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Socorro County Tombstone Photographs

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San Marcial Masonic Cemetery
Photos by Evelyn Bayna

San Marcial Masonic Cemetery is in Soccorro County in what used to be New San Marcial. Photos taken in April, 2003.  I took some other stones and plot fence names that were readily available but a lot of the stones are hidden behind bushes and I didn't have time to clear them away enough to take photos. The cemetery is crumbling away except for some of the marble stones and iron fences. All the wooden structures are almost completely gone.

sosm1.jpg (11671 bytes)
Edward Hockett

sosm2.jpg (35367 bytes)
Fredrick A. Richards

sosm3.jpg (53035 bytes)
Harry S. Steen

soam4.jpg (23057 bytes)
Harvey M. Richards

A. B. Ely

soam6.jpg (26457 bytes)

Bertha Hockett

David Harris Armstrong

Hockett Gate

Hockett Plot

Lina Hockett

Stephen S. Westcott

Wilson Gate

Wm. Hockett



Road entrance


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