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Taos County Obituaries 1968 Page Two
Compiled by Alberto Vidaurre
August 5, 2010
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Following is part 2, continuation of the 1968 obituaries listed in the news paper, The Taos News.

51- Eddie Arnold Lopez One year old, of Rio Lucio, NM who died Aril 28, 1968 at the Embudo Presbyterian Hospital, Embudo, NM. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elizardo Lopez. He is survived by his parents, Brothers Michael, Larry, Antonio, Clyde, Randy, Ricky and Leon Lopez; Sisters Rose Marie, Lorraine, Diana and Gloria Lopez. May 9, 1968 B 4.

51- Tommy Simbola Age 19 of Rio Lucio, NM. Died in Salt Lake City, Utah May 12, 1968. He is survived by his mother Mrs. Ofelia Simbola; Brothers James and Rudy Simbola; Sister Irene Tohsoni; Grand Mother Pilar Martinez. Aunts Amelia Maestas, Mary Romero and Cora Salas. May 23, 1968 A 5.

52- John Collier 84 Died last week at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM (no date listed). Service were May 18, 1968 at the 1st Presbyterian Church Taos, NM. He is survived by Grace Volk Collier; Sons Charles Wood Collier, Donald Collier and John Collier Jr. May 16, 1968 1 and 2.

53- Emilio Le Doux Age 79, native of Taos, NM resident of Wagon Mound, NM. Died at home May 6, 1968. He is survived by his wife Celina F. Le Doux; Son Phillip Le Doux; Daughters Mrs. Luz L. Cruz, Mrs. Josephine L. Martinez, Mrs. Virginia Sisneros; Brothers Pablo and Dick Le Doux. May 23, 1968 B 4.

54- Desideria R. de Lovato Age 77, of Ranchos de Taos, NM Died May 21, 1968 at her residence. She is survived by her husband (not named in obit); Sons Amarante Lovato and Lorenzo Lovato; Daughters Pita Lovato and Bonnie Lovato; Brother Abenicio Romero. May 30, 1968 B 6.

55- Mrs. Latiff K. Sahd Age 77 resident of Taos, NM. Died at St. Joseph Hospital in Albuquerque, NM (no date mentioned) Born in Roumie, Lebanon Oct 4, 1895. She is survived by her sons S. Pete Sahd, Latouf Sahd, George and Albert Sahd; Daughters Rosa Higgins, Agnes Mackron, and Bertha Sahd. June 6, 1968 A 7.

56- Louisa M. Garcia Age 81 resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died in a Las Vegas, NM. Hospital May 3, 1968. She is survived by her sons Teodoro Salazar and Willie Mondragon; Daughter Susana Trujillo; Brothers Jimmy and Joe Mondragon; Sister Mrs. Levi Salazar. June 6, 1868 A 8.

57- Andres Esquipula Martinez Age 3 Years old of Chamisal, NM. died at home June 4, 1968. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alferino Martinez. Survived by his parents, Brother Filemon Martinez; Sister Christian Martinez; Grand Parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Romero and Mrs. Felonice Martinez. June 13, 1968 6.

58- Daniel S. Sanchez Age 46 of Cerro. NM. Died June 1, 1968 in a Denver, Colo Hospital. He is survived by his wife Amada Sanchez; Daughter Novella Sanchez; Brothers Ben, Moises, Lucas, Johnny, Antonio, Anastacio and Felipe Sanchez; Sisters Mrs. Joe Arellano, Mrs. Evaristo Garcia and Mrs. Lee Espinosa. June 13, 1968 10,

59- Felix E. Valdez Age 86 Native of Rayado, NM and resident of Taos, NM. Died June 9, 1968 while at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. Son of the deceased Manuel Valdez and Carmelita Martinez, Husband of his deceased Wife Margaret Gallegos, Surviving him are 2 sons and 3 daughters. (not named).

60- Felecitas R. Joseph Age 84. Resident of Rio Lucio/Penasco, NM. Died June 16, 1968 at the Espanola, NM Hospital. She is survived by her son Felix Joseph; Sister Erlinda Vigil; Grand Children Julia Fernandez and Viola Gurule. June 27, 1968 A 3 and B 4.

