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General Joe Wheeler #966, UDC



Our Purpose

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The purpose of the Chapter is to satisfy the objectives of the UDC – these objectives are: 

Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial, and Patriotic.

The ladies in the Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter strive, on a daily basis, to meet these objectives.

For example:

Historical:  Many are researching their family histories in order to honor their Confederate ancestors by submitting supplemental applications.  Some of our ladies are continually educating themselves by reading historical material, e.g., poetry, non-fiction, and biographies, or by attending historical organization seminars.

Educational:  While this objective can be met by donating to one of the many scholarship funds, the ladies in GJW also educate those less-informed as to the events leading to the War Between the States and our ancestors who so gallantly gave of themselves for the Cause.

Benevolent:  Donations to those in need, e.g., the Randolph Relief Fund, veterans, and disaster victims are the recipients of our fundraising, which satisfies the objective.  In addition, some of our ladies donate innumerable hours in order to recognize and/or assist veterans, the elderly and children.

Memorial:  This objective is partially met by our purchase of UDC insignia, but donations are made as well to preserve our history, e.g., the Pt. Lookout Memorial Fund, the Museum of the Confederacy, and the Confederate Museum.

Patriotic:  We meet this objective by presenting Military Service Awards to the descendants of Confederate soldiers/sailors, who have served in one of the branches of the military.  In addition, the ladies proudly fly our country’s flag, and some display the Confederate Flag, on a daily basis.