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Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date           Newspaper     Link     Name                                      Date            Newspaper
Race Minnie Francis                       02/02/1984     ENT           R        Rivara Mrs Mary Torres                    10/24/68        ENT
Rachford Estella Mae                      07/05/1979     Ent           R        Rivas Joe D                               07/05/1986      SCDP
Rackley Johnnie Dale                      12/04/1998     SCDP          R        Rivas Carlos                              07/06/1990      SCDP
Radvillaf Stanley                         2000           SCDP          R        Rivera Alvaro M                           07/1999         SCDP
Rael Juan Serna                           01/27/1986     SCDP          R        Rivera Elizabeth Lizzy R                  12/16/1985      SCDP
Rael Margarito S                          02/10/66       ENT           R        Rivera Frederico B.                       09/19/1957      ENT
Rael Damian                               07/29/1991     SCDP          R        Rivera Jose Louise                        06/18/70        ENT
Rael Martin Sr.                           05/27/1995     SCDP          R        Rivera Lorenzo                            02/21/63        ENT
Rael Ventura                              09/24/1987     SCDP          R        Rivera Manual                             04/07/83        ENT
Ragazinskas Rev. Paul                     08/12/1989     SCDP          R        Rivera Mrs Inez                           09/24/64        ENT
Ragle Charles Givhan                      07/31/1999     SCDP          R        Rivera Phillip S                          08/20/70        ENT
Rains David (Dad)                         04/28/66       ENT           R        Rivera Vincente A                         04/19/56        ENT
Rains Lewis C                             04/19/56       ENT           R        Rivera Dolores                            10/14/1988      SCDP
Rains Lou Gene                            04/14/83       ENT           R        Rivera Emilio Zapata                      04/21/1995      SCDP
Rains Mrs William D                       05/25/61       ENT           R        Rivera Jerry T.                           06/26/1991      SCDP
Rains Wiley                               03/23/62       ENT           R        Rivera Jesus                              12/13/1979      ENT
Ralston Mrs Eugene                        10/31/68       ENT           R        Rivera Jose C.                            09/07/1978      ENT
Ralston Harry R.                          05/10/1989     SCDP          R        Rivera Librada B.                         12/05/1974      ENT
Ramerez Mary Lou                          01/04/1996     SCDP          R        Rivera Lorenzo                            10/28/1976      SCENT
Ramierez Fructuoso L.                     04/09/1988     SCDP          R        Rivera Mal L.                             03/22/1979      Ent
Ramirez Armondo                           05/01/1999     S NEWS        R        Rivera Manuel C.                          01/19/1978      ENT
Ramirez Candelario A                      11/13/69       ENT           R        Rivera Marcolfa M.                        08/16/1973      ENT
Ramirez Gaspar                            01/23/1986     SCDP          R        Rivera Ramon                              07/20/1978      ENT
Ramirez Gilbert M                         11/03/1985     SCDP          R        Rivera Richardo C.                        08/13/1981      ENT
Ramirez Juana Gonzales                    06/03/1986     SCDP          R        Rivera Yolanda A.                         01/19/1978      ENT
Ramirez Margarita Sanchez                 02/02/1998     SCDP          R        Rivers Bessie Loretta                     08/22/1992      SCDP
Ramirez Mrs Rita Grado                    05/10/56       ENT           R        Rives Jack Ivy                            05/18/2000      SCDP
Ramirez Simon A                           09/26/68       ENT           R        Roach Burton                              04/23/53        ENT
Ramirez Tranquilino                       12/22/1998     SCDP          R        Roach Joseph Patton                       03/24/83        ENT
Ramirez Alfred M.                         03/02/1972     SC Ent        R        Roach Harold M.                           07/26/1973      ENT
Ramirez Beatrice R.                       01/20/1987     SCDP          R        Roach Paul                                03/31/1960      ENT
Ramirez Ben V.                            08/09/1984     ENT           R        Roach; Charles Lewis                      10/25/1996      SCDP
Ramirez Eusebio N.                        03/06/1993     SCDP          R        Roacho Patsy Muniz                        06/1997         SCDP
Ramirez Francisco Jr.                     10/21/1995     SCDP          R        Roacho Patsy Muniz                        10/09/1997      SCDP
Ramirez Fructuoso L.                      04/09/1988     SCDP          R        Robbins Nathan Hale                       10/23/54        ENT
Ramirez Guadalupe Nava                    08/12/1994     SCDP          R        Robbins Bert Arthur                       01/26/1984      ENT
Ramirez Isidro "Chilo"                    06/28/1991     SCDP          R        Robbins Gladys A.                         08/07/1980      ENT
Ramirez Jose                              07/02/1990     SCDP          R        Robbins Leonard A.                        05/03/1993      SCDP
