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Desert Gold Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Farmington, New Mexico


The following names are an alphabetical list of the Revolutionary patriots who were the ancestors of our chapter members. If the name of your Revolutionary War patriot is included on this list, please contact our chapter registrar who can help prove your lineage. Our national headquarters has the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) which is an expanding collection of databases that provides access to many materials amassed by the DAR over 122 years. Please use this free resource to look up your patriot.

Abendschon, Reinholt PA, PS Houchings, John VA, PVT
Ainsworth, William CT, ENS Kelker, Anthony PA, LT WGM
Alexander, Craig NH, CS, LT Lerch, Christopher PA, PS PVT
Anthony, Bartholomew NY, PVT Levering, Aaron PA, PS LCOL
Arrington, James NC, CS Lewis, Fielding Sr., VA, PS
Barton, William E. NJ, CAPT Lewis, Whiting MA, CAPT
Benson, William Thomas MD, CS PS Lybarger, Ludwick Sr., PA, PVT
Bigelow, Azariah CT, CS Makepeace, Elliott MA, SGT
Bigelow, David CT, CS Marks, Joseph VT, SOL
Billingsley, James NC, CAPT McCary, Richard VA, PVT
Billingsley,Sr., James NC, PS McComb, William PA, PS PVT
Blake, Thomas VA PVT McReynolds, Joseph NC, PVT
Brimhall, Sylvanus MA, PVT Morgan, Ralph VA, PVT
Brown, Matthew SC, PVT Morgan, William VA, CAPT
Buck, William MA, SGT Morris, Zadock DE, PVT
Butler, Joel VT, PVT Mort, John MD, PVT
Carmack, John VA, CS Oldham, Richard NC, PVT
Carter, Edward VA, PS Paul, Daniel CT, PVT
Catt, Philip PA & VA, Sol Paul, James CT, PVT
Chase, Berry MA, SGT Paxton, Thomas PA, LCOL
Collins, Richard VA, PVT Pollard, Robert VA, CAPT
Cox, Judith VA, PS Radford, Reuben VA, PVT
Cox, Valentine VA, PS Rush, Benjamin NC, PS
Dawson, Martin VA, PS Rush, William NC, PS
Dixon, John VA, PS Sackett, William MA, PVT
Earp, Josiah MD, PVT Short, John VA, PVT
Elithorpe, Ichabod MA, PVT Smith, William VA, PVT
Ewing, Robert Sr., VA, PVT CS Sorrell, John VA, PS
Fishback, John Frederick VA, PS Thomas, Jacob PA, PVT
Gann, Nathan NC, LT Tinsley, Edward VA, PS
Garvin, Thomas VA, TMS Tinsley, John VA, CS PS
Gillespie, Elijah NC, PS Todd, David PA, PVT
Grant, Daniel VA, SMN Todd, Owen PA, PVT
Hall, John NC, PVT Toler, Joseph VA, CS PS PVT
Harding, John Sr., VA, PS Van Etten, Jacob Sr., NY, PS
Hatch, Jeremiah MA, NONCOM Van Etten, John NC, CS
Hatch, Nathaniel MA, PVT Wallace, Thomas TN, CAPT
Hepler, Jacob PA, PVT Washington, Mary Ball VA, PS
Hereford, John Sr., VA, PS Wentworth, Lemuel MA, PA, PVT
Hoffman, John VA, PS Wingate, Walter NC, SOL
Holland, Benjamin Jr., MD, PS SOL Word, Thomas SC, PS PVT
Holland, Benjamin Sr., MD, PS Yaden, Joseph VA, NONCOM

Abbreviations for Patriot Service Ranks
BGEN — Brigadier General MIL — Militia
CAPT — Captain NO — Naval Officer
CAV — Cavalry NONCOMM — Non Commissioned Officer (Fifer)
CL —Continental Line PS —Patriotic Service
COL — Colonel PVT — Private
CPL — Corporal QM — Quartermaster
CS — Civil Service SLR — Sailor
ENS — Ensign SMN — Seaman
GEN — General SGT — Sergeant
LT — Lieutenant SOL — Soldier
LCOL — Lt. Colonel TMS — Teamster
MAJ — Major WGM — Wagon Master

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Updated July 8, 2013