P       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
LARGO          FRANK          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
LAWSON         DAVE           B       PFC      KIA  LEA
LAYCOCK        ISAAC          F       TEC4     DNB  MCKINLEY
LE PELL        DONALD         R       1LT      DOW  CHAVES
LEACH          GERALD         E       CAPT     DNB  DONA ANA
LEAL           JOE            L       SSG      KIA  MORA
LEAN           TEOFILO        A       N/N      MIS  GRANT
LEE            BRUCE          T       PVT      DNB  LEA
LEE            GORDON         A       2LT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
LEE            JACK           n/n     1LT      KIA  OTERO
LEE            JOE            n/n     PVT      DNB  SAN JUAN
LEE            JOHN           W, JR   PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
LEE            ROY            n/n     CPL      KIA  CURRY
LEE            WALTER         L       SSG      DNB  CURRY
LEEKYA         PETER          n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
LEIGHTON       KENNETH        E       PFC      KIA  UNION
LENDON         WILLIAM        E       PFC      MIS  CURRY
LEONARD        PAUL           J       MSG      KIA  CHAVES
LERMA          JUAN           S       PVT      DNB  TORRANCE
LESLIE         BEN            F       PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
LETTON         C              H,JR    2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
LEWEK          LEO            L       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
LEWIS          ELMER          n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
LEWIS          HERMAN         W       1LT      KIA  CURRY
LEWIS          MAX            W       PVT      KIA  CURRY
LEWIS          RAPLH          F       1LT      FOD  SAN MIGUEL
LEYEBA         RAMON          B       PVT      KIA  LUNA
LIKES          JOHNNIE        C       PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
LINVILLE       PAUL           P       SGT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
LIVELY         REUBEN         A       PVT      KIA  LUNA
LLAMAS         JESUS          S       SGT      KIA  GRANT
LOEBS          RAYMOND        E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
LOGGINS        LARRY          A       CPL      KIA  LEA
LONCORIO       JOHN           S       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
LONG           EDGAR          V       PFC      DNB  GRANT
LONG           JULIAN         O       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLO
LONG           THOMAS         V       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
LOPEZ          CHARLIE        n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
LOPEZ          DAVID          n/n     PVT      DNB  DE BACA
LOPEZ          EDMOND         n/n     FLO      DNB  DONA ANA
LOPEZ          JAMES          G, JR   PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
LOPEZ          JOSE           A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
LOPEZ          JUAN           B       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
LOPEZ          JUAN           C       PFC      DOW  CATRON
LOPEZ          JUAN           L       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
LOPEZ          LORENZO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
LOPEZ          PETE           E       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
LOPEZ          SAM            n/n     SSG      KIA  TAOS
LOVATO         FAUSTINO       n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
LOVATO         JUAN           J       PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
LOVE           JACK           B       SSG      KIA  CURRY
LOVE           WILLIAM        E       CPL      DNB  LUNA
LUCERO         AMADO          n/n     CPL      KIA  TORRANCE
LUCERO         ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
LUCERO         EMILIANO       G       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
LUCERO         ERNESTO        A       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
LUCERO         GUSTAVE        R       PVT      DNB  TAOS
LUCERO         JERRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOS
LUCERO         LIBERATO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
LUCERO         LORENZO        C       PFC      DOW  SOCORRO
LUCERO         LUPE           n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
LUCERO         PETE           n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
LUCERO         RAMON          N       TEC5     KIA  SANTA FE
LUCERO         ROGELIO        T       PFC      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
LUDWIG         WILLIAM        R       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FE
LUERAS         ERNEST         G       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
LUGIBIHL       MYRON          R       CPL      DNB  SANTA FE
LUIKART        JOHN           C       LTC      KIA  CURRY
LUJAN          ABELINO        A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
LUJAN          ALBERTO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
LUJAN          FELIX          O       PFC      KIA  MORA
LUJAN          JIMMIE         n/n     SSG      DNB  TAOS
LUJAN          JOE            I       PVT      DNB  TAOS
LUJAN          JOE            T, JR   PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
LUNA           ANDALECIO      C       PVT      DOW  TORRANCE
LUNA           CANDIDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
LUNA           JOSE           J       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
LUNASEE        EDGAR          n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
LUSK           DON            W, JR   2LT      KIA  GRANT
LUSK           VIRGIL         W       CAPT     DNB  GUADALUPE
LYNN           ROSS           H       TEC5     KIA  SAN MIGUEL
MADDUX         AUBREY         L       SGT      DNB  CHAVES
MADRID         MIGUEL         C       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
MADRID         THEODORE       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
MADRIL         JOAQUIN        n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
MAES           ARTHUR         n/n     PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
MAES           ROBERET        W       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MAES           ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
MAESTAS        FRANK          n/n     SSG      KIA  SANDOVAL
MAHLER         WAYNE          L       TEC5     DNB  GRANT
MAKINS         ALFRED         E       CAPT     KIA  ROOSEVELT
MALDONADO      LORENZO        M       PFC      KIA  GRANT
MALDONADO      MIRAMON        n/n     PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
MALDONADO      POLO           V       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MANCILLAS      JOE            L       PVT      DNB  NM
MANN           ARTHUR         O       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLO
MANQUERODS     JOE            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
MANUELITO      JOE            C       PVT      DNB  SAN JUAN
MANUELITO      LEO            A       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
MANZANARES     ELIAS          n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MARCHBANKS     R              B       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
MARES          CHARLES        M       SGT      DNB  TAOS
MARES          JAMES          G       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