61- Henry H. Sandoval Age 54 Resident of La Placita de Canon, NM. Died at home June 15, 1968. He is survived by his wife Julia Sandoval; Sons Richard, Henry Jr, Gary, and Gilbert Sandoval; Daughter Mrs. Bob Ackerman, Mrs. Sam Sthoul, Mrs. Juan Martinez and Rosalie Sandoval. June 27, 1968 B 4.

62- Jose Leonides Romero Age 80 of Raton, NM, Taos, NM Native Died June 22, 1968. Surviving him is his wife Cenaida Gomez; Son Fidel, Jose L. Jr, Margarito and Eliseo Romero' Daughters Margarita R. Ortiz, Manuelita Vigil, Elena R. Armigo, Annie R. Trujillo and Josephine Aranda; Brothers Amadeo, Eduardo, Benjamin, Rugelio and Jose Romero. June 27, 1968 8 and B 4.

63- Sammy Gallegos Age 15, Resident of Costilla, NM. Died in a motor vehicle accident Oct 16, 1967.

64- Eduardo J. Mondragon Age 64. Native of Taos. NM. Was employed by The White Acorn Sheep Co. Rock Springs, Wyo. Was found dead at his place of employment May 20, 1968. Surviving him is his Father Manuel V. Mondragon; Wife Juanita Mondragon; Sons Dan and Gus Mondragon; Daughter Mrs, Olmedo (Flora) Mondragon, Mrs. Adolfo (Alice) Candelario; Brothers Robert, Frank and Levi Mondragon. Sister Mrs. Abram (Petra) Ortega. June 27, 1968 B 4.

65- Belarmino Pacheco Age 67 resident of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died June 19, 1968. He is survived by his wife Hilaria Pacheco; Sons Antonio, Belarmino Jr. , and Reynaldo Pacheco; Daughters Mrs. Ruben Roybal, Mrs. Moises Lacome, Mrs. Edward Felix and Bernadette Pacheco. July 4, 1968 A 3.

66- Phylis Vigil Age 11 Months of Arroyo Hondo, NM. Died June 21, 1968. Child of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vigil. Surving are the parents Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vigil and brother Daren Vigil. July 4, 1965 A 8.

67- Robert Anthony Vigil Age 21 of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died at St. Vincent Hospital Santa Fe, NM. June 20, 1968. He is survived by his wife Linda H. Vigil; Grandparents Carlos Olonia, Joe P. and Ella Vigil; Brother Charlie and Felibert Vigil. Sister Mildred Vigil. July 4, 1968 B 2.

68- Rebecca Salsbury James Born London, England Dec 21, 1891. Died at her home on Bent St. Taos, NM. July 8, 1968. She was the daughter of Nate Salsbury, Producer of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows. Married 1st- Paul Strand, noted photographer, 2nd- William H. James. Survivors include a twin sister Mrs. H. W. Schloss; Nieces Karen Scholoss and Barbara Fisher; Nephews William H. Schloss Jr. and Nate Salsbury. July 11, 1968 1.

69- Herbert P. Cann Age 69 Born in St. Louis, Mo, resident of Taos, NM Died in Albuquerque, NM. July 2, 1968. Survivors include his Wife Frances Cann; Brother Wilson Cann and a sister Mrs. Edith Bassett.

70- Leone Kahl former Taos, NM resident died in Dallas, Texas June 23, 1968. She was the first director of the Stables Galley of The Taos Art Association. July 11, 1968 8.

71- Debra (Debbie) Gonzales Age 11 years old. Resident of Taos, NM. Died June 28, 1968 in an Albuquerque NM Hospital. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gonzales who survive her and a brother Michael Gonzales; sisters Elena and Feliciana Gonzales; Grandmother Mrs. Rosaura T. Gonzales and Mrs. Eutimia Fresquez. July 11, 1968 11 and 12.

