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Mountain View Cemetery Listing
Additions and Updates
Deming, Luna County, New Mexico
Authorized by C. W. Barnum, 11 September 2006
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1-Seth Wilcox Taylor (my great great grandfather) March 13, 1815 to July 6, 1895
2-Margaret E. Taylor (Seth's 6th and last wife) 1825 to 1905
3-Sylvester G. Taylor (Seth's son by his third wife...shares stone with Seth) Feb 1, 1863.  (Before Jun 23, 1880)  He's listed in the 1870 census.
4-Daniel Webster Taylor (my great grandfather, Seth's son) Nov 29, 1871 to Feb 13, 1913
5-Mary E. Taylor (maiden name is Rhodes, and she is the wife of William Humphrey Taylor, Jr.*, Seth's brother) August 3, 1840 to August 8, 1900
6-*Supposedly William Humphrey, Jr. (Feb 19, 1835 to Aug 13, 1911) is buried there also, but a headstone for him wasn't found.
There is a bare spot where it looks like a stone might have been next to D. W. Taylor's stone. There is also a gap between Mary E. Taylor's and Margaret E. Taylor's stone where a stone for William could have once stood, though the ground doesn't show any bare spots.
Submitted by Cyndi Taylor

Mountain View Cemetery

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