MARINO         RICHARD        C       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MARK           HARVEY         L       PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
MARLER         LEO            A       SGT      KIA  SANDOVAL
MARQUES        ELISEO         n/n     PVT      DNB  NM
MARQUEZ        ARTHUR         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MARQUEZ        MANUEL         O       PFC      KIA  GRANT
MARQUEZ        PEDRO          JR      TEC5     DNB  GUADALUPE
MARQUEZ        RAMIRO         M       PVT      KIA  GRANT
MARQUEZ        ROBERT         R       PFC      DOW  BERNALILLO
MARRIJO        ALBERT         T       PFC      KIA  SIERRA
MARSHALL       DAN            D       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
MARTIN         HARRY          n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
MARTIN         JOHN           C       PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
MARTIN         WILLIAM        R       SSG      KIA  LUNA
MARTINEZ       ABRAN          B       PFC      KIA  MORA
MARTINEZ       ADELAIDO       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
MARTINEZ       ADOLFO         n/n     PVT      DOW  TORRANCE
MARTINEZ       CARLOS         V       PFC      KIA  HARDING
MARTINEZ       EMILIO         M       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
MARTINEZ       ERNEST         E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
MARTINEZ       ESTEBAN        J       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
MARTINEZ       FILBERT        n/n     PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
MARTINEZ       FRANK          P       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MARTINEZ       HENRY          n/n     PVT      DOW  MCKINLEY
MARTINEZ       JOEL           A       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MARTINEZ       JOSE           E       PVT      KIA  TAOS
MARTINEZ       JUAN           C       PFC      KIA  UNION
MARTINEZ       LEOPOLDO       U       PFC      FOD  TAOS
MARTINEZ       LOUIS          F       SGT      DNB  HARDING
MARTINEZ       LUCIANO        S       PVT      DNB  TAOS
MARTINEZ       LUIS           G       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MARTINEZ       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
MARTINEZ       MAX            n/n     SSG      KIA  UNION
MARTINEZ       NELECIO        n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOS
MARTINEZ       PETE           M       PVT      KIA  MORA
MARTINEZ       SALOMON        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
MARTINEZ       SIGFREDO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
MARTINEZ       WILLIAM        B       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
MARTZ          DONALD         B       CAPT     FOD  BERNALILLO
MASCARENAS     JOSE           E T     PVT      KIA  TAOS
MASCARNEAS     JOSE           L       PVT      KIA  TAOS
MATA           ANTONIO        U       PVT      DNB  CHAVES
MATLOCK        DENVER         B       PVT      DNB  LEA
MAULDIN        GLENN          F       PVT      DOW  DE BACA
MAVEETY        HILLYER        G       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
MAYES          JAMES          A       CPL      KIA  GUADALUPE
MAYFIELD       ARBIE          J       PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
MC ADAMS       WILLIAM        B       1LT      FOD  UNION
MC ALPHINE     F L            R       SGT      DNB  LEA
MC BRIDE       RAYMOND        J       CPL      DNB  LEA
MC BRIDE       ZELAH          G, JR   TSG      FOD  BERNALILLO
MC CARSON      BEN            D       SSG      KIA  ROOSEVELT
MC CARTY       C              N, JR   TSG      FOD  BERNALILLO
MC COLLUM      ROSS           A       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MC COOL        PARKER         n/n     TEC4     DNB  GRANT
MC CORMICK     OLSEN          L       SSG      FOD  CURRY
MC CREARY      PAUL           E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
MC DONALD      IRVING         L       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MC DORMAN      JAMES          D       PFC      DOW  LEA
MC GEE         WILLIAM        D       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
MC KIM         RAYMOND        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
MC KINLEY      CHEE           n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
MC KINZIE      WILLIAM        J       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MC KNIGHT      WADE           B       TEC5     DNB  CHAVES
MC LAUGHLIN    PAUL           n/n     2LT      KIA  DONA ANA
MC MATH        WILLIAM        E       SSG      FOD  TORRANCE
MC REYNOLDS    THOMAS         L       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
MC SMITH       JOHN           T       PVT      DNB  SOCORRO
MEANS          FRANK          D       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLO
MECHEM         JESSE          n/n     LTC      KIA  DONA ANA
MEDINA         EUTIMIO        C       PVT      DNB  MORA
MEDINA         LOUIS          L       SGT      KIA  SANTA FE
MEDINA         PROPOIO        n/n     PVT      DNB  TAOS
MEDRAN         JOE            R       PVT      KIA  GRANT
MEEKER         RALPH          L       SGT      DOW  LEA
MELENDEZ       ALFONSO        n/n     CAPT     KIA  MORA
MELENDEZ       EULOJIE        M       1LT      DNB  CHAVES
MELENDEZ       LIONEL         n/n     2LT      DNB  CHAVES
MELENDREZ      JULIAN         D       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANA
MENDEZ         RODOLFO        n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
MERAYO         PETE           T       TEC5     DNB  MCKINLEY
MEYER          ALBERT         R       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
MEYER          WILLIAM        H       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
MICHJELI       ART            A       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MIERA          MOISES         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
MILLER         CARROLL        H       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
MILLER         CHARLES        W       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLO
MILLER         CJ             JR      PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
MILLER         DOUGLAS        W       PFC      DNB  CURRY
MILLER         JAMES          S       MSG      DNB  HIDALGO
MILLER         JOSE           S       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
MILLER         MELVIN         M       2LT      FOD  BERNALILLO
MILLER         PAUL           D       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
MILLER         ROY            E       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
MILLIGAN       CHESLEY        n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
MILLIKEN       GEORGE         J       TEC5     DNB  UNION
MINS           DAVID          C       TEC5     KIA  DONA ANA
MIRABAL        FLAVIO         A       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEY
MIRABAL        NED            V       TSG      KIA  DONA ANA
MIRABAL        ONNCIMO        M       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
MIRABAL        VINCENTI       J       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
MITCHELL       HOMER          J       PVT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
MITCHELL       JOE            C       PFC      DOW  SAN JUAN
MITCHELL       JOHN           E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
