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Grant County - Submit Queries 

How to submit a query

Welcome to Grant County! Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting a query.

There are two ways you can submit queries. You may choose one or both. You may submit a query for posting here on Grant County's NMGenWeb page, and you may choose to post a query on the Genconnect Board for Grant County at Both are free of charge.

NOTE: Your query must have a connection with Grant County.
1. List the first name and surname of the people you are researching. 

    Example: John SMITH.

2. Include a date, a date range, or an approximate date of some kind. 

    Example: born February 21, 1872, or b. abt. 1870-1875
                   moved to Roswell between 1868 and 1872
                   married  abt. 1872

3. Be sure to include a location, county, or area in your query. If you don't  know the location, include possible or probable locations. We post queries by county. If you do not know the county, submit your query to the NMGenWeb State page for queries in unknown counties.

4. Add any details, such as spouse's name, children's or parent's names that might help another researcher make the connection with your family.

5. Put your e-mail address in the message so people can contact you.

Send your query to Pat Bennett

Post a query on the Grant Co. Genconnect Board at

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