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Sierra County History and Stories

We receive information from our visitors from time to time pertaining to their families. This information often  contains history of the locality and of Sierra County as well as the subject people. While we do not attest to the accuracy or documentation of this information, we do present it here as a courtesy so that it can be read and taken for what it's worth by other researchers.

Submitted by Cruz Perez 10/16/2005

Sierra County Genealogical Society

I researched in the National Archives at Washington D. C. last month, and located an original file of a claim for reparation that Gregorio Sedillo filed in the U. S. Court Of Claims, in 1883.

Sedillo alleged that in 1880, a band of Indians of Victorio and Nana's Tribe attacked his ranch located near the foot of the San Mateo Mountains and slaughtered his cattle. He further claimed that in 1881 these same Apache killed two boys and stole two of his horses, when they attacked ranches near Canada Alamosa and made off with livestock belonging to residents of that community. Among the wittiness listed, who gave depositions in the complaint, were my grandfather, Roque Ramos, Domingo Perea, Francisco Perea, Mariano Sanchez, Jose La Cruz Torres, and Carpio Barela. The deposition by Roque Ramos informs that he was among a group of local people that perused and fought the Apache in 1881, along with a Company of the 9th Infantry Cavalry led by a Lt. G. Valois. A dispatch from Canada Alamosa (by unknown reporter), to the Chicago Tribune, August 18, 1881, detailed the battle between the soldiers and the Apache but derides the participation of the local people.

Gregorio Sedillo was a leading citizen of Cantaresio, Paraje and Canada Alamosa (Socorro and Sierra Counties) In the 1870's and 1880's. My maternal grandfather, Roque Ramos, who as a 14 year old in Aconchi, Sonora Mexico, was taken captive by a band of warriors of the Ojo Caliente (Warm Springs) Apache, later settled in La Placita not far from Canada Alamosa where he raised his children and where we, his grandchildren were born. Several of his grandchildren, including Alex Ramos, Lola Padilla, Lela Montoya, Alerico (Larry) Montoya and Corrina Luchini, still reside in T or C.

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