Ramirez Jose L.                           10/24/1974     ENT           R        Robbins Myrtle May                        06/12/1989      SCDP
Ramirez Juan                              03/13/1990     SCDP          R        Robbins Valeve                            10/11/1951      ENT
Ramirez Lina S.                           02/28/1980     ENT           R        Roberts A C                               09/21/61        ENT
Ramirez Lupe Loera                        11/03/1992     SCDP          R        Roberts Delmar                            01/24/63        ENT
Ramirez Maria                             05/29/1987     SCDP          R        Roberts George C                          08/15/68        ENT
Ramirez Mariana M.                        01/15/1992     SCDP          R        Roberts Jack M                            09/24/70        ENT
Ramirez Marie E                           06/25/1996     SCDP          R        Roberts Mrs Lillie M                      09/22/66        ENT
Ramirez Tiburcio E.                       02/28/1995     SCDP          R        Roberts Mrs Mary Becker                   02/16/56        ENT
Ramirez Tiburcio E.                       02/27/1995     SCDP          R        Roberts Nadine                            12/27/1951      ENT
Ramirez Valeria                           06/26/1995     SCDP          R        Roberts Walter Friedgen                   03/04/1982      ENT
Ramirez Victoria L.                       05/18/19972    SC Ent        R        Roberts A. Marvin                         10/02/1992      SCDP
Ramirez Joe F.                            07/06/1996     SCDP          R        Roberts Arneille                          11/22/1973      ENT
Ramirez Sunshine Juanita                  05/10/1996     SCDP          R        Roberts Col. James J.                     12/06/1989      SCDP
Ramos Martha J                            07/21/55       ENT           R        Roberts Daisy                             07/28/1986      SCDP
Ramos Mrs fransisca                       07/30/59       ENT           R        Roberts Emma Kelly                        09/18/1992      SCDP
Ramos Rueben H                            09/18/1985     SCDP          R        Roberts Frank C.                          05/27/1982      ENT
Ramos Angel C.                            01/30/1993     SCDP          R        Roberts Micki Rae                         07/19/1984      ENT
Ramos Angel C.                            01/29/1993     SCDP          R        Roberts Nadine                            12/27/1951      ENT
Ramos Armando                             04/15/1976     SC ENT        R        Roberts Rex William                       12/02/1976      ENT
Ramos Juanita J.                          05/16/1995     SCDP          R        Roberts William M.                        05/09/1981      ENT
Ramos Juanita J.                          05/17/1995     SCDP          R        Roberts Joseph G.                         10/03/1995      SCDP
Ramos Sarah C. "Sadie"                    12/13/1989     SCDP          R        Robertson Edward Ira "Curley"             03/26/1998      SCDP
Ramos Soltero M.                          02/09/1984     ENT           R        Robertson James L                         06/18/70        ENT
Ramos Fransisco M.                        01/16/1996     SCDP          R        robertson John                            05/20/54        ENT
Ramsey Frank R.                           09/12/1957     ENT           R        Robertson Kenneth Michael                 05/31/2000      S NEWS
Ramsey Joseph R                           08/13/64       ENT           R        Robertson Mrs Margaret May                11/10/66        ENT
Ramsey Mrs Fred                           12/23/48       ENT           R        Robertson Carmi E.                        05/15/1980      ENT
Ramsey Elmer                              08/08/1991     SCDP          R        Robertson Glenn                           03/30/1989      SCDP
Ramsey Fred R.                            05/06/1982     ENT           R        Robertson Hubert Oscar                    04/01/1991      SCDP
Ramsey Kenneth F.                         02/26/1987     SCDP          R        Robertson Lou P.                          01/08/1993      SCDP
Ramsey Lloyd Calvin                       12/18/1991     SCDP          R        Robertson May G.                          04/16/1981      ENT
Ramsey Ralph                              12/16/1976     ENT           R        Robertson Robert D.                       04/21/1981      ENT
Ramsey Stella                             05/13 /1976    ENT           R        Robertson Vessie                          05/06/1976      SC ENT
Ramsey Mabel Mae                          05/09/1996     SCDP          R        Robins Dorothy Mac                        10/13/1999      SCDP
Ramzel Claude Stewart                     04/04/1989     SCDP          R        Robinson Catherine                        03/24/46        ENT
Ranceware Robert                          05/07/64       ENT           R        Robinson Dr C C                           04/27/61        ENT
Randle Mike G.                            10/22/1990     SCDP          R        Robinson Lawrence Edwin                   03/02/1998      SCDP
Rangel Santos E.                          12/20/1951     ENT           R        Robinson Marsha H (JC)                    04/1998         SCDP
Ranger Arthur Sr                          01/31/63       ENT           R        Robinson Mrs Ether H                      09/24/70        ENT
Ranger Arthur Henry                       12/18/69       ENT           R        Robinson Alta Lucille                     06/20/1994      SCDP
