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Norwegian English Dictionary  Einar Haugen (Editor) - Our price: $19.77.   Most Recommended by Norway Listers.

Norwegian-English Dictionary   E Haugen - Our price: $170.00.   The best Norwegian dictionary available Short and sweet, I'll say it: This dictionary has served me well from the time I was a graduate student (MA in Scandinavian Linguistics) to being an instructor at the U of Minnesota in Norwegian.
Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar   Louis Janus  - Our price:  $11.53.   A grammar book is only as good as its coverage of all aspects of the language. Here is the Table of Contents, with page numbers, so you can see what is covered, and the number of pages devoted to each topic. Many colleagues have commented to me about how clearly the grammar book is written. Several have noted the "Pitfalls" section  as particularly useful.


ALF ENGEN - Utah's Athlete of the Century. DVD/Video   Story of well loved Norwegian Ski legend. He received many rewards for his skiing, and was in numerous films as a stunt skier. Many cuts from old films, action and personal interviews.  2002  purchase from Steinar Hybertsen at

STEIN ERIKSEN - SKI LEGEND  DVD-  Master of Alpine skiing,winner of 2 Gold medals,and several silver. Hollywood and ski resorts are his backdrop.   2003 Steinar Hybertsen at

Sondre Norheim - the Father of Modern Skiing by Anne-Gry Blikom and Eivind Molde
This book tells the life story of Sondre, his struggles as a poor Telemark cotter and his wild  skiing in the hills of Morgedal. It's about his contribution to skiing, the Olympic Torch ceremonies, as well as about how he has been honoured after his death. View more than 100 pictures from Telemark and North Dakota    USD $14.95

War in Norway

Shadow Across the Land  (Pub. 2000) is a novel of the home front in  World War II Norway.  Based on true events, it follows the Lund family as they are forced to move out of their home in Bergen and adjust to a life of restrictions, food shortages, and life under foreign occupation.  Sells for $8.95 + SH.  To order email Listmember  author: Barbara Rosenlund

The Sledge Patrol : A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival, and Victory  David Howarth - Our price: $10.17.  A skillfully written, tense account of a little known 'cold war' played on the sidelines of World War II.
We Die Alone : WWII Epic of Escapes and Endurance David Howarth, Stephen E. Ambrose - Our price:  $10.17.   The story takes place is Nazi occupied Norway during WWII. The man in this story defies all odds to survive one of the most harrowing experiences ever put to paper.. It is  a tribute to the brave men who risked death by the Nazis had they been caught helping him escape.
The Shetland Bus : A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival, and Adventure David Howarth - Our price: $10.17.  An especially good job of describing, without any heroics, the vicissitudes undergone by the survivors of these expeditions.
War and Innocence : A Young Girl's Life in Occupied Norway  Hanna Aasvik Helmersen - Our price:  $14.95. War and Innocence is a World War II memoir written from the perspective of a young girl.    Author Hanna Aasvik Helmersen, only eight years old when the war began, offers us an extremely clear picture of the Norwegian experience through the war years. Ms. Helmersen writes in a simple strong style.
Norway 1940   Francois Kersaudy - Our price: $17.13. The story of Norway's attempted resistance to the German invasion and her betrayal (by vacillation) by England and France--an episode that led to the downfall of Chamberlain as Prime Minister of England and may even have contributed to the subsequent invasion of France.
Skis Against the Atom : The Exciting, First Hand Account of Heroism and Daring Sabotage During the Nazi Occupation of Norway   Knut Haukelid Our price: $12.95.  The exciting, first-hand account of heroism and daring sabotage during the Nazi occupation of Norway. The outcome of World War II could very possibly have been much different if Knut Haukelid and his small, but courageous band of Norwegian  soldiers had not been successful in sabotaging the Nazis supply of heavy water. The heavy water produced at a facility in occupied Norway was vital to Hitlers race with the United States to develop the atomic bomb. Knut Haukelids Skis Against The Atom gives the reader an intimate account of the valiant and self-sacrificing service that the not-to-be-subdued Norwegians performed for the whole free world.
Defiant Courage  - Our price:  $26.95. A true story of growing up during WW2 in Norway by Washington State Author:  Astrid  Karlsen Scott.

