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Christmas Party at the Landmark Restaurant 2014

Gen. Joe Wheeler Chapter 966 hosted a Christmas party at the historic Landmark restaurant located downtown Mesa, AZ.  Members of SCV camps, 1708 and 2074 also attended.

L>R, Pat Crawford, Stacy McSwain, Lori Stover, Donna Rabenow, Marie Roberts and Patty Williams







Left, Donna Rabenow, Lori Stover and Patty Williams
Right, Matthew Flood, Marie and Keith Roberts

Gen Joe Wheeler Honors Jefferson Davis at Memorial

On November 29, Gen Joe Wheeler Chapter #966 met with SCV Camp 1708 at the  Jefferson Davis Memorial located at Hwy 60 and Peralta Rd near Apache Junction, AZ.  Lori Stover, president of Gen Joe Wheeler spoke about UDC General and  its original plans to set up the Jefferson Davis Memorials.  Then Mike Agnew of Camp 1708 spoke about the history of this particular memorial outside of Apache Juncton, AZ.  

Left, Stacy McSwain and Lori Stover installed Marie Roberts (center) and Right, Dusty Ide (center)  into Gen Joe Wheeler as new members.

Gen Joe Wheeler Installed New Officers

Gen Joe Wheeler #966 met at the home of Lori Stover, Sept 20th. New officers were installed.
.L to R  Stacy McSwain, Registrar  Patty Williams,Secretary, Donna Rabenow, Treasurer,
 Lori Stover, President and Pat Crawford, Vice President.

2014 V A Nurse's Award

Shown L to R, Keith Roberts, Melanie Martyn, Lynn Crawford, Pat Crawford, Lori Stover, Patty Williams and
Nancy Claflin

Sally Louisa Tompkins served as a nurse in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War Years. Under her supervision, although little was known about the cause of infections, her insistence on cleanliness is said to have been a major key to the lowest mortality rate of any such military hospital, Union or Confederate, during the Civil War.
She was the only woman to hold a commission in the Confederate States Army serving as a Captain of Cavalry, unassigned. Her devotion and work earned her the label "Angel of the Confederacy."
In 2013, Camp 1708 decided to ask the UDC Chapter #966 to join us in honoring top nurses at the Veterans Hospital in Phoenix in recognition of their "overall excellence embodying dedication, innovation and
commitment to enhance the care of patients."

2014 Winner is Melanie Martyn, R.N.

GJW Summer Luncheon

President Stacy McSwain welcomes Leann Parker, member of C of C Annie Early Chapter, into Gen Joe Wheeler 966

Gen Joe Wheeler members celebrate bridging ceremony with luncheon

Standing, Leann, Katie, and Royann Parker and Grandmother Lillian Jordan (in wheelchair) are all members of Gen Joe Wheeler 966

Confederate Memorial Day with Camp 1708

It was a cold and windy day when Gen Joe Wheeler and SCV Camp 1708 gather at the Double Butte Cemetery in Mesa, AZ to mark the grave of a Confederate soldier.

The grave of Private Jessie C Morrison was memorialized this year.  Camp 1708 worked with the family of Morrison to install the new headstone and iron cross.

To the left, President Stacy McSwain spoke and each member attending recognized her ancestor with a rose placed on the grave of Jessie C Morrison..R> Lori Steadman

Claudia Beatty and her friend Marina Radnor played their fiddles.

Jefferson Davis Highway Marker

UDC members Pat Crawford, Clauia Beatty and President Stacy McSwain honored  Jefferson Davis at a marker on Hwy 60 near Apache Junction, AZ

General Joe Wheeler Celebrates

 10th Anniversary

A celebratory dinner was held at Chompie's Restaurant in Chandler, AZ. Members and their guests attended.  President Stacy McSwain welcomed everyone and awarded certificates of appreciation.

Stacy McSwain with chapter anniversary cake

L<All the ladies that attended

R> Stacy and Lynn Crawford
Ted McSwain seated

L< Lori Steadman and Stacy McSwain

R >Stacy and Pat Crawford

L<Don Rogers and Stacy, R> Patty Williams and Donna Rabenow


Fidlers, Claudia, Marina and Hayden entertained with wonderful music

R> Claudia and Jim Beatty, Wendy Gould standing and Betty Kehrle


Chapter Member Visits Historic Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC

Oakwood Cemetery was chartered in 1869 and is still an active cemetery today. Over 22,000 graves and many notable men and women of historical significance to the city, state and nation are buried there. The Confederate section of Oakwood Cemetery contains the remains of some 1500 soldiers who fought for the Confederacy. To honor soldiers that fought at Gettysburg, a beautiful memorial monument was placed at Oakwood to commemorate the 1600 North Carolinians, approximately one-third of the Confederate soldiers who fought and died at Gettysburg.