Rankin Henery Sr                          08/18/55       ENT           R        Robinson Alton G.                         01/06/1987      SCDP
Rankin thomas P                           02/21/63       ENT           R        Robinson Gladys Stouffer                  06/13/1987      SCDP
Rankin Bonnie E.                          05/13/1976     SC ENT        R        Robinson Malcolm                          10/05/1995      SCDP
Rankin Henry O.                           09/23/1965     SCDP          R        Robinson Malcolm D.                       10/07/1995      SCDP
Rankin Minne                              10/30/1980     ENT           R        Robinson Sgt. Larry L.                    12/13/1984      ENT
Rankin Noel Mathis                        08/23/1989     SCDP          R        Roche Mrs Annabelle                       10/12/61        ENT
Ranstead Mrs Lenor                        01/25/68       ENT           R        Rock Leo R.                               07/07/1987      SCDP
Ranyan Armin S (Rahanian)                 07/23/1998     SCDP          R        Rockenback Mary J.                        05/29/1987      SCDP
Ranyan Martha Mary                        01/22/1999     SCDP          R        Rockwell Mrs Murial Woolsey               07/23/69        ENT
Rapier William Riley                      02/26/59       ENT           R        Rodarte Mrs Irene                         11/05/64        ENT
Rapier Lazon                              08/01/1974     ENT           R        Rodda John H P                            11/17/83        ENT
Rapp Mrs Alice Clara Hamilton             02/26/53       ENT           R        Roden Opal                                11/13/1980      ENT
Rasberry Coy B                            01/22/70       ENT           R        Rodriguez Mrs Luz F                       03/02/61        ENT
Rascon Alfred C                           04/29/1985     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Agneda M.                       04/29/1991      SCDP
Rascon Gabino R.                          03/14/1957     ENT           R        Rodriguez Alfonso G.                      11/08/1994      SCDP
Rascon Manuel Castillo                    01/29/1981     ENT           R        Rodriguez Andres F.                                       ENT
Rascon Manuel R.                          04/28/1981     ENT           R        Rodriguez Celso G.                        02/06/1987      SCDP
Rascon Maria Orosco                       06/11/1981     ENT           R        Rodriguez Cosme Zapata                    09/18/1992      SCDP
Rascon Mariana T.                         06/28/1984     ENT           R        Rodriguez Cruz Varela                     03/22/1993      SCDP
Rascon Matilde                            09/21/1988     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Enrique O.                      03/29/1988      SCDP
Rascon Wendy Jean Smith                   10/08/1990     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Epigania O.                     06/30/1994      SCDP
Rasmuson Floyd                            10/14/1996     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Estella P.                      04/03/1993      SCDP
Rassmusson Major Raymond J                02/20/64       ENT           R        Rodriguez Eusebio Q.                      05/20/1976      SC ENT
Rathburn Charles Henry                    12/12/1957     ENT           R        Rodriguez Felipa P.                       03/29/1979      Ent
Ratliff Emmitt "Jinks"                    01/22/1992     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Fermin                          05/12/1990      SCDP
Rawlins William J                         10/25/1996     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Francisca V.                    05/02/1974      ENT
Ray Cain Edward                           06/15/1999     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Gabriel                         12/14/1988      SCDP
Ray Frannie W                             06/29/67       ENT           R        Rodriguez George Madrid                   07/31/69        ENT
Ray Mrs Alice J                           01/13/77       ENT           R        Rodriguez Gilbert                         10/02/1993      SCDP
Ray Mrs Eugenia                           09/28/61       ENT           R        Rodriguez Guadalupe P.                    06/23/55        ENT
Ray Willis H                              05/14/64       ENT           R        Rodriguez Hilario N.                      04/12/1990      SCDP
Ray Grace Brock                           06/11/1981     ENT           R        Rodriguez Ines Lopez                      11/30/1978      ENT
Ray Grover C.                             09/27/1988     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Josefa Lujan                    06/15/1989      SCDP
Ray Jack                                  11/14/1974     ENT           R        Rodriguez Lucas T.                        02/14/1957      ENT
Ray Titus B.                              12/09/1993     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Lupe                            12/28/1988      SCDP
Rayburn Neil Patrick                      04/12/56       ENT           R        Rodriguez Manuel T.                       05/19/55        ENT
Raymer Curtis R                           07/21/1997     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Miguel G.                       05/04/1978      ENT
Raymond Charles "Bud"                     07/24/1997     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Ricardo G.                      09/20/1984      ENT
Raynolds Jack                             08/08/46       ENT           R        Rodriguez Ruben                           09/25/1986      SCDP