Mid-West Norwegian Readings
From the Hidewood : Memories of a Dakota Neighborhood  Robert Amerson - Our price:  $17.95. In 21 interwoven stories, author Robert Amerson re-creates life on his family's 160-acre farm in the remote Hidewood Hills of eastern South Dakota from 1934 to 1942. In exquisite detail, he portrays a particular moment in time with a power that could help many readers better understand their own pasts.
Minnesota Memories Joan Claire Graham, Kathy M. Megyeri - Our price: $11.01. Minnesota Memories authors share their own family practices and stories, and guess what? The same things that were shushed in our houses, also happened in the authors' homes.
The Follinglo Dog Book : A Norwegian Pioneer Story from Iowa (American Land and Life Series)   Peder Gustav Tjernagel, Peter Tjernagel Harstad.  Our  price: $19.95.   The Follinglo Dog Book both is and is not about dogs. The dogs are certainly here:  from Milla to Chip the Third, we encounter a procession of heroic if often unfortunate creatures who, along with their immigrant masters, led a hard life on the nineteenth-century American frontier.
Prairie in Her Heart, Pioneer Women of North Dakota Barb Witteman - Our price:  $19.99.
Packinghouse Daughter: A Memoir Cheri Register - Our price: $10.46.   In 1959, meatpackers in the little Minnesota town of Albert Lea went on strike to demand better working conditions and higher rates of pay. The plant's owners brought in strikebreakers from nearby towns, violence ensued, the governor of Minnesota called in the National Guard, and for a few days news from Albert Lea filled papers around the United States.
The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth    Bill Holm  - Our price: $10.46. Growing up, Bill Holm knew what failure was: "to die in Minneota." But after returning to his hometown after 20 years' absence, he wasn't so sure. Finding pleasure in the customs and characters of small-town life, in The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth he writes with affection about the town elders, seen by those in the outside world as misfits and losers.
Land in Her Own Name : Women As Homesteaders in North Dakota  H. Elaine Lindgren, Elizabeth Jameson - Our price: $13.57.    Elaine Lindgren has done an excellent job researching a little known subject. She gives not only a very fine introduction to the subject of homesteading, she provides a wonderful written documentary of the  single women who homesteaded in North Dakota.
The Boys' House : New and Selected Stories   Jim Heynen - Our price:  $13.57.    A mastery of verse, elegant prose and old style country wit and wisdom.  An unerring slice from the lives of a group of farm boys, each full of mischief and witness to the world's tiny miracles.
A Treasury of Minnesota Tales    Webb B. Garrison  - Our price:  $7.99.
Minnesota Trivia Laurel Winter - Our price: $7.19. A bushel basket full of facts about Minnesota life. The six chapters are Geography,  Entertainment, History, Arts and Literature, Sports and Leisure, and Science and Nature.
Wisconsin Trivia (revised)   Kristin Visser - Our price: $7.99.   Wisconsin Trivia is the ultimate quiz book on the great state of Wisconsin. Newly updated and revised, Wisconsin Trivia will provide hours of entertainment and education.

Norwegian Authors writing of Norwegian families
All are in English.

Ole Edvart Rolvaag 
Ole Edvart Rolvaag was born in Rolvaag, Donnes, Norway in the Nordland area. He immigrated to America and worked as a farm hand, earning money to attend college.  He became a teacher at St. Olaf's College, and a very famous writer of stories of Norwegian's living in America, coming to America, and their hardships and successes. I have collected O.Rolvaag's books and love them. The following titles are a continuing series.
Giants in the Earth   Lincoln Colcord (Translator), Ole E. Rolvaag - Our price: $9.75.    Powerful novel of a Norwegian family leaving there homeland to search for a better life in America. ORDER ALL FOUR BOOKS IN THIS SERIES   Click Titles.
Peder Victorious - A Tale of the Pioneers - Twenty Years Later Ole Edvart Rolvaag, Nora O. Solum (Translator) -  Our price:  $11.53.   We watch Peder move through his youth to adulthood. He deals with first generation American transition issues: speaking a language that is not his parents', practicing his faith differently than his parents, participating as a family member other that his mother expects. The novel is also a continuation of the story of his mother, Beret. Click Title to order.
Their Father's God   Ole Edvart Rolvaag, Trygve M. Ager - Our price: $11.53.   Click Title to Order.
Pure Gold   Ole Edvart Rolvaag, Trygve M. Ager - Our price: $11.95. The author of Giants in the Earth and Peder Victorious has written another powerful, simple story about simple people and their powerful emotions. Pure Gold is a tale of avarice--convincing because it is neither altogether horrible nor altogether pathetic, but a mixture of the two that is recognizably human. Click Title to Order. Last of Series.
The Boat of Longing  Ole E. Rolvaag - Our price: $11.16.  A tale woven of wisps of fog and shreds of sunshine: it is all Norse, yet thoroughly American Click Title to Order.
When the Wind Is in the South and Other Stories - THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.  When becomes available, will be priced at $7.95.