72- Prudencia Dockweiler Age 78 of Penasco, NM. Died En el hospital Presbiteriano del Embudo, NM. June 28 1968. She is survived by sons J. C. Dockweiler and Jose Antonio Dockweiler; Daughter Mrs. Louisa Griego, Mrs. Alberto Miera; Sisters Mrs. Candelaria Trakitt and Mrs. Fidel Vasquez; Brothers Eutimio Duran, Porfirio Duran and Rafael Vigil. July 11, 1968 11 and 12.

73- Jose Arturo Peralta Age 53, resident of La Loma de Taos, NM. Died July 3, 1968 at home. He was the son of the deceased Malaquias Martinez y Peralta. Surving him are his daughters Rose Alarcon and Louise D. Wreath; Son Tomas Lee Peralta. 2 brothers and 1 sister not named in the obit. July 11, 1968 11.

74- Juan D. Baca Age 50, resident of Arroyo Seco, NM. Died in Albuquerque June 23, 1968. Surviving him is his wife Estrella Baca; Daughter Mrs. Tony Martinez, Mrs. Phil Vigil, Tonita, Feliciana and Rose Baca; Sons Nick, Johnny, Agapito and Luis Baca. July 11, 1968 11 and July 18, 1968 A 5.

75- Floyd Santistevan Age 75, resident of Taos, NM. He was a former Teacher and Taos County Schools Superindent and State Senator. He is survived by his wife Daphne Santistevan; Sons Roberto, Jimmy and Fred Santistevan; Daughters Mrs. Lorraine Slocum, Mrs. Jack (Helen) Anderson, Mrs. John (Bella) Wheeler, Mrs. Pat (Anna) Riggieri, Mrs. Robert (Amanda) Sena and Mrs. Ted (Anita) Schinler. July 18, 1968 1.

76- Hilario Reyna Age 71, Resident of Taos Pueblo, NM. Died in Santa Fe, NM. July 12, 1968. He is survived by his wife Crucita Mondragon de Reyna; Daughter Mrs. Lorrain Montoya, Juanita R. Gomez; Sons Jerry Mondragon, Tony Delfino, Mike and Rafael Reyna and John Ranier. July 18, 1968 B 2.

77- Alfirio A. Mondragon Age 49, Resident of Llano Quemado, NM. Died in Canjillion (Rio Arriba County) NM. July 4, 1968 when he was struck by lightning "Victima de una Centella. " He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jose Maria Mondragon; Daughter Ancelma Mondragon; Brother Pacomio Mondragon; Sisters Mrs. Ursula Quintana and Mrs. Eliza Trujillo. July 18, 1968 B 2.

78- Emilia Ortiz Varos Age 57, Resident of Canon de Taos, NM. Died at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM July 16, 1968. Daughter of Pablita and Luis Ortiz. She is survived by her husband Albert Varos; Daughter Mrs. Joe Gallegos; Sister Isabel Ortiz and brother Joe C. Ortiz. July 25, 1968 A 2.

79- Terry A. Smith Age 11 years old, of Chicago, Ill. Son of Paul W. Smith and his wife Emilia Duran Smith. Died in St. Vincent Hospital Santa Fe, NM July 25, 1968. Terry Smith and parents were visiting his maternal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Nabor Duran of Arroyo Seco, NM. Surviving him includes his parents, Grandparents and Brothers Robert, Shanon, and Paul Smith; Sisters Charlotte and Debbie Smith. Aug 1, 1968 7 and Aug 15, 1968 A 3.

80- Ester Jo-Ann Sanchez Age 2-1/2 (two and a half) years old. Child of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Sanchez of Amalia, NM. Died July 15, 1968. She is survived by her parents; Brothers Billy, Emilio, Manuel and David Sanchez; Sisters Teresa, Betty and Geraldine Sanchez; Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Epimenio Archuleta. July 25, 1968 A 2

81- Benjamin Albert Lowe Age 52 of Taos Died July 17, 1968 in Denver, Colo. He is survived by his wife Ernestine Lowe; Sons Ben Jr. , and James C. Lowe; Daughter Christine Lowe; Brother Larkin Lowe and sister Mrs. Joe Sanchez. July 25, 1968 A 6.