Rea Ralph F                               03/21/1997     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Susan Alires                    01/05/1984      ENT
Readel Dr Carl J                          01/19/56       ENT           R        Rodriguez Teresa L.                       02/08/1993      SCDP
Reams W D                                 02/22/62       ENT           R        Rodriguez Virginia V.                     12/16/1992      SCDP
Reay Hattie Viola                         02/11/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriguez Josefa                          10/01/1996      SCDP
Reay Robert                               10/13/83       ENT           R        Rodriguez Juanita Fajard                  07/30/1996      SCDP
Rebholtz Eugene R                         07/16/70       ENT           R        Rodriguez Lupita Maria                    04/15/1996      SCDP
Redando Christine                         09/30/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Acadio G                        03/03/66        ENT
Redding Fredrick J.                       01/31/1974     ENT           R        Rodriquez Amalina N.                      10/31/1957      ENT
Redfield Barney H.                        09/15/1990     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Antonio J                       03/15/56        ENT
Redman Patricia Grace                     01/03/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriquez David                           04/04/68        ENT
Redman Roy                                10/06/77       ENT           R        Rodriquez Donicio C                       02/04/1985      SCDP
Redman C.A. "Chet"                        08/20/1990     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Erlinda Vasquez                 01/07/1999      SCDP
Redmond Nora G.                           03/08/1988     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Felipe                          09/19/1957      ENT
Redwine Bernard                           08/03/64       ENT           R        Rodriquez Florentino Ontiveros            12/17/1999      SCDP
Redwine Glenn E                           03/21/63       ENT           R        Rodriquez George                          09/30/1999      S NEWS
Redwine Leslie Myrl                       10/05/1994     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Hermino A                       08/02/56        ENT
Redwine Leta M.                           09/13/1995     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Jesus M                         05/17/2000      SCDP
Reece Melvin O.                           12/28/1992     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Jose Alberto                    11/24/83        ENT
Reed Clyde Shane                          05/26/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Jose De La O                    02/01/2000      SCDP
Reed Elizabeth Summerbell                 07/19/1999     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Jose Ortiz                      05/08/1999      SCDP
Reed Mrs Patricia (Pat)                   07/11/68       ENT           R        Rodriquez Juanita Soto                    10/03/1997      SCDP
Reed Zena P                               03/23/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Julia M                         03/12/1985      SCDP
Reed Bobby Kay                            03/30/1950     ENT           R        Rodriquez Lydia Reyes                     10/15/1998      SCDP
Reed Charles H.                           04/03/1958     ENT           R        Rodriquez Manual Flores                   07/17/1999      S NEWS
Reed Clifton L.                           05/16/1987     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Maria D                         02/04/2000      SCDP
Reed James A.                             08/22/1957     ENT           R        Rodriquez Miss Margie F                   02/16/67        ENT
Reed Jimmy Don                            08/27/1990     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Molses G                        04/11/68        ENT
Reed John K.                              05/27/1976     SC ENT        R        Rodriquez Mrs Andrea                      04/04/68        ENT
Reed Julia Katherine                      01/30/1997     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Mrs Barbara                     02/08/62        ENT
Reed Nettie Alice                         12/17/1991     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Mrs Belen Z                     11/10/77        ENT
Reed Katherine L.                         09/10/1996     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Mrs Maria                       04/04/68        ENT
Reese Emily Leah                          01/09/48       SCDP          R        Rodriquez Paul Joseph                     12/01/83        ENT
Reese Joseph                              01/12/61       ENT           R        Rodriquez Ramon                           11/21/1957      ENT
Reese Paula Lynn                          11/03/55       ENT           R        Rodriquez Ramon D                         04/26/1997      SCDP
Reese Ralph                               10/23/54       ENT           R        Rodriquez Ramon G                         11/25/65        ENT
Reese Richard Thomas                      09/27/1999     S NEWS        R        Rodriquez Roger Robert                    07/27/61        ENT
Reese Dixie                               07/15/1976     ENT           R        Rodriquez Susan                           12/29/83        ENT