Knut Hamsun   (Nobel prize for literature, 1920)
Knut was born in the Gudbransdal Valley and was 93 at his death in 1952. He worked in North Norway and was critical of modern writers whose social preoccupations prompted him to write what he thought literature was intended to be. He was pro-Nazi, but slowly recovered from this stigma. "In the Service of Words"- Knut Hamsun"
Growth of the SoilOur price: $9.00.Isak, a huge man, carves out a solitary existence in the harsh countryside of Nordland. Inger, his wife, does not share his passion for the land, but longs for more, which leads her into some very bad situations. I loved this book. It was just like living the experience with them and feeling all that they felt and thought. He received a nobel prize for this fabulous book. CLICK TITLE to Order.
Hunger  - Our price: $10.50. A stomach clenching novel about a starving writer in Oslo. In 1890 Knut Hamsun wrote "Hunger", which is a searing excursion into the realm of the irrational. In a moment-by-moment internal monologue, Hamsun reveals the profound anguish of a struggling writer facing the possibility of death in a world indifferent to his existence .  Click Title!
Pan   - Our price: $10.50.   PAN recounts Thomas Glahn's retrospective narrative of his life and adventures in the Norwegian woods. PAN provides an analysis of love and the recesses of the psyche. This superb new translation restores the power and virtuosity of Hamsun's original.
Our price: $10.95.  Full of humour, The triology exposes life in a poor norwegian fishing village from the Old days, It is quiet a piece of Norwegian folklore, Its the work by Hamsun that is most likely to give you a good laugh.
Victoria  -  Our price: $10.95. "One of the greatest love stories of world literature". This is the beautiful, powerful and simple story of young love, between Johannes, the miller`s son, and Victoria, daughter of the lord of the manor. First published in 1898, this is one of the finest works among Knut Hamsun`s more than thirty books, and the story has its roots from his own dreams and experiences as a boy and young man.
Mysteries-  Our price:  $10.50. Nagel arrives in a Norwegian town with plenty of money and goodwill, and though kind of an eccentric, seems to start to fit in with the local crowd. But it's almost as if Nagel only just landed on Earth, and while he wishes to live correctly, has no idea how to do it. Published at the end of the last century, Mysteries is an existentialist novel, very strange, often very funny, often sad and largely asking the question, "Why live?"
The Women at the Pump   -  Our price:$10.95.    BUY THE BOOK TODAY! Click the Title.
Rosa- Our price: $12.95.    This book is an enjoyable read A compelling story of the goings on of a small and remote town in Nordland.
Selected Letters Vol. 1 - Our price: $35.95.   A behind-the-scenes look at the man.
Selected Letters 1898-1952 Vol. 2   - Our price: $35.95.
Under the Autumn Star   - Our price: $11.95. Click the Title to BUY!
Dreamers- Ourprice: $9.95.   Dreamers is short and sweet - a great way to discover a Nobel prize winning author.
Night Roamers and Other Stories   - Used available at $50.00.  Shadows and opportunities of late night--as men leave taverns, and ultimately make their way to cafes .  ``Dented hats, turned-up coat collars, badly pressed waistcoat points and cuffs, and dirty fists are visible everywhere.
On Overgrown Paths    Knut Hamsun, Sverre Lyngstad - Our price: $12.95.
The Wanderer   Knut Hansun - Our price:  $11.44.

