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Town or Village Name St County Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Abbott NM Colfax 361820N 1041530W Abbott
Agua Fria NM Colfax 362548N 1051754W Palo Flechado Pass
Angel Fire NM Colfax 362335N 1051704W Palo Flechado Pass
Aurora (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Ocate
Banning Place NM Colfax 365520N 1050743W The Wall
Bell (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Yankee
Black Lake NM Colfax 361754N 1051529W Osha Mountain
Black Lake Resorts NM Colfax 361626N 1051435W Agua Fria Peak
Brackett (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Colfax
Brilliant NM Colfax 365722N 1043202W Tin Pan Canyon
Capitan Hill NM Colfax 364013N 1044626W Dawson
Carisbrook NM Colfax 365501N 1042215W Yankee
Casa Grande NM Colfax 365318N 1045842W Casa Grande
Chico NM Colfax 362912N 1041132W Point of Rocks Mesa
Cimarron NM Colfax 363039N 1045455W Cimarron
Colfax NM Colfax 363548N 1044416W Colfax
Colmor NM Colfax 361314N 1043856W Colmor
Cottonwood (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Caliente Canyon South
Dawson NM Colfax 363951N 1044627W Dawson
Deep Tunnel (historical) NM Colfax 363821N 1051217W Baldy Mountain
Dillon NM Colfax 365156N 1042721W Clifton House
Dorsey (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Koehler
Dover (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN French
Eagle Nest NM Colfax 363317N 1051547W Eagle Nest
Elizabethtown NM Colfax 363709N 1051702W Eagle Nest
Farley NM Colfax 362110N 1040219W Farley
French NM Colfax 362827N 1043328W French
Gardiner NM Colfax 365307N 1042855W Raton
Gato (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN French
Hebron NM Colfax 364419N 1042755W Eagle Tail Mountain
Hematite (historical) NM Colfax 363913N 1052130W Red River Pass
Idlewild NM Colfax 363258N 1051817W Eagle Nest
Keota NM Colfax 365716N 1042833W Raton
Kiowa NM Colfax 363914N 1040626W Kiowa
Koehler NM Colfax 364427N 1043704W Koehler
Ladd (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN French
Lakeview Pines NM Colfax 363031N 1051811W Eagle Nest
Loretta (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dawson
Maxwell NM Colfax 363224N 1043234W Maxwell
McCrystal Place NM Colfax 364838N 1050841W Ash Mountain
McDaniel Cimarron Place NM Colfax 362806N 1045046W Miami NE
Miami NM Colfax 362100N 1044733W Miami
Moreno (historical) NM Colfax 363913N 1051655W Red River Pass
Osha (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Osha Mountain
Otero (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Raton
Palo Blanco (historical) NM Colfax 363012N 1040347W Palo Blanco Mountain
Perryville (historical) NM Colfax 363210N 1051337W Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Pittsburg (historical) NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Ingram Lake
Raton NM Colfax 365412N 1042619W Raton
Rayado NM Colfax 362207N 1045535W Rayado
Ring Place NM Colfax 364620N 1050714W Van Bremmer Park
Schomberg NM Colfax 363820N 1042956W Eagle Tail Mountain
Shuree NM Colfax 364617N 1051130W Ash Mountain
Six Mile Gate NM Colfax 363514N 1045749W Cimarron
Springer NM Colfax 362140N 1043541W Springer
Sugarite NM Colfax 365638N 1042253W Raton
Sunny Side NM Colfax 362149N 1045405W Rayado
Sweetwater (historical) NM Colfax 361701N 1045445W Rayado
Tafoya (historical) NM Colfax 362645N 1040339W Lawrence Arroyo
Taylor Springs NM Colfax 361938N 1042930W Taylor Springs
Tinaja NM Colfax 363911N 1042323W Eagle Tail Mountain
Toril NM Colfax 362315N 1043508W French
Troyburg NM Colfax UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mesa Larga
Urraca Place NM Colfax 362436N 1045036W Miami NE
Ute Park NM Colfax 363329N 1050652W Ute Park
Val Verde Ski Area NM Colfax 363318N 1051916W Eagle Nest
Valdez Place NM Colfax 361627N 1045114W Miami
Van Houten NM Colfax 364732N 1043355W Red River Peak
Virginia City NM Colfax 363447N 1051422W Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Yankee NM Colfax 365642N 1041939W Yankee

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