Reese Fran                                06/21/1996     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Amelia H.                       01/03/1980      ENT
Reese Hugh Clyde                          01/03/1997     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Eulalio M.                      05/06/1982      ENT
Reese James W.                            01/30/1958     ENT           R        Rodriquez Julia Vasquez                   06/1997         SCDP
Reese Jane E.                             05/16/1974     ENT           R        Rodriquez Julia Vasquez                   06/26/1997      SCDP
Reese Shirl Wayne                         11/17/1994     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Ramon G.                        10/25/1965      SCDP
Reeves Clyde F                            08/20/70       ENT           R        Rodriquez Susano Lopez                    08/24/1987      SCDP
Reid Dorthy Elmor                         01/29/1998     SCDP          R        Rodriquez Maria R                         10/15/1994      SCDP
Reid Mary May                             05/24/1984     ENT           R        Rodwell Patricia                          05/13/2000      SCDP
Reid Robert W.                            04/01/71       Ent           R        Roe Ronald L.                             08/12/1991      SCDP
Reidlinger Mrs Agatha C                   06/01/1972     SC ENT        R        Rogers Conrad H (Tex)                     05/10/56        ENT
Reierson Mrs Charles L                    01/11/62       ENT           R        Rogers Joel Lee                           10/27/83        ENT
Reilly Paul A.                            01/29/1987     SCDP          R        Rogers Lorene M                           05/02/1998      SCDP
Reimers Paul                              02/11/1986     SCDP          R        Rogers Mrs Helen F                        11/16/61        ENT
Rein Mrs Edward                           12/28/67       ENT           R        Rogers Mrs Kathrine J                     02/10/1972      SC ENT
Remijo Tony                               03/01/56       ENT           R        Rogers Mrs Myrtle S                       09/05/68        ENT
Rendleman Augusta M.                      07/10/69       ENT           R        Rogers Sarah Frances                      07/21/1999      SCDP
Rendleman Velma Farnswor                  11/09/1978     ENT           R        Rogers Charles Wesley                     06/10/1987      SCDP
Rendon Danny                              06/13/1957     ENT           R        Rogers J.E.                               07/22/1948      ENT
Rendon; Monica                            10/02/1996     SCDP          R        Rogers Jeanne                             01/26/1994      SCDP
Renfro Clayton E.                         12/27/1988     SCDP          R        Rogers Lee M.                             02/07/1980      ENT
Renova Rosendo Hector                     05/01/1991     SCDP          R        Rogers Leonard Franklin                   06/02/1993      SCDP
Renteria Maria V                          06/11/1998     SCDP          R        Rogers Lucy King                          01/28/1960      SC Ent
Renteria Alex                             09/07/1978     ENT           R        Rogers Nancy                              01/26/67        ENT
Renteria Noah S.                          09/24/1994     SCDP          R        Rogers Paul G.                            02/07/1990      SCDP
Renwick William James                     no date        ENT           R        Rogers Randy D.                           08/19/1993      SCDP
Renwick William James                     12/02/54       ENT           R        Rogers Ray                                08/12/1948      ENT
Renz Otto (Dutch)                         03/28/68       ENT           R        Rogers Ruel A.                            08/14/69        ENT
Renz Albert S.                            06/23/1960     ENT           R        Rogers Verla May                          03/15/1984      ENT
Resko Andrew T.                           03/11/1982     ENT           R        Rohlfing Russel H                         04/21/77        ENT
Resley Eugenia Ann                        04/16/59       ENT           R        Rojas Carmen C                            02/17/83        ENT
Retana Juanita Marquez                    11/07/1974     ENT           R        Rojo Alejandro O.                         08/22/1986      SCDP
Reuger Patricia                           10/1999        SCDP          R        Roland Christine                          10/19/1998      SCDP
Revarrow Mrs Minnie F                     01/07/54       ENT           R        Rollins James H                           02/25/71        ENT
Reyes Antonio                             09/22/66       ENT           R        Rollins Lind                              11/29/1951      ENT
Reyes Adela Abeyta                        11/18/1988     SCDP          R        Roman Anselmo Salaiz                      04/11/1989      SCDP
Reyes Amador Z.                           04/13/1972     SC Ent        R        Roman Jose Lucero                         03/30/1988      SCDP
Reyes Augustina Delgado                   04/24/2958     ENT           R        Romaro J                                  09/27/56        ENT
Reyes Enrique                             04/18/1994     SCDP          R        Romero Anthony Albert                     10/13/83        ENT
Reyes Guadalupe T.                        10/03/1974     ENT           R        Romero Consuelo Parra                     01/19/1986      SCDP