82- Maria Ana Rivera Age 74 of Costilla, NM. Died Aug 1, 1968 in La Jara, Colo. She is Survived by her husband Daniel Rivera Sr. ; Sons Dan Jr. , Frank, Joe, Corie, and Salvador Rivera; Daughters Clorinda Garcia, Orvila Cordova, Juanita Leyba, Criselda Archuleta and Tilla Terry; Brother Joe C. Barela; Sisters Helen Sanchez and Mary Castro. Aug 8, 1968 2.

83- Arturo F. Suazo Age 33 of Taos, NM. Died July 23, 1968 at the Embudo Presbyterian Hospital Embudo, NM. Surviving him are his parents Mr. and Mrs. Max Suazo; Son Adolfo Suazo; Brother Pat, Max Jr. and Charles Suazo. Sisters Tila Chavez, Hannah and Leonor Suazo. Aug 8, 1968 10.

84- Louise Lobato Age 59 died in Oakland, Calif. Survivors include her husband John Lobato Sr. ;Sons John Jr, Albert, Andrew and Alfred Lobato; Daughters Henrietta Lobato and Mrs. Mary Mast; Sister Mrs. Benita Peralta; Brothers Adolph Guttman, Luis Guttman and nephews Simon and Orlando Peralta.

85- Jose Maurilio Martinez Age 70 of Taos, NM. Died July 29, 1968. The son of Emilio Martinez and Fidelia Vargas. Surviving him his wife Alicia Elena Martinez; Daughters Mrs. Robert Sandoval, Mrs. Joe Mondragon, Mrs. Alfred Kallenbach, Mrs. Jake Mossman, Mrs. Anita Martinez, Mrs. Julia Teddye, Sylvia and Patsy Martinez; Sons Gonzalo E, Maurillo Jr, and Leonides Martinez. Aug 8, 1968 and Aug 15, 1968 A 6.

86- Troy Emmett Denton Age 58 of Taos, NM. Died Aug 10, 1968 at St. Joseph Hospital Albuq. NM. Survivors include his wife Zella Burch Denton; Sons Clyde and Jack Denton; Sisters Mrs. Charles Golden, Mrs. Spencer Bailey and Mrs. Owen Rose. Aug 15, 1968 A 2.

87- Gloria Mondragon Age 9 Years old of Taos Died July 13, 1968 in surgery at St. Joseph Hospital Albuq, NM. After being struck on the right side of the head with a rock. She is survived by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Mondragon; Brothers Joe Jr. , George and Gabriel Mondragon; Great Aunt Simona Olivas and grandparents Mrs. Odelia Mondragon and Mr. and Mrs. Maurilio Martinez. July 18, 1968 A 5 and July 25, 1968 A 7.

88- Jose C. Romero Age 89, Resident of Las Trampas, NM. Died Aug 28, 1968 at the Embudo Presbyterian Hospital Embudo, NM. He is survived by his wife Regina T. Romero; Sons Alfredo Romero, Floyd Samora, Jose C. Romero Jr. , and Ray Vigil; Daughters Mrs. Clorinda R. Samora, Mrs. Sally R. Vigil and Mrs. Juanita Fernandez. Aug 15, 1968 A 2.

89-Elfido Gonzales Age 73, Resident of Questa, NM. Died Aug 8, 1968 in Albuquerque, NM. He is survived by his wife Ofrecina D. Gonzales; Sons Fred, Delfino and Jaime Gonzales; Daughter Mrs. Ofelia J. Arellano. Aug 15, 1968 A 2.

90- O. K. Berry Age 84 died Aug 4, 1968 in a Colorado hospital from injuries he received in a July 19 automobile accident. Memorial services were held in Manassa, Colo. Berry was associated with J. R. Berry in a meat market in Taos, NM for 30 years before moving to Colorado. Surviving him is his daughter Mrs. Charlene Kesler and Stepsons Orlando and Lynn Lopez.