Left, The entrance to Oakwood Cemetery which encompasses 102 acres

Right, plaque at the entrance to the cemetery

Left, view of the Confederate headstones.

Right, listing for number of graves for each state. (Click to enlarge to read.)

Left, Gettysburg monument (click to enlarge)

Right, back side of the Gettysburg monument

The monument is composed of two rectangular granite stones which stand upright on a horizontal granite base. The stone on the left has a dark polished surface with an engraving of a picture of five Confederate soldiers in battle, with a wounded soldier kneeling in front of the others and pointing toward something.  The soldier in the rear carries the Confederate flag, waving above the soldiers' heads. The Latin motto from the Great Seal of the Confederacy appears in the inscription "Deo Vindice" and is translated as "God Will Vindicate."  The shorter, light granite stone on the right bears an inscription commemorating those who died at Gettysburg.  A version of the Great Seal of the Confederacy is inscribed on the rear of the shorter stone, with a wreath, the initials "CSA" ("Confederate States of America") and the Latin motto.


Gen Joe Wheeler UDC 966 and SCV Camp 1708 Presented the Sally Louise Tompkins Award to Outstanding Nurses at the Veterans Hospital in Phoenix, AZ

An award program to recognize top nurses at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, AZ  was named in honor of Capt. Sally Louise Tompkins, the only woman to hold a commission in the Confederate States Army. Her devotion and work earned her the label "Angel of the Confederacy."  On June 24th an embossed plaque presented by the UDC and SCV and a monetary award given by the VA was presented to James Brezinski, RN and Cynthia DeCesare, RN.


Left,James Brezinski, RN was presented the plaque by Lynn Crawford, SCV member..  UDC member, Lori Steadman,in blue, represented Gen. Joe Wheeler.  Right, Lynn Crawford presented the plaque to Cheryl Roberts, supervisor who accepted the award for Cynthia DeCesare, RN.

Summer time lunch with members of
Gen Joe Wheeler #966

Since Gen Joe Wheeler does not hold formal chapter meetings during the summer, members meet at a local restaurant to visit and have lunch.  A fun time!!

Left, Marie Roberts and Stacy McSwain and Right, Stacy McSwain Wendy Gould, Claudia Beatty

Left, Lori Steadman and Donna Rabenow.  Right Barbara Pichler and Lori Steadman

Left, Betty Kehrle and Patty Williams.  Right, Patty Williams and Pat Crawford

Front row, Barbara Pichler and Stacy McSwain.  Back row, Marie Roberts, Wendy Gould, Patty Williams and Pat Crawford

May 18th, Gen Joe Wheeler meets to give annual reports

The ladies of General Joe Wheeler met to give annual reports and  to have a delicious lunch at the restaurant, "Old Chicago." L>R Donna Rabenow, Pat Crawford, Stacy McSwain, Wendy Gould, Lori Steadman and Patty Williams.

SCV Camp 1708 and Gen Joe Wheeler 966 celebrate Confederate Memorial Day

.  A memorial service was held at the Mesa City Cemetery, Mesa, AZ.  Gen Joe Wheeler members participating were L>R Wendy Gould, Patty Williams, Pat Crawford, Claudia Beatty, Stacy McSwain and Lori Steadman.

 Confederate Veterans who are buried in the Mesa City Cemetery were honored.  They are:

John Wood Bailey
60th Virginia Infantry
McBrayer, John
18th Alabama Infantry
Bennett Asberry McClendon
36th Mississippi Infantry
Milton Read
2nd Texas - Arizona Cavalry
Sellers, Samuel S.
13th Alabama Infantry
Worthington, Martin
Arkansas First Mounted Rifles

The veterans were honored with a bugler who played "Taps" and a 21 gun salute.  The Honor Guard and the Riflemen attended from Co. L, 1st Texas Infantry and Co. D, 5th Texas Infantry.

UDC daughters placed a rose on the headstone of Bennett Asberry McClendon in memory of each Confederate veteran buried there.  Claudia Beatty dressed in period costume, brought roses for each member  President Stacy McSwain stands by the headstone with the roses memoralizing the veterans..