Reyes jorge R                             07/07/1997     SCDP          R        Romero Hipolita Saenz                     02/15/2000      SCDP
Reyes Jose Antonio                        05/31/1979     Ent           R        Romero Jose S                             01/07/65        ENT
Reyes Manuel Delgado                      04/13/1993     SCDP          R        Romero Larry Bruce                        02/10/77        ENT
Reyes Roberto R.                          03/16/1994     SCDP          R        Romero Louisa C                           08/12/1997      SCDP
Reynolds Mrs Ruth M                       05/25/67       ENT           R        Romero Manual                             08/06/53        ENT
Reynolds Robert                           01/25/51       ENT           R        Romero maria Antonia                      10/27/1998      SCDP
Reynolds Sharon B                         07/15/1999     SCDP          R        Romero Mrs Josephine                      04/09/64        ENT
Reynolds Bellette                         03/27/1975     SC Ent        R        Romero Precillano C                       08/11/55        ENT
Reynolds Frances E.                       10/11/1995     SCDP          R        Romero Rosa Cordova                       08/12/1998      SCDP
Reynolds George E.                        01/14/1960     SC Ent        R        Romero Dan                                11/29/1984      ENT
Reynolds Henri Wynell                     03/05/1997     SCDP          R        Romero Esther K.                          12/06/1984      ENT
Reynosa Altagracia E.                     07/08/1976     ENT           R        Romero Frank "Poncho"                     02/27/1995      SCDP
Rhea James A                              06/25/64       ENT           R        Romero Inacio                             01/26/1978      ENT
Rhea James A                              02/24/77       ENT           R        Romero Jim K.                             09/18/1980      ENT
Rhea Janet K                              03/31/77       ENT           R        Romero Nicanora S.                        11/27/1980      ENT
Rhinesmith Bonnie E.                      11/07/1974     ENT           R        Romero Pablo                              12/06/1984      ENT
Rhoades Inez B                            01/21/1997     SCDP          R        Romero Priscilla A.                       02/23/1989      SCDP
Rhodes A R                                07/06/1986     SCDP          R        Romero Raymondo J.                        09/29/1992      SCDP
Rhodes Paul K "Kenny"                     02/07/2000     S NEWS        R        Romero Rosavra                            02/13/1987      SCDP
Rhodes Ethel M.                           08/26/1976     ENT           R        Romero Steve                              04/19/1979      ENT
Rhodes George Colton                      01/18/1995     SCDP          R        Romero Teresa                             03/14/1989      SCDP
Rhodin Howard H.                          03/04/1982     ENT           R        Romero Paul U.                            04/29/1996      SCDP
Rhoton Michael Eugene                     01/30/1990     SCDP          R        Rominger Carrie E                         01/20/77        ENT
Ribich Leone Ruth                         04/12/1995     SCDP          R        Rominger Morris S                         12/05/63        ENT
Rice Carl S                               06/05/1986     SCDP          R        Rominger Mrs. Amma Nell                   06/13/1974      ENT
Rice Lee                                  06/18/46       ENT           R        Rook Cuvie S                              05/20/1998      SCDP
Rice Mary Francis                         08/28/1999     S NEWS        R        Rooks Garnett Marie                       10/30/1989      SCDP
Rice Mary Lorette                         06/24/1999     SCDP          R        Rooks Paul S.                             04/13/1995      SCDP
Rice Mrs Donna                            01/04/68       ENT           R        Rooks; Verna Lee                          07/02/1996      SCDP
Rice Mrs Mary Belle                       03/01/56       ENT           R        Roosa Mrs Omar                            04/14/66        ENT
Rice Christopher James                    07/07/1989     SCDP          R        Roper Joseph "Joe" Robert                 05/25/1999      SCDP
Rice F.E.                                 02/16/1978     ENT           R        Roper JoAnn                               07/17/1990      SCDP
Rice Fayette L.                           11/11/1965     SCDP          R        Roper Joseph Robert                       02/12/1990      SCDP
Rice Hazel Nell                           07/06/1984     ENT           R        Rorbelz Jesusita Mesa                     02/17/1986      SCDP
Rice John M.                              01/03/1957     ENT           R        Rosalas Conception Lopez                  01/05/1986      SCDP
Rice Linnie B.                            04/15/1982     ENT           R        Rosales Mauel Rios                        11/08/50        SCDP
Rice Richard B.                           11/07/1991     SCDP          R        Rosales Rudy Raul                         01/21/1998      SCDP
Rice Rolland S. "Blue"                    05/19/1990     SCDP          R        Rosales Jose B.                           01/30/1992      SCDP
Rice Merton E                             04/01/1996     SCDP          R        Rosales Nicholas R.                       02/15/1973      ENT
Richards Essie Clara                      09/15/1993     SCDP          R        Rosales Ventura B.                        01/20/55        ENT