91- Bernardita Gurule Martinez Age 74, Resident of Vadito, NM. Died at the Embudo Presbyterian Hospital, Embudo, NM. Aug 7, 1968. She is survived by her sons Adolfo and Noe Martinez; Daughters Mrs. George Barela, Mrs. Estevan Martinez, Mrs. Miejirilo Martinez, Mrs. Edwardo Martinez and Mrs. Max Martinez; Brothers Onofre Gurule, Quirino Gurule and Bernabe Gurule; Sisters Mrs. Carlota Medina, Mrs. Matilde Martinez, Mrs. Mary Miliano and Mrs. Isabel Archuleta. Aug 15, 1968 A 5.

92- Juan Del Carmen Medina Age 79, Resident of Talpa, NM. Died at home August 2, 1968. He was a veteran of world war I. He is survived by his wife Manuelita Medina; Daughters Mrs. Cordilia Torres, Mrs. Eleuterio M. Coca, Mrs. Ursulita M. Chavez and Mrs. Beatice Gonzales; Adopted Daughter Mrs. Juan Fernandez; Son Juan B. Medina. Aug 22, 1968 A 2.

93- Constancia Jacquez Age 81, Resident of Costilla, NM. Died July 29, 1968. Survived by foster daughter Mrs. Emilio Gonzales. Sister Margarita Sisneros; Brothers Amarente and Alfirio Jacquez. Aug 15, 1968 A 2.

94- Minnie Witt Dwire Age 85, Resident of Taos, NM Died at the Albuquerque Presbyterian Hospital Albuq, NM. Aug Aug 22, 1968. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Witt. Her first husband was Henry W. Tarleton and her second husband was Carroll Dwire who survives her. Also surviving her is a son Tom Tarleton and a daughter Clara Dawson.

95- Ruth Harper Denver Age 52, Resident of Taos, NM. Died at home Aug 20, 1968. She is survived by her husband Jack Denver; Mother Mrs. Nettie Wightman and Brothers George and Edward Harper. Aug 29, 1968 10 and Sept 5, 1968 3.

96- Elsia Gonzales Age 84 Resident of Vadito, NM. Date of death not listed. Funeral Services held Aug 16, 1968. Survived by a brother Abran Gonzales; sisters Mrs. Natividad Lopez, Mrs. Sofia Lopez and Mrs. Cidilia Zamora.

97- Jose Procopio Sisneros Age 83, Resident of Ranchos de Taos, NM. Died in Albuquerque, NM Aug 12, 1968. Survivors are his wife Beatrice Sisneros; Sons Joe and Paul Sisneros; Daughters Mrs. Edwardo Trujillo, Anita Sisneros; Brothers Jose E. , Claudio and Pablo Sisneros. Sister Mrs. Simonita Mascarenas. Aug 22, 1968 B 2.

98- Jose Albino Coca Age 57, Resident of Talpa, NM. Died at home Aug 11, 1968. Surviving him his wife Donelia Coca; Sons Willie, Arturo, Roberto and Ernesto Coca. Sister Mrs. Oliveras Montoya. Aug 21, 1968 B 2.

99- Eligio Pacheco Age 76, Resident of Chamisal, NM Died Aug 21, 1968 at Holy Cross Hospital Taos, NM. He is survived by his wife Patricia Pacheco; Son Manuel Pacheco; Daughters Mrs. Juanita Martinez, Mrs. Emily Abeyta and Miss Maria Pacheco; Brother Silvanio Pacheco. Aug 29, 1968 2.

100- Mary (Mrs. Sam) Albright Age 71, Resident of Taos, NM and Dallas, Tx. Died in Dallas, Tx. (no date listed) She and her husband owned the Taos Inn in 1947, until purchased by the Harold Streets. Survivor include her daughter Mrs. Don (Jayne) Grantham; Grandchildren Gail and Sam Grantham; Brother Richard Logan. Aug 29, 1968.

By Alberto Vidaurre
August 12, 2010©