MITCHELL       LELAND         E       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
MITCHELL       SAM            S       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEY
MITCHELL       THOMAS         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
MITCHELL       ROBERT         E       SGT      DOW  SANDOVAL
MOLANO         ARTHUR         E       PVT      DOW  GRANT
MONBY          BASIL          L       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
MONDRAGON      JOSE           A       PFC      KIA  TAOS
MONK           GLENDELL       L       CPL      KIA  CURRY
MONTANO        FULCENCIO      n/n     TEC5     KIA  HARDING
MONTANO        LOUIS          n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPE
MONTANO        SEVERO         J       PFC      DOW  SOCORRO
MONTES         ANTONIO        T       PVT      DOI  DONA ANA
MONTES         ELOY           A       PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
MONTES         FRED           M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
MONTES         JOSE           S       PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
MONTES         RICHARDO       B       PFC      DNB  GRANT
MONTIEL        GABINO         n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MONTOYA        ADOLFO         A       PFC      KIA  MORA
MONTOYA        ANTONIO        A       1LT      KIA  SANTA FE
MONTOYA        ANTONIO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
MONTOYA        DOMINGO        n/n     SGT      KIA  OTERO
MONTOYA        EPIFANIC       M       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
MONTOYA        ERNESTO        F       PVT      KIA  TAOS
MONTOYA        FELIX          M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
MONTOYA        FERMIN         A       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
MONTOYA        JAKE           T       SSG      KIA  LINCOLN
MONTOYA        LEANDRO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
MONTOYA        MANUEL         L       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
MONTOYA        PORFIDO        R       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
MONTOYO        RICARDO        B       PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
MONYOYA        ISIDRO         B       PVT      DNB  OTERO
MOON           HAROLD         H, JR   PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MOONEY         THOMAS         L       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLO
MOORE          PAUL           S       1LT      DNB  SANTA FE
MORA           FEDERICO       n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MORA           TRINE          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
MORALES        DONACIANO      A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
MORGAN         HOWARD         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
MORGAN         JACOB          C, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
MORRIS         CLARENCE       W       SGT      KIA  CURRY
MORRIS         MICHAEL        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
MORROW         ROBERT         G       SSG      FOD  GRANT
MOSELEY        JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  TORRANCE
MOSHER         KIRK           G       SSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
MOSS           JOHN           D       CPL      DNB  CURRY
MOSSMAN        BURTON         C, JR   MAJ      DNB  CHAVES
MOULTON        JAMES          C       SSG      KIA  SANTA FE
MOYA           VALENTIN       n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
MUINOZ         SABINO         A       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
MUNIZ          REFUGIO        A       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
MUNOZ          FIDEL          R       PFC      DOW  SAN JUAN
MUNOZ          SANTIAGO       R       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
MURPHY         WILLIAM        F       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
MURRAY         WILLIAM        L       CPL      DOW  GRANT
MYERS          HAROLD         B       2LT      KIA  CURRY
MYERS          JOHN           A       SSG      KIA  SANTA FE
MYERS          LUZ            G       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
NAHKAI         ALFONSO        G       PFC      DOW  SAN JUAN
NANCE          HUGH           B, JR   PVT      KIA  HIDALGO
NECLY          ALLEN          n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
NEELEY         MORGAN         H       1SG      DNB  LEA
NELSON         JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  TAOS
NELSON         RICHARD        n/n     PFC      FOD  LEA
NELSON         W              A       CPL      KIA  CURRY
NEWSOM         SAM            H       1LT      KIA  DONA ANA
NEWTON         KENNETH        W       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
NEZ            FRANK          H       PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
NEZ            MALCOLM        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
NICKERSON      JOSE           B       PFC      DNB  SAN JUAN
NICKLAS        J              L       CAPT     KIA  UNION
NIETO          JOE            G       CPL      KIA  MCKINLEY
NISHWONGER     HAROLD         L       1LT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
NOFFKE         WILLIAM        G       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
NORRIS         JOHN           K       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
NORRIS         WILLIAM        M       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
NORTHCUTT      FLOYD          C       PVT      DNB  CURRY
NORTON         JOHN           W       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
NUANES         EDGAR          N       PVT      KIA  SIERRA
NUANEZ         GEORGE         G       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
NUNEZ          INOCENCIO      n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
OCHOA          PATRICIO       D       PVT      DNB  OTERO
ODELL          JAMES          G       PVT      DNB  LEA
OLDHAM         ROBERT         J       SSG      DNB  QUAY
OLGUIN         MOYSES         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
OLIPHANT       JAMES          L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
OLIVER         ENOCH          C       PFC      DNB  CURRY
OLIVIAS        CANDIDO        L       PVT      KIA  TAOS
OLMSTEAD       BARNES         n/n     SGT      DNB  SIERRA
ORMSBEE        JAMES          J       1LT      KIA  GRANT
OROSCO         ARNOLD         A       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
ORTEGA         ALFREDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
ORTEGA         CALLENTANO     F       PFC      DNB  GRANT
ORTEGA         ELIGIO         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ORTIZ          BILLIE         n/n     PVT      DNB  UNION
ORTIZ          DAVID          S       PFC      KIA  MORA
ORTIZ          DESIDERIO      G, JR   PFC      DOW  GRANT
ORTIZ          ERNESTO        S       SGT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ORTIZ          FRANK          n/n     PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
ORTIZ          JOSE           P       PFC      KIA  TAOS
ORTIZ          RAFAEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
OSBORNE        HOMER          C       PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
OSBORNE        J              R       MSG      DNB  CURRY
OSBORNE        STEPHEN        W       SGT      DOW  DE BACA
OSOWSKI        JOHN           E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