Richards Joseph                           03/16/1987     SCDP          R        Rosas Mateo Higinio                       01/25/51        ENT
Richards Josephine F.                     01/17/1995     SCDP          R        Rose Robert James                         01/10/1998      SCDP
Richards William                          01/27/1992     SCDP          R        Rose Caroline                             03/25/1995      SCDP
Richardson Bill                           11/19/53       ENT           R        Roseberry Eugene L                        03/17/66        ENT
Richardson Charles E                      07/23/83       ENT           R        Roseberry Frances                         04/21/1995      SCDP
Richardson James Kneeland                 04/12/1997     SCDP          R        Rosecrans Josefa                          08/19/1948      ENT
Richardson Lawrence C                     10/31/63       ENT           R        Ross Minnie Lee                           11/13/1990      SCDP
Richardson Mrs Betty June                 09/27/62       ENT           R        Ross William Floyd                        10/19/1995      SCDP
Richardson Addie Colson                   07/31/1958     ENT           R        Rossiter Irene Agnes                      12/02/1998      SCDP
Richardson Alvy D.                        07/20/1995     SCDP          R        Rossmiller Lyle G.                        07/13/1972      SC Ent
Richardson Della Cureton                  06/19/1993     SCDP          R        Rost Edith                                01/08/1997      SCDP
Richardson Edna C.                        08/08/1974     ENT           R        Roth William R.                           12/11/1996      SCDP
Richardson Frank                          10/17/1988     SCDP          R        Rothrock Howard Eugene                    11/17/83        ENT
Richardson Herbert W.                     02/28/1957     ENT           R        Rothrock David P.                         12/22/1992      SCDP
Richardson James Kneeland                 04/14/1997     SCDP          R        Roundtree Kitty Mae "GG"                  01/26/1998      SCDP
Richardson Sarah Elidia                   06/01/1950     ENT           R        Rouse Merle J                             03/13/1986      SCDP
Richardson Wilma Lusk                     05/03/1994     SCDP          R        Rouse Delma Jessis                        02/11/1982      ENT
Richardson James Calvin                   02/22/1996     SCDP          R        Rouse Effie Lea                           03/29/1984      ENT
Richarte Richard M                        09/01/77       ENT           R        Rouse Knight Albert                       10/11/1990      SCDP
Richarte Maria D.                         12/21/1991     SCDP          R        Rouse Marilyn V                           12/21/1995      SCDP
Richburg Furman "Judge"                   01/05/1990     SCDP          R        Rouse Marilyn V.                          12/23/1995      SCDP
Richeson Paul Wellington                  12/27/1984     ENT           R        Rouse Robert Wesley                       09/03/1981      ENT
Richie Freeman J.                         01/13/03       SCDP          R        Rowe R. L.                                08/14/1991      SCDP
Richins George arthur                     04/29/1999     SCDP          R        Rowland Neal                              11/12/1997      SCDP
Richmond Kenneth                          10/16/59       ENT           R        Royall Mrs William                        11/11/54        ENT
Richmyer Dawn                             06/26/1996     SCDP          R        Royall William                            02/14/46        ENT
Richter Rudy C.                           08/24/1995     SCDP          R        Roybal Felicitas O                        02/25/1998      SCDP
Rickards Mrs May                          11/23/61       ENT           R        Roybal Alfredo Ortega                     01/08/1994      SCDP
Ricks Scott Andrew                        01/27/1992     SCDP          R        Roybal Celia G.                            05/17/1979     ENT
Rico Frank                                02/11/1998     SCDP          R        Roybal Eduvigen G.                        04/25/1974      ENT
Rico Mrs Margaret Allen                   02/01/62       ENT           R        Roybal Elvira C.                          11/16/1978      ENT
Rico Crecencio                            06/08/1978     ENT           R        Roybal Felix N. Sr.                       07/12/1973      ENT
Rico Manuel                               04/27/1987     SCDP          R        Roybal Fred Gonzalez                      12/31/1992      SCDP
Rico Rosa V.                              10/07/1976     ENR           R        Roybal Genaro O.                          03/07/1995      SCDP
Riddle Charlotte                          01/23/03       SCDP          R        Roybal Pedro Navarrete                    02/02/1984      ENT
Riddle Virginia aline                     06/10/1997     SCDP          R        Rubenbstein Robert M                      05/07/59        ENT
Riddle James R.                           07/31/1958     ENT           R        Rubio Guadalupe A.                        09/23/1965      SCDP
Riddle Chandes                            03/02/1987     SCDP          R        Ruby Immel                                                SCDP
Riddle Clyde                              10/04/1984     ENT           R        Rudolph Carter                            02/25/1988      SCDP
Riddle Virginia Aline                     06/09/1997     SCDP          R        Ruebush Alymer J.                         09/22/1995      SCDP