Buffalo Soldiers and Confederate Veterans Honored at the

Globe, AZ City Cemetery

SCV Camp 1708 hosted a memorial service at the Globe, AZ City Cemetery honoring Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory and Confederate Veterans.  There were over 40 people in attendence including Gen Joe Wheeler #966 chapter members.  Those attending were Stacy McSwain, Patty Williams, Lori Steadman, Donna Rabenow and Linda Fox.  For further information, take a look at the SCV Camp 1708 website.

Gen Joe Wheeler 966 visits New Mexico and Texas

In the Spring, Ladies from Gen Joe Wheeler 966 mark veteran's graves in New Mexico and El Paso with a stop in Tucson to have lunch with members who live there.


To the left, are members meeting for lunch at the Tucson Cracker Barrell on I-10.  Front row L>R are Donna Rabenow, Stacy McSwain, RoyAnn Parker Lori Steadman and Lillian Jordan.
Back row L>R Karla Gutierrez and Christa Holland

In Las Cruces, 3 cemeteries were visted and 6 Confederate graves were marked.  That evening, the travelling ladies met up with member, Leanne Herring and prospective member, Faith Morley at St. Clair's Winery and Restaurant.  Front row, L>R Leanne Hering, Stacy McSwain.  Back row, Lori Steadman, Donna Rabenow and Faith Morley

On Saturday, the ladies left Las Cruces, NM and travelled to El Paso, Texas where there are 13 veterans buried at the Concordia Cemetery.  The graves were marked with a rose and the First National flag.  Front row L>R Lori Steadman, Leanne Hering and Stacy McSwain.  Back Row L>R Donna Rabenow, Susan Mucha and Emily Grandle.

The Gen Joe Wheeler Chapter and the Anne Early Wheeler C of C Chapter

 Proudly Honor WW II Marine

On Monday, March 9th, Bessie Seacat (center) was honored for her services to our country by the General Joe Wheeler Chapter and the Anne Early Wheeler C of C chapter.  Mary Mills (front right) and her children, Samuel, Anna, Sarah, Jonah, Elijah and Daniel presented her with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of their chapters. Bessie was one of more than 20,000 women who joined the Marine Corps Women's Reserve during World War II.  She enlisted on April 3, 1944 and served until February 6, 1946 in the motor transport branch as a Private First Class.

Project to Support Homeless Women Veterans

Members of Gen Joe Wheeler gathered together to make fleece blankets for homeless women veterans. 
L>R Pat Crawford, Wendy Gould, Donna Rabenow, granddaughter Donna, Stacy McSwain, Lori Steadman and Gwen Randolph

Lori Steadman, Pat Crawford and Gwen Randolph cutting and measuring blankets

Gen Joe Wheeler #966 Celebrates Christmas

Members of General Joe Wheeler UDC chapter celebrated the Christmas season with a "bring a dish"  luncheon.  Gifts were exchanged and a lovely time was had by all.

L>R Paige Gentner, Marjorie Reeves, Donna Rabenow, Lori Steadman, Wendy Gould, Stacy McSwain, Patty Williams, Gwen Randolph and Pat Crawford

First Meeting of Fall, 2012

Gen Joe Wheeler #966 met at CoCo's Restaurant on September 22. Left to Right, front row, Pat Crawford Stacy, McSwain Patty Williams and Lori Steadman.   Back row are guest, Marie Roberts and Donna Rabenow.

President General Martha Van Schaick Visits General Joe Wheeler #966

General Joe Wheeler #966 UDC Chapter was honored to have President General Martha Van Schaick visit.  The chapter was joined with SCV Camp 1708 for a luncheon at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort.  Following the luncheon, SCV and UDC members traveled to nearby ghost town, Adamsville, AZ , where a memorial service was held at the gravesite of Capt Granville Oury, the namesake of Camp 1708.

Left, Chapter President Stacy McSwain and President General Martha Van Schaick

Right Stacy McSwain and Lori Steadman presented the President General with gifts from the Chapter.

Left, 1708, Lt. Commander, Carter Powers, presented the President General with a valuable and rare book to give to the Caroline Meriwether Goodlett Library in The UDC Memorial Building, Richmond, VA.

Right, "A History of the Civil War" by Benson J. Lossing, LLD., was published by The War Memorial Association in 1912.

Left, SCV members with President General Martha Van Schaick and Chet Holland, C of C member

Right,UDC Chapter members stand at the gravesite of Capt Granville Oury following the memorial service.

Left, President General Martha Van Schaick placed roses on Capt Granville Oury's headstone.

Right, President Stacy McSwain and PG Martha Van Schaick with SCV Camp 1708 Commander Kevin Brown and First Texas Infantry renactors, Lt Commander Carter Powers and Jim Cigan.