OSUNA          SANTIAGO       M       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
OTERO          JOSE           I       SGT      DOW  SAN MIGUEL
OTERO          TRINIDAD       F       PVT      KIA  TORRANCE
OVERSTREET     JOHN           E       2LT      DNB  LEA
PACHECO        BENJAMIN       n/n     PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
PACHECO        JOHN           B       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
PACHECO        JOSE           A       SGT      KIA  MORA
PACHECO        JOSE           F       PFC      DOW  MORA
PACHECO        MANUEL         C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
PACHECO        PEDRO          n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
PACHECO        PETE           n/n     SGT      DOW  SAN MIGUEL
PACHECO        JACOBO         E       SGT      KIA  MORA
PADILLA        ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
PADILLA        BENIGNO        E       PFC      KIA  TAOS
PADILLA        CLIMACO        H       PVT      FOD  SIERRA
PADILLA        ISABEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPE
PADILLA        JAKLE          J       PFC      DNB  TAOS
PADILLA        JOSE           F       PVT      DNB  CATRON
PADILLA        LEE            n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
PADILLA        MARGARITO      n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
PADILLA        MIGUEL         B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
PADILLA        RICHARD        M       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
PADILLA        SERAFIN        n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
PAGE           CANDIDO        L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
PAIZ           BENITO         A       PVT      DNB  MORA
PALMER         HARRY          C       PFC      DNB  SAN JUAN
PALMER         THOMAS         M       TSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
PALUMBO        PAUL           n/n     CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
PARADA         NICK           V       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
PARCHER        LAWRENCE       W       1LT      KIA  CHAVES
PARKER         EDGAR          B       PFC      DNB  OTERO
PARKER         TED            E       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLO
PARKER         WILLIAM        R       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
PARKS          JOSEPH         F       SGT      KIA  SIERRA
PARKS          WYMAN          L       CPL      DNB  GRANT
PARRA          ANTONIO        n/n     SSG      KIA  GRANT
PARRA          SIMON          R       CPL      DNB  MCKINLEY
PARRISH        JACK           A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
PASELANTIE     LYMAN          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
PATTERSON      RUFUS          A       PVT      DNB  LUNA
PATTON         JOHN           P       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
PAULSON        LLOYD          G       PVT      DNB  SAN JUAN
PENA           DIONICIO       R       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
PENA           JUAN           B       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
PENA           RAMON          M       PVT      DNB  LINCOLN
PEPPER         KEMP           C       PFC      DNB  LINCOLN
PERA           EDUARDO        B       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
PEREA          TOBY           n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
PEREA          TOM            n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
PEREZ          ALFONSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
PEREZ          RUDOLFO        n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVES
PERU           MAXIMO         B       PVT      KIA  GRANT
PETE           FRANK          Y       PVT      DNB  SAN JUAN
PETERS         FRANK          A       SGT      FOD  BERNALILLO
PETERSON       JACK           E       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
PETTINE        ELMER          M       2LT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
PHELPS         WILLIAM        A       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
PHILLIPS       CONNIE         D       SGT      DNB  SANTA FE
PHILLIPS       HAROLD         V       CPL      DNB  LEA
PICKENS        JAMES          V       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
PICKERING      CARL           A       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
PICKERING      GLEN           F       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
PIERCE         FRANKLIN       L       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
PINSON         LARRY          E       2LT      DNB  CHAVES
PITMAN         LEO            n/n     PFC      DNB  UNION
PITSOR         RICHARD        G       PFC      DNB  GRANT
PITTS          HAROLD         O       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
PLATERO        BEN            n/n     PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
PLESE          JOE            J       SSG      KIA  MCKINLEY
PLESE          JOSEPH         J       2LT      FOD  MCKINLEY
POE            ALTON          D       CPL      DOW  HIDALGO
PONCE          BALTAZAR       L       PFC      KIA  DONA ANA
PORTER         HOWARD         L       PVT      KIA  LINCOLN
PORTER         JOHN           L, JR   TEC4     DNB  OTERO
POUNDS         ARTHUR         L       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
POUNDS         CHESTER        O       TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLO
POWELL         FRANCIS        B       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
POWERS         JOHN           H, JR   TSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
POWERS         LARRY          D       PVT      KIA  GRANT
PRESPENTE      VICENTE        C       PFC      DNB  SAN JUAN
PRETTNER       RICHARD        C       SSG      DNB  SANTA FE
PRICE          GEORGE         n/n     PFC      KIA  CHAVES
PRIEST         LOWELL         n/n     PVT      KIA  LEA
PRINCE         SAM            A       SGT      DNB  CURRY
PRITCHARD      HUBERT         H       CPL      DNB  CHAVES
PROBST         ROBERT         L       PVT      DNB  SAN JUAN
PROFFITT       EDRED          E       PVT      KIA  LEA
PROO           SALVADOR       G       PFC      KIA  GRANT
PROSSER        BARNEY         E       CPL      DOW  LUNA
PROVENCIO      ENRIQUE        n/n     1LT      FOD  DONA ANA
PRUETT         DONALD         L       PFC      KIA  CURRY
PUCKET         CLIFFORD       D       PVT      DNB  SOCORRO
QUESENBERRY    JAMES          S       1LT      FOD  DONA ANA
QUINTANA       BEN            n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
QUINTANA       HERMAN         S       PVT      KIA  HARDING
QUINTANA       JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
QUINTANA       MARTIN         JR      PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
QUINTANA       PARTICIO       J       PVT      DNB  MORA
QUINTANA       TONY           C       PFC      DOW  SANTA FE
QUNINTANA      PAT            A       CPL      DNB  SANTA FE
RADOSEVICH     JOSEPH         R       2LT      DNB  MCKINLEY
RADOSLOVICH    C              A       2LT      KIA  UNION
RAEL           ALBERTO        L       PFC      KIA  TAOS
RAEL           CECILIO        J       PVT      DOW  GUADALUPE
RAMIERY        H              n/n     PFC      KIA  LEA
RAMIREZ        AUGUSTINE      B       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
RAMIREZ        LAURO          A       PFC      DNB  SOCORRO