Ridling Mrs Helen                         12/01/66       ENT           R        Ruebush June Phyllis                      06/13/1995      SCDP
Ridling Mrs Nannie Doyle                  04/23/53       ENT           R        Ruel Raymond A.                           10/01/1990      SCDP
Ridling Raymond D.                        11/21/1991     SCDP          R        Ruff John F                               07/23/69        ENT
Ridling Iley C.                           04/21/1996     SCDP          R        Ruffner Mrs Florence E                    10/05/61        ENT
Riedlinger Murial M                       10/19/1998     SCDP          R        Ruffner Frank O.                          06/02/55        ENT
Riedlinger John B.                        01/19/1984     ENT           R        Ruiz Dora                                 10/09/1998      SCDP
Riehs Chris                               11/28/46       ENT           R        Ruiz John Torres                          12/04/1985      SCDP
Riemer Irene Villines                     01/20/1996     SCDP          R        Ruiz Mrs Delfina Merino                   02/26/48        ENT
Rigg John "Jack"                          01/09/1991     SCDP          R        Ruiz Ramon L                              04/16/1985      SCDP
Riggs James Roland                        12/05/1995     SCDP          R        Ruiz Beatrice                             03/05/1981      ENT
Riley Dawn Marie                          04/28/1999     SCDP          R        Ruiz Juan M.                              98/03/1978      ENT
Riley Robbib D "Rob"                      08/17/83       ENT           R        Ruiz Moises M.                            12/10/1996      SCDP
Riley William E                           02/15/68       ENT           R        Rupe Louise H. Rupe                       10/25/1991      SCDP
Riley Billy Wayne                         11/29/1994     SCDP          R        Rushing Jeremy J.                         12/08/1988      SCDP
Riley Deborah Sue M.                      11/29/1994     SCDP          R        Rusland clarance A                        12/13/56        ENT
Riley Lonnie Joe                          07/15/1982     ENT           R        Rusland C. A.                             09/09/1965      SCDP
Riley Owen Albert                         04/12/1984     ENT           R        Rusland Claribel                          09/16/1965      SCDP
Rincon Francisco Diaz                     08/23/1984     ENT           R        Rusland John A "Jack"                     04/10/1996      SCDP
Rinesmith John H                          08/24/1972     SC ENT        R        Rusland William J.                        02/23/1950      ENT
Rio Fransisco V                           12/27/56       ENT           R        Russell Brenda Joy                        05/14/59        ENT
Riondy Ednah C.                           04/10/1987     SCDP          R        Russell Everett L                         07/25/1998      SCDP
Rios Atilano B                            12/22/1985     SCDP          R        Russell William B                         01/20/1986      SCDP
Rios David O                              02/09/1972     SC ENT        R        Russell Andrew P.                         12/20/1984      ENT
Rios Jesus G "Barney"                     05/1998        SCDP          R        Russell Charles M.                        06/02/1981      ENT
Rios Avel M.                              11/21/1994     SCDP          R        Rustin Agnes Ann                          05/31/1988      SCDP
Rios Isabel Juarez                        01/12/1993     SCDP          R        Rustin Dora Willis                        08/24/1950      ENT
Rios Manuel Mesa                          04/11/1989     SCDP          R        Rustin Howard                             09/16/1988      SCDP
Rios Paula Archuleta                      02/05/1988     SCDP          R        Rutherford Danny L.                       07/28/1966      SCENT
Rios Pomposo Valles                       08/17/1950     ENT           R        Ryan Edward Sr                            01/01/59        ENT
Rios Presentacion M.                      07/05/1979     ENT           R        Ryan Frank S                              12/05/63        ENT
Rios Jane R.                              09/10/1996     SCDP          R        Ryan Helen                                2000            SCDP
Rios Ysabel Reyes                         1994           SCDP          R        Ryan Lyda M                               05/05/1998      SCDP
Risch Frank J.                            06/01/1990     SCDP          R        Ryan Refugio B                            08/07/69        ENT
Risch; Jennie Mae                         06/25/1996     SCDP          R        Ryan John Patrick                         11/24/1993      SCDP
Risinger Evelyn V.                        02/19/1993     SCDP          R        Ryan Josephine Bell                       04/05/1991      SCDP
Ritenbaugh Harry C.                       10/19/1991     SCDP          R        Ryan Kevin Frank                          03/21/1991      SCDP
Ritter Mary G                             01/26/2000     SCDP          R        Rydeski George R                          03/05/1986      SCDP
Ritter W F                                08/28/47       ENT           R        Rygh Mrs Charlotte                        04/18/63        ENT
Ritz Edward W                             09/14/61       ENT           R        Rygh Edgar Andrew M.D.                    01/04/1979      ENT
Ritz Alma                                 05/26/1987     SCDP          R        Ryman Robert R                            04/18/63        ENT