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1910 U. S. Census for Luna County, New Mexico

Township or Other Division of County: Precinct 1 Deming Village
Date: 21 April 1910   Enumerator: W. A. Ramsey   SD: 181   ED: 115  Page: 3B

Note: This page is very hard to read.

Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Relation   Sex   Race   Age     MSWD  Mar  Child  Birthplace         Birthplace            Birthplace     Profession      Industry       
25 25 Clay, Fannie P. Head F W 60 WD   5/4 MS AL MS Own Money?  
26 26 Evans, Wafford J. Head M W 33 M1 13   AL AL MS Farming General Farm
               Ellen F. Wife F W 28 M1 13 6/5 TX TX AL None  
               Ava B. Dau F W 12 S     TX AL TX None  
               Roy H. Son M W 11 S     TX AL TX Farming Home Farm
               Joyce F. Dau F W 7 S     TX AL TX None  
               Neva M. Dau F W 4 S     TX AL TX None  
               Gladys E. Dau F W 2 S     TX AL TX None  
27 27 Evans, Arthur J. Head M W 31 M1 4   AL AL MS Laborer General Farm
               Edna Wife F W 24 M1 4 2/2 AL AL AL None  
               Glen D. Son M W 3 S     WA AL AL None  
               Fay Dau F W 8/12? S     NM AL AL None  
28 28 Hines, Bertha? Head F W 30 S     NC NC NC Own Income  
29 29 Hines, William E. Head M W 60 M1 36   NC NC NC Farming General Farm
               Cornelia C. Wife F W 56 M1 36 10/9 NC NC NC None  
30 30 Hines, Daniel G. Head M W 25 S     NC NC NC Engineer Foundation
31 31 Hines, William E., Jr. Head M W 35 M1 0   NC NC NC Engineer Foundation
               Ellen Wife F W 29 M1 0 0/0 TN TN TN None  

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