RAMIREZ        SALVADOR       H       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
RANGEL         GILBERT        P       PFC      DOW  GRANT
RANKIN         DAZE           D       PVT      DOW  UNION
RAY            ALBERT         E       TEC5     KIA  BERNALILLO
REDFORD        JAMES          F       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANA
REDWINE        HOWARD         L       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
REECE          CLAUDE         N       1LT      FOD  CATRON
REGALADO       TONY           n/n     PFC      DNB  LINCOLN
REICHELT       OREN           R       CAPT     KIA  DONA ANA
REID           KENNETH        M       AVC      DNB  BERNALILLO
REID           MELVIN         L       PVT      DNB  LEA
REMONDINI      ROBERT         J       1LT      KIA  LUNA
REYES          JAMES          B       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
REYES          TOMMY          B       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
REYNOLDS       HARMON         A       PFC      DNB  QUAY
REYNOLDS       JOHN           E       SGT      KIA  CURRY
RHODES         WOODROW        W       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
RICDON         ELWIN          M       SCT      KIA  UNION
RICHARDS       GIRLIE         F       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
RICHARDSON     EARL           M       2LT      FOD  ROOSEVELT
RICHARDSON     HAROLD         G       SGT      DNB  LEA
RICHMOND       HUGH           G       PVT      KIA  CHAVES
RICHTER        MALCOLM        H       2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
RIGGS          KENNETH        O       SGT      DOW  QUAY
RILEY          RICHARD        M       MAJ      DNB  BERNALILLO
RIOS           FERMIN         S       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
RIOVERA        ESQUIPULA      n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
RIVAS          VICENTE        T       PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
RIVERA         PETRONILO      M       SSG      KIA  GRANT
RIVERA         PORFIRIO       n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
RIVOZ          EDWARD         O       SSG      FOD  SIERRA
ROBBINS        ARTHUR         W       TEC4     FOD  CURRY
ROBBS          THOMAS         J       TEC5     DNB  QUAY
ROBERTS        DEE            W, JR   PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
ROBERTS        JAMES          S       PFC      DNB  GRANT
ROBERTS        LESTER         L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ROBINETTE      BYRON          L       PFC      DOW  BERNALILLO
ROBINSON       GEORGE         D       CPL      DOW  QUAY
ROBINSON       PATRICK        H       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
ROBINSON       WALTER         E       TSG      KIA  LINCOLN
RODARTE        JEROME         G       PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
RODGERS        MORTON         S       TEC5     KIA  TORRANCE
RODGERS        ROBERT         L       SSG      DNB  CURRY
RODGERS        WAYNE          C       SGT      DNB  CURRY
RODRIGUES      RUDOLFE        n/n     PFC      DOW  TAOS
RODRIGUEZ      ALBERT         n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
RODRIGUEZ      MANUEL         A       PVT      DOI  LUNA
RODRIQUEZ      BENNIE         C       CPL      KIA  GRANT
RODRIQUEZ      G              V       PFC      KIA  GRANT
RODRIQUEZ      JUAN           S       PFC      KIA  GRANT
RODRIQUEZ      MARIANO        L       PFC      KIA  GRANT
ROGERS         ARTHUR         R       PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ROGERS         HARRY          A       TEC4     DNB  CURRY
ROGERS         MARTEN         G       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
ROMEEO         JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ROMERO         ATOCHE         n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
ROMERO         BENITO         A       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
ROMERO         ESEQUIEL       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ROMERO         FIDEL          F       PFC      KIA  MORA
ROMERO         FRANCISCO      n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
ROMERO         FRUTOSO        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ROMERO         HENRY          C       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
ROMERO         JUAN           F       PVT      DNB  TAOS
ROMERO         JUAN           n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOS
ROMERO         JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
ROMERO         MANUEL         A       PVT      DNB  MORA
ROMERO         RICHARDO       G       PFC      DNB  DONA ANA
ROMERO         SALVADORE      n/n     SSG      FOD  SANTA FE
ROMERO         SANTIAGO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
ROMERO         TIMOTOE        n/n     PVT      KIA  TAOS
ROPER          OLLIN          A       PFC      DNB  LEA
RORDIGUEZ      TONY           n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
RORIE          WILLIAM        E       CPL      DNB  ROOSEVELT
ROSAS          JONAS          D       PVT      DNB  LUNA
ROSE           NOEL           B       SCG      KIA  UNION
ROSETTA        RAYMOND        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
ROUSE          TITUS          W       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
ROYBAL         PABLO          n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
RUBIO          DAVID          J       CPL      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
RUCKMAN        JEFF           D       PFC      DOW  CURRY
RUCKMAN        OSCAR          A       SGT      DNB  CURRY
RUE            WILLIAM        B       PFC      DOW  CHAVES
RUEBUSH        ELBERT         L       SSG      DNB  LUNA
RUIZ           DAVID          G       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
RUIZ           ELOY           n/n     CPL      KIA  SANTA FE
RUPLE          JAMES          P       TEC5     KIA  SAN JUAN
RUSSELL        JOSEPH         A       PVT      DNB  HARDING
RUSSELL        MARK           T       2LT      DNB  SANTA FE
SAAVEDRA       JERRY          C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SADLER         JAMES          E       CAPT     KIA  SANTA FE
SAFFORD        CHARLES        V       2LT      KIA  NM
SAIZ           REYNALDO       n/n     PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
SAIZ           VALENTINE      n/n     PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
SALAIZ         ALBERTO        R       PFC      KIA  GRANT
SALAIZ         REYNALDO       L       CPL      DNB  GRANT
SALAS          JOE            A       PVT      DNB  UNION
SALAZ          LUCIANO        G       PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
SALAZAR        SAM            D       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SALAZAR        SANTIAGO       C       PFC      KIA  TORRANCE
SALCIDO        HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  SIERRA
SALINAS        CRUZ           n/n     PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
SAM            OSBORNE        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
SAMLLEY        GEORGE         T       PVT      KIA  CURRY
SANCHEZ        ALFONSO        H       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
SANCHEZ        ALFONSO        M       PVT      DNB  MORA
SANCHEZ        DELFINO        L       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
SANCHEZ        DELFINO        n/n     PFC      KIA  TAOS
