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Torrance County was created 16 March 1903. Geographically,  it is near the heart of New Mexico. It was named for Francis J. Torrance who was an early builder of commerce in New Mexico. Estancia is the county seat.  It is rich in farming, ranching, and orchards. Two railroads cross its lands. Torrance County's Manzano area, saw the first apple orchard planted in the southwest.  County descriptions were adapted from the New Mexico State Blue Book of 1998

The Torrance County Historical Society sponsored a book titled, "Torrance County History", published by the Taylor Publishing Company in 1979.   It consisted of 358 pages of Torrance County and related family histories. Our Research Volunteer, Ethel L. Floyd, will provide lookups providing you request only one full name per request.  Please Remember To Thank Your Volunteer. 

"Tale of Corona and More & Family Histories Volume I", compiled by June Tyree, a life long resident of New Mexico, consists of  350 pages, 100 family stories compiled plus local history. This book contains hundreds of names of Lincoln and Torrance County citizens. Send one full name per request to Shad Cox for a lookup. Some copies of this book may still be available at cost and postage. Shad Cox.   Please Remember To Thank Your Volunteer.

"Tales of Corona and More & Family Histories Volume II". An overflow of information required a second volume. At over 300 hundred pages and with thirty additional family histories, this is a perfect companion to Volume I. A few copies may be available.  For a name search, send one complete name to Research Specialist Janell Kane.   Please Remember To Thank Your Volunteer. 

 Edwina George Hewett is the County Reporter for  Torrance County.