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Antiques of Norway
Items used by families many years ago in Norway, to cook, farm, make clothing, store foods

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A favorite is the immigrant trunk used by young ladies to store their dowry.  Many found their way to the new country, holding  foods and clothing on the ship over. Fathers, husbands, or others built and painted decorative designs on them, called rosemaling. 

Drinking Bowl   "Drink the beer before it's flat.  Embrace the girl before she falls asleep."

Cooking utensils on Reindeer hide.   Tulla porridge stir, flat bread rolling pin, wood spoon, antler spoon,

Porridge container

Very old handcrafted Norwegian Bible box.

Above Items owned by Evonne Cain.

 Intricate woven basket used for berry picking.

Cutter used in making Fattingman Cookies, a favorite treat at Jule.

 Kinne were for keeping milk and butter.

Silver Utensils were cherished Wedding gifts

Wooden device for grinding potatos for Lefse.

Handmade wood bucket for processing cheese. Buttermilk and cream, Soft cheese,curds and whey, all were staples of the families diet.


Norwegian Solje - a jeweled pin, worn at neck on special events, or part of bunad costume. Ellen Coloumbe

Mangel Board - Often crafted by suitors to gift a fiance, for rolling and pressing clothes circa 1700 Telemark.

Norsk Fishing Knife, used by Al Askevold great grandfather in Norway.

Kubberstool - Lister Jensine Turner handcarded chair, from tree stump.  A traditional Norwegian craft.
Antique Rocker and Spinning Wheel from Olson family
Colorful Norwegian embroidery by Albine Rolfson of Tjøtta, Nordland circa 1890


Norwegian Baptisms from Tjøtta Parish, Nordland - Birgitte Lauritzen Halsan 1866

Richard Halvorson Antique Norwegian Sølje and bracelet
Norwegian Antique Silver museum display, and  Drinking Horn once owned by lister, Elin Galtung Lihaug's ancestors.  "Regarding the drinking horn with the Galtung family coat of arms on it, we don't know who in our family owned the horn several hundred years ago. We just know that the horn was made around 1315, then brought to Iceland and finally brought to the National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1720. loaned out to an exhibition in Oslo." Horn is in Room 1

Kirke Folke by Jac Bratlund  c.1880s
Bed typical of Norwegian style - Museum display

Platform rocker, sideboard, Dining set from Martin Eidhammer family, Norway

1800s Rosmaled Tine box, being carried to boat for America from Norway

Girl leaving for America, carries butter churn as part of food for journey and to start a new life
Food Utensils on Cloth

Gold dragon bowl, Norwegian heirloom of lister Al Askevold mid 1800s Hordland -Sogn of Fjordane

Hornskap - Norwegian ornate cupboard


A three legged chair made by Janet Smith.  Copied from an original from Norway.

Old Graves Stones being reused in a cemetery in Holmedal, Norway.  Holmedal is a parish near Askvoll.  The policy is to reuse graves and replace the markers if the grave has been neglected for 30 years.  Some of the stones are now stairs for the church.

A Norwegian Girl milking a Goat.

A Kubberrulle.

A Kubberulle Wheel.

Elderly Norwegian Woman making Lefse.

Old Lefse Turner.  From the Collection of Jim Bergquist.

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