SANCHEZ        ELISEO         E       PFC      KIA  TAOS         NMI
SANCHEZ        EUTIMIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
SANCHEZ        JOSE           G       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
SANCHEZ        JUAN           J       PVT      DNB  TORRANCE
SANCHEZ        LAWRENCE       M       CPL      KIA  OTERO
SANCHEZ        LUCIANO        n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
SANCHEZ        NESTOR         n/n     TEC5     DNB  BERNALILLO
SANDELL        JESSIE         D       SGT      DNB  DONA ANA
SANDERS        DOUGLES        n/n     PVT      KIA  CHAVES
SANDOVAL       AMBROCIO       J       PVT      KIA  TAOS
SANDOVAL       ANDRES         J       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
SANDOVAL       ANDREW         n/n     PFC      DOW  QUAY
SANDOVAL       ARTHUR         CPL     DNB      DNB  TAOS
SANDOVAL       BERTRAM        O       PFC      KIA  TAOS
SANDOVAL       CARMEL         n/n     SSG      KIA  SANTA FE
SANDOVAL       ELBERTO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
SANDOVAL       FRANK          H,JR    TEC4     KIA  SAN MIGUEL
SANDOVAL       FRED           S       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
SANDOVAL       GILBERT        W       SSG      KIA  MORA
SANDOVAL       TONEY          T       PVT      KIA  HARDING
SANTILLANEZ    L              J       PVT      DNB  SANDOVAL
SANTISTEVAN    JOE            A       PVT      KIA  TAOS
SANTISTEVAN    THOMAS         n/n     SGT      KIA  TAOS
SARTE          TOM            J       PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
SAVAGE         LEE            L       PFC      KIA  GRANT
SAVEDRA        FIDEL          L       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
SCARBROUGH     JOHN           D       TSG      FOD  DONA ANA
SCHEIBE        CHARLIE        O       PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
SCHMID         ROY            W       PVT      KIA  CHAVES       NMI
SCHNEIDER      F              M       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
SCHOVANEC      JOE            n/n     PFC      DNB  CURRY
SCHROEDER      KARL           W       CAPT     DNB  CURRY
SCHUBET        CHARLES        A       TSG      KIA  BERNALILLO
SCHUETZ        EMIL           D       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
SCHULZ         ELMO           R       SGT      KIA  CHAVES
SCHURTZ        PAUL           W       MAJ      KIA  LUNA
SCHWARTZ       JIM            E       CPL      KIA  LUNA
SEARS          IVAN           L       PFC      KIA  CURRY
SEDILLO        ANTONIO        B       PVT      KIA  SIERRA
SEDILLO        HENRY          n/n     PVT      DNB  SIERRA
SEDILLO        HERMAN         R       CPL      DNB  SIERRA
SEDILLO        RAMON          N       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
SEI            DUILIO         J       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
SELLERS        THOMAS         W       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SELVA          CAESAR         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
SENA           ANTONIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
SENA           JOSE           A       PVT      KIA  GUADALUPE
SERNA          RICHARD        C       PVT      KIA  GRANT
SERNA          TIM            n/n     TEC5     DNB  SANTA FE
SHAMBLIN       OTHO           L       CAPT     KIA  BERNALILLO
SHARP          ALVIN          W       PVT      KIA  HIDALGO
SHAUL          ROY            A       PVT      KIA  GRANT
SHELTON        BILLY          J       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
SHELTON        JACK           R       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
SHEPPARD       CAESAR         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SHERMAN        FRED           C       SSG      DNB  BERNALILLO
SHERMAN        HERBERT        n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
SHEWBERT       KENNETH        E       PFC      KIA  HIDALGO
SHIELDS        JOHN           S       CPL      DNB  CURRY
SHIMP          NEIL           B       CAPT     KIA  MCKINLEY
SHIPP          WILLIAM        M       2LT      DNB  LEA
SHIREY         WAYNE          T       1LT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
SIDNEY         DAVID          n/n     PVT      FOD  SAN JUAN
SILBO          LEE            A       CAPT     DNB  SAN JUAN
SILVA          ABEL           n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
SILVA          ANTONIO        P       PVT      DNB  SANTA FE
SILVA          BENJAMIN       C, JR   PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
SILVA          ROBERTO        E       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
SIMONI         CHARLES        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
SIMONI         FRED           S       SGT      DNB  SANTA FE
SIMONI         TONY           P       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SIMONS         JOHN           A       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
SIMPSON        EARL           R       TEC5     DNB  SANTA FE
SIMPSON        HAROLD         P       PFC      DOW  LEA          NMI
SIMS           CHARLES        H, JR   SGT      DNB  CHAVES
SINGER         JOSEPH         n/n     PVT      DNB  OTERO
SISNEROS       EDUARDO        n/n     SGT      KIA  QUAY
SISNEROS       FELIPE         G       PVT      DNB  GUADALUPE
SKAREAS        JIM            n/n     PVT      DNB  SOCORRO
SKILES         LEONARD        W       1LT      DNB  LUNA
SKIPWORTH      ROY            W       SGT      FOD  DE BACA
SLADE          JAMES          R       PVT      KIA  LUNA
SMITH          ALBERT         D       PFC      KIA  SOCORRO
SMITH          BENJAMIN       F       CPL      KIA  CHAVES
SMITH          BURNEY         H       CAPT     DNB  CURRY
SMITH          CHARLES        K       WOJG     KIA  BERNALILLO
SMITH          CLAUDE         O       PVT      DNB  OTERO
SMITH          ELLWARD        G       PVT      KIA  HIDALGO
SMITH          EVERETT        D       1LT      KIA  ROOSEVELT
SMITH          FAUAD          J       TSG      KIA  UNION
SMITH          J              M       1SG      DNB  CURRY
SMITH          JAMES          R       PFC      KIA  CHAVES
SMITH          KENNETH        D       1LT      FOD  BERNALILLO
SMITH          MANNIE         E       CPL      DNB  DE BACA
SMITH          TILLMAN        P       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
SNYDER         EUGENE         F       SGT      DNB  GRANT
SOLIZ          JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  GRANT
SOTO           CARLOS         n/n     PVT      KIA  SOCORRO
SOTO           LUIS           V       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
SOUTHERN       GEORGE         F       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
SPAIN          RHEA           L       2LT      DNB  LUNA
SPALDING       ROBERT         L       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
SPELTS         MARTIN         E       2LT      KIA  DONA ANA
SPENCE         STEPHENS       C       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SPENSLEY       HOMER          V       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SPIKER         VIRIGIL        J       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
SPILKER        SAUL           G       FLO      DNB  CURRY
SPITZ          JOE            A       SSG      KIA  DE BACA
ST JOHN        OLEN           E       TSG      KIA  SIERRA
STAUDER        JAMES          B       CAPT     KIA  SOCORRO
STEAGALL       IRWIN          U       PFC      DNB  LEA
