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Ancestors of our chapter members who participated in the American Revolution.

  • Ball, Farlin, Capt., VA
  • Bates, Fleming, Capt., VA
  • Bates, James, P.S., VA
  • Beeson, Edward, Capt., NC
  • Bourne, William, Pvt., VA
  • Brewer, William, Lt., SC
  • Brown, Jacob, Pvt., NC
  • Buck, Jonathan, Pvt., PA
  • Butler, Zackariah, Pvt., VA and TN

  • Carmichael, John, Sr., Pvt., PA
  • Clough, Daniel, Pvt., MA
  • Cogdill, William, Pvt., NC
  • Corbell, William, Seaman, VA
  • Corn, John Peter, Pvt., VA
  • Crafton, James, Pvt., VA
  • Crafton, John, Lt., VA
  • Crane, Joseph, Lt., NJ

  • Daniel, James, Pvt., VA
  • De Witt, Garrit, Capt., NY
  • Drury, Going, SC

  • Easter, James, Pvt., GA
  • Eversole, Abraham, Pvt., PA

  • Files, John, Capt., SC
  • Fulton, David, C.S., P.S., VA

  • Gholson, William, Sgt., VA

  • Hawkins, John, Capt., VA
  • Haynes, John, Pvt., NC

  • Jackson, Isaac, Lt. Col., GA
  • Johnston, Robert, Col., VT

  • Kelsey, John, Sgt., MA
  • Kuykendall, Abraham, C.S., P.S., NC

  • Lindsey, Jacob

  • McCarter, Moses, Pvt., SC
  • McCuistion, Thomas, P.S., NC
  • McMinn, Robert, P.S., NC
  • Menefee, William, Sr., P.S., VA
  • Morris, Lewis, III, Brig. Gen., P.S., NY
  • Moss, John, Jr., Pvt., VA and SC
  • Moss, John, Sr., P.S., VA

  • Nelson, John, Col., VA

  • Page, John, Pvt., SC
  • Parr, John, Sr., Sgt., VA
  • Perkins, Robert Bigin, P.S., NC
  • Pettus, Thomas, P.S., VA
  • Prater, Philip, Pvt., SC

  • Range James, Pvt., VA
  • Reavis, Joseph, Pvt., NC
  • Reed, Samuel, Pvt., MA
  • Rowe, Shadrack, Pvt., NC

  • Shelburne, James, P.S., VA
  • Southard, Isaac, P.S., NC
  • Stark, Robert, Sr., Col., P.S., SC

  • Tison, James, II, Corp., NC
  • Triplett, Eleanor Harbin, P.S., NC
  • Triplett, William, Pvt., NC

  • Veeder, Garrit S., Capt., NY

  • Wampler, George, Sr., Pvt., PA
  • Weaver, Edward, Ensign, NY
  • White, Thomas, Pvt., P.S., MA and PA
  • Whitney, Jonathan, Pvt., NH


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