STEHENSON      JOHN           W       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
STEPHENS       ARRIE          A       PVT      FOD  CHAVES
STEPHENS       EDGAR          J       PVT      FOD  CHAVES
STEWART        RAOUL          S       PFC      DNB  LEA
STILLION       JOHN W         n/n     CPT      KIA  SAN JUAN
STINES         JOE            C       PFC      KIA  MORA
STIRMAN        EARL           R       SGT      DNB  ROOSEVELT
STOBER         CARL           A       SGT      FOD  MCKINLEY
STOGDEN        ROBERTO        M       PVT      KIA  OTERO
STOLWORTHY     JESS           K       SSG      KIA  SAN JUAN
STONE          CLARENCE       C       1LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
STONE          RUSSELL        J       PVT      KIA  CURRY
STOUT          JOHN           R       PFC      KIA  GRANT
STRICKLAND     AUSTIN         G       2LT      DNB  CHAVES
STRONG         RICHARD        M       MAJ      KIA  BERNALILLO
STROUD         WILBOURN       E       CPL      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
SULLIVAN       PHILLIP        E       2LT      KIA  SIERRA
SULLIVAN       WALTER         J       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
SUMMERS        ROY            H, JR   PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
SUTTLES        ERNEST         O       PFC      KIA  OTERO
SWAIN          RICHARD        B       PVT      KIA  GRANT
SWAN           SAM            n/n     PFC      KIA  LINCOLN
TAACKITT       ALBERT         T       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
TAFOYA         ANTONIO        S       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
TAFOYA         GILBERTO       C       CPL      DNB  SIERRA
TAFOYA         ROBERT         L       PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
TALLEY         WILLIAM        D       PFC      KIA  CURRY
TAMARIZ        VICTOR         M S     PFC      KIA  GRANT
TAMMONY        EDWARD         F       1SG      DNB  MCKINLEY
TAPIA          JOSE           F       PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
TAPIA          MARGARITO      n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
TAUCHE         WALTER         n/n     2LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
TAYLOR         CHRLES         E       PFC      DNB  GRANT
TAYLOR         FRANK          D       1LT      DOW  DONA ANA
TAYLOR         JAMES          V, JR   CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLO
TAYLOR         LUIS           n/n     PVT      DNB  UNION
TAYLOR         WILLIAM        M       PFC      DNB  GRANT
TELLEZ         CANUTO         n/n     PVT      KIA  GRANT
TENORIO        DON            G       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
TENORIO        JOSE           C       PFC      KIA  SANDOVAL
THOMAS         BILLY          J       PFC      DNB  TORRANCE
THOMAS         CAHRLES        B       PFC      KIA  CURRY
THOMAS         FRANK          C       SSG      MIS  GRANT
THOMAS         WAYNE          R       PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
THOMAS         WILLIAM        S       SGT      DNB  QUAY
THOMPSON       GLENN          T       SGT      KIA  QUAY
THOMPSON       LEONARD        R       PFC      DNB  LUNA
THOMPSON       MAX            R       SCT      KIA  NM
THOMPSON       ROBERT         C       2LT      DNB  SANTA FE
THWAITS        JAMES          R       CAPT     KIA  GRANT
TIBBETS        RAY            A       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
TIDWELL        DURRELL        A       PFC      DNB  ROOSEVELT
TICER          NEAL           C       CPL      KIA  ROOSEVELT
TOBY           CHARLES        A       TSG      KIA  LEA
TODD           LOUIS          A       CPL      DNB  SANTA FE
TOFOYA         LEO            H       PFC      DNB  TAOS
TOFOYA         MARCELO        n/n     PFC      DNB  TAOS
TOLEDO         NICHOLAS       n/n     PFC      DNB  SANDOVAL
TOLIN          THOMAS         C       2LT      KIA  GRANT
TOM            JIM            n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
TOM            NELSON         n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
TORRES         DAVID          G       PVT      DNB  SOCORRO
TORRES         EPIFANIO       T       CPL      DOW  SIERRA
TORRES         GEORGE         S       PVT      DNB  LINCOLN
TORRES         MARGO          P       PVT      DOW  BERNALILLO
TORRES         ROSENDO        C       PVT      KIA  CURRY
TORREZ         ALCARIO        P       PFC      DNB  OTERO
TOW            JESSE          D       TEC5     DNB  ROOSEVELT
TOWNER         JOSEPH         E       PFC      KIA  SIERRA
TRANCOSA       ROSANDO        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANDOVAL
TRAPP          EDWARD         O       PFC      DOW  CURRY
TREJO          FELIPE         N       SSG      KIA  SANTA FE
TROGSTAD       WILLIAM        E       1LT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
TRONCOSO       JOHNNY         R       PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
TRUJEQUE       RAMON          n/n     PFC      DOW  SOCORRO
TRUJILLO       ALBERT         n/n     TEC5     DNB  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       CHARLES        A       PVT      KIA  TAOS
TRUJILLO       DIONICO        n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
TRUJILLO       EDWIN          E       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
TRUJILLO       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
TRUJILLO       JESUS          n/n     TEC5     KIA  MORA
TRUJILLO       JOSE           A       CPL      FOD  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       JOSE           L       PFC      DNB  TAOS
TRUJILLO       LIBERATO       n/n     PVT      KIA  MORA
TRUJILLO       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       MARTIN         n/n     CPL      DOW  TAOS
TRUJILLO       RALPH          J       PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       REDOLFO        P       SGT      KIA  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       RIGERIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
TRUJILLO       TOM            T       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
TRUJILLO       TONY           n/n     PFC      KIA  UNION
TRUJILLO       TRANCITO       n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
TRYON          DICK           n/n     SGT      KIA  UNION
TSO            WILSON         n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
TSOSIE         FRANCIS        n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN JUAN
TUCKER         RAYMOND        T       CPL      KIA  SANTA FE
TURNER         JOHN           W, JR   MAJ      KIA  GRANT
TURNER         LESTER         W       SSG      DNB  ROOSEVELT
TURNEY         LUPE           A       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
TURRIETA       CARLOS         T       PVT      DNB  LUNA
TURRIETA       VICENTE        n/n     PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
TUTOR          LEMAN          E       TSG      KIA  DONA ANA
ULIBARRE       MANUEL         n/n     PFC      KIA  GUADALUPE
ULIBARRI       RAYMOND        R       PFC      KIA  CATRON
URIOSTE        JOE            n/n     PVT      FOD  SANTA FE
VALDEZ         JOE            H       TEC5     KIA  SAN MIGUEL
VALDEZ         JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
VALDEZ         JOSE           R       PFC      KIA  TAOS
VALDEZ         LOUIS          G       PFC      KIA  SANTA FE
VALDEZ         ROBERT         A       SGT      FOD  SAN MIGUEL
VALENCIA       AMABLE         D       SGT      DNB  OTERO
VALIEN         JOSEPH         A       TSG      MIS  CURRY
VALLO          PETER          D       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
VAN            CHARLES        E       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
VARELA         EUGENE         ST A    PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
VAUGHN         VELDON         W       PFC      KIA  ROOSEVELT
VEAL           RICHARD        A       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
VELARDE        ERNEST         n/n     PVT      DNB  HARDING
VIGIL          ALFREDO        F       PVT      KIA  UNION
VIGIL          JOHN           I       SGT      DOW  SOCORRO
VIGIL          JOSE           B       PFC      KIA  MORA
VIGIL          JULIAN         n/n     PFC      KIA  MORA
VIGIL          MODESTO        J       PVT      KIA  MORA
VIGIL          RAMON          G       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
VIGIL          RICHARD        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
VIGIL          TITO           M       PVT      DNB  SAN MIGUEL
VIGIL          TONY           A       PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
VIGIL          WILLIE         T       PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
VIJIL          SAM            J       PVT      DOW  TORRANCE
VILLANEUVA     CHARLES        n/n     PVT      KIA  SANTA FE
VILLESCAS      ARTURO         n/n     PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
VIVIAN         SAM            n/n     PVT      KIA  BERNALILLO
VULLIET        HAROLD         N       PFC      KIA  GRANT
WAGNER         EMIL           K       CPL      DNB  SAN JUAN
WAGNER         OREN           G       SGY      DNB  SAN JUAN
WALKER         ALLAN          B       1LT      KIA  LUNA
WALKER         ALLAN          B       MSG      MIS  LUNA
WALKER         FREDDIE        L       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
WALKER         KENNETH        G       PFC      DOW  SANDOVAL
WALLACH        CHARLES        M       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
WALSH          PAUL           A       PFC      DNB  LEA
WARD           HENRY          F       PFC      KIA  GUADALUPE
WARD           JOHN           C       PVT      DNB  LUNA
WARNER         GLENN          O       SSG      KIA  LUNA
WATSON         ALVIN          n/n     1SG      DNB  BERNALILLO
WATSON         DON            n/n     SGT      DNB  GRANT
WATSON         EARL           C       SSG      KIA  LEA
WATSON         WILLIAM        H       2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
WAUNEKA        MILTON         n/n     SSG      FOD  MCKINLEY
WAYNE          FRANK          L       CAPT     DNB  BERNALILLO
WEAHKEE        JIMMIE         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
WELCH          HENRY          A       PVT      DNB  CHAVES
WELL           GEORGE         B       PFC      DNB  SANTA FE
WERNER         EDMUND         D       CPL      FOD  BERNALILLO
WEST           VANE           S       MSG      DNB  DE BACA
WESTBROOK      JOE            n/n     PFC      KIA  LEA
WHITCOMB       JAMES          n/n     PVT      DNB  ROOSEVELT
WHITE          EDWARD         n/n     PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
WHITE          GEORGE         T       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
WHITE          HAROLD         n/n     CPL      DOW  SAN JUAN
WHITE          HARRY          O       PVT      KIA  SAN JUAN
WHITE          WILLIE         J       PVT      DNB  QUAY
WHITLEY        CALVIN         E       PVT      DNB  CURRY
WHITLOW        JACK           L       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
WHITTAKER      CARL           C       CPL      KIA  BERNALILLO
WICKS          CLARK          J       CAPT     DOW  CURRY
WIGGINS        C              A       SGT      FOD  CURRY
WILCOXSON      JOHN           J       SGT      DNB  BERNALILLO
WILEY          GLEN           J       PFC      KIA  BERNALILLO
WILKERSON      NEAL           T, JR   PVT      DOW  CATRON
WILLIAMS       ALBERT         L       SGT      DNB  GRANT
WILLIAMS       HARRY          O       SGT      DNB  CURRY
WILLIAMS       JAMES          R       SSG      DNB  ROOSEVELT
WILLIAMS       JOE            M       PVT      KIA  LUNA
WILLIAMS       MERVIN         J       CPL      KIA  LINCOLN
WILLIAMS       NORMAN         E       PVT      MIS  BERNALILLO
WILLIAMS       OLEN           G       SSG      FOD  LEA
WILLIAMS       ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  DONA ANA
WILLIS         EARL           T       PVT      KIA  DONA ANA
WILLOUGHBY     JACOB          N       CPL      DNB  CURRY
WILSON         F              E, JR   2LT      KIA  BERNALILLO
WILSON         ORVILLE        S       1LT      DNB  BERNALILLO
WILSON         ROBERT         A       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
WITTEN         OLIVER         B       LTC      KIA  LUNA
WOMAK          KIRK, JR       n/n     PFC      KIA  CHAVES
WOOD           CLINTON        E       SGT      KIA  BERNALILLO
WOOD           ELBEERT        E       AVC      DNB  DE BACA
WOOD           JAMES          G       PFC      DNB  CURRY
WOOD           ORVEL          R H     CPL      KIA  LEA
WOODS          JESSE          K       2LT      KIA  DONA ANA
WOOLWORTH      JESSE          n/n     PFC      DNB  MCKINLEY
WORTHEN        ELMER          L       SGT      DNB  GRANT
WRIGHT         DURWARD        H       SGT      DNB  ROOSEVELT
WRIGHT         ROBERT         J       PVT      DNB  BERNALILLO
WUTEWA         VICENT         n/n     PVT      KIA  MCKINLEY
WYNN           LLOYD          P       CPL      DNB  LEA
WYNN           ORIAN          T       2LT      FOD  SAN JUAN
WYPER          MENZIES        n/n     1SG      KIA  MCKINLEY
WYSONG         JEFF           A       CPL      DNB  GRANT
YAZZIE         PHILIP J       n/n     PVT      DNB  MCKINLEY
YAZZIE         SILAS          n/n     PFC      KIA  MCKINLEY
YODER          JOHN           H       MAJ      DNB  MCKINLEY
YORK           ROY            M       TSG      KIA  GRANT
YOUNG          FRANK          n/n     SSG      FOD  SIERRA
YOUNG          JAMES          R       PFC      DNB  BERNALILLO
YOUNG          ROBERT         S       CAPT     KIA  CHAVES
YOUNG          ROBERT M       n/n     PFC      KIA  SAN MIGUEL
ZAMBRANO       IGNACIO        n/n     PFC      KIA  OTERO
ZAVILLA        TEDD           E       2LT      KIA  SOCORRO
ZELNICK        ALBET          T       PFC      DNB  LUNA
ZIMMER         GEORGE         E       CPL      DNB  BERNALILLO
ZUMWALT        FRED           W       PFC      KIA  LUNA
ZUMWALT        GLADNEY        G       TSG      DNB  LINCOLN

 Carr, Robert was Submitted by Nancy Carr 5/26/2007.
ENMU Golden Library Reference Desk:
Spelling errors:
Andres, John H. – Roosevelt County should be John Howard Andes
Ticer, Neal Curtis (not Tiger)
Roosevelt County residents not included in above list.
Baker, Harold Ray
Barr, Fred Neal
Black, John Earl
Blakeley, Willis Garmany
Bostick, Lloyd
Carmichael, Hershell
Carnes, Elzie R.
Carrico, James Justus
Caudle, Norman Elton, Jr.
Cox, Murel Lee
Evans, Lee Edwin
Fickling, Bobby Wilton
Fleming, James Herschel
Foster, Marvin O.
Giles, Ermal Victor
Gore, Oliver A, Jr.
Gregory, Lloyd W.
Gryder, Dwight L.
Hayhurst, Dewey Andrew
Herring, Frank B.
Higgins, Lueford L.
Holland, James Garlon
Hood, Arthur L. Jr.
Isbell, Clinton A. Jr.
Jones, Melvin E.
Kendrick, Thomas Lee, Jr.
Lasater, Otis Willis
Lasater, Sam M.
Passmore, D. W.
Richey, Vernon Joe
Shannon, Clay Derrick – Resident at time of enlistment
Simmons, Alva A.
Standford, John Bennett
Whitcomb, James
Wright, Warren Miller
Source: ENMU Golden Library Reference Desk