Vilhelm Moberg (Swedish Author)
 A series about Scandinavian Immigrants and the hardships and isolations they fought in the new land. A very interesting first book in this series about the arrival of the ship in early New York city in 1850 and the preparations made to reach their other midwestern destinations.
The Emigrants    Vilhelm Moberg, Gustaf Lannestock (Translator)  - Our price: $12.57.   An excellent BUY! Purchase the entire Series! Click Titles to Order!!
Unto a Good Land    Vilhelm Moberg - Our price: $12.21.   CLICK Title to Order!
The Settlers    Vilhelm Moberg - Our price: $12.21.    CLICK Title to Order!
The Last Letter Home    Vilhelm Moberg, Gustaf Lannestock (Translator) - Our price: $12.21.   CLICK Title to Order!
The Unknown Swedes in America - Past and Present    Vilhelm Moberg, Roger McKnight (Editor)   Our price: $26.95.   A Must BUY! Click Title to Order today!
When I Was A Child    Vilhelm Moberg - Our price:  $26.95.   ORDER HERE TODAY!

Sigrid Undset Woman writer of epic trilogy set in Norway's medieval times.
Kristin Lavransdatter : The Bridal Wreath, the Mistress of Husaby, the Cross    - Our price: $31.50.  Click Title to BUY TODAY!
The Bridal WreathOur price: $9.75.    Volume one of the trilogy; Kristin's girlhood.  Click the Title!
The Mistress of Husaby    - Our price: $11.20.   Volume 2 of the trilogy: The story of Kristin's fifteen years of troubled married life on the great estate of Husaby. Now that you ordered Volume 1, How About Volume 2? Click Title!
The Cross   - Our price: $10.50.    In the finale of this great and popular trilogy, Kristin rearranges her life after the Black Death has devastated her world. Can't leave Volume 3 out. ORDER TODAY!
Her other series:
The Axe (The Master of Hestviken) Vol. 1Our price: $9.75.    Sigrid Undset favored this work over her more popular Kristin Lavransdatter. There is an overall atmosphere of hopelessness and depression that makes reading the book somewhat agonizing. Yet, the characters, plot and setting are conveyed so realistically, that one feels as if one knows the characters. There is no doubt in my mind that this is truly a literary masterwork. ORDER NOW!
The Snake Pit (The Master of Hestviken) Vol. 2Our price: $9.75.    Why Wait? Order Now. Click Title.
In The Wilderness (The Master of Hestviken) Vol. 3   Our price: $9.75.     A Masterful Work. Own Today. Click Title to Order!
The Son Avenger (The Master of Hestviken) Vol. 4   Our price: $9.75.    Make it a Set! Click the title to order!
Gunnar's Daughter  Our price: $9.75.    Gunnar's Daughter is a tale of passion and revenge, a work of historical fiction which will be appreciated by readers of Kristen Lavrensdatter and of women's fiction in general. The introduction tells you everything you need to know to appreciate the disturbing tale. Never read "Gunnar's Daughter?" Here's your chance. Click title to order!

Johan Bøjer   A Famous Norwegian Author
The Emigrants    - Our price: $12.95.   A brilliant and exciting tale of Scandinavian struggle set in 1880. A MUST OWN! Order Today!

Jonas Lie  Famous Norwegian author
Seer & Other Norwegian Stories   - Our price: $19.95.    Excellent reading. Order today! Click title.
Weird Tales from the Northern Seas - Norwegian Legends  - Our price: $9.31.    Strange Finns, lusty women, mariner ghosts and sea demons haunt the coastal lands of Norway, the setting for this popular collection from 1893. It was originally written in Danish, as the official language of Norway in the 19th century was Dano-Norwegian. Denmark had dominated Norway for four centuries. Another great BUY! Order today! Click title.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson  Famous Norwegian author
Land of the Free : Bjornstjerne Bjornson's America Letters, 1880-188- Our price: $20.00.   Order Today and start enjoying Bjornson's writings. Click title to order!


NORWEGIAN ISLANDERS IN THE COLUMBIA RIVER  Not on Amazon, can orderRita Johansen of Vaagen, Nordland, Norway.  Vesterheim Museum 1-800-979-3346 $25.00  Hardback Mr Emma Iulo,  965 Winslow Way E # 401, Bainbridge Island, WA  98110 email  Write author for  autographed copy but postage adds to cost
Inger James N. Sites - There is a new book out, about an adventurous and talented Norwegian woman, named INGER.
Its non fiction, and chronicles her life.

SAGANATT: Doomed Love in Viking Times  Joan Hoiness Bouchelle - Price: $12.95.  A book by one of our own Norway Listers!  A historical romance.
Last of the RivermenRay Fadich - Our price: $16.95.   A historical biography of fishing as a way of life on the Colunmbia River in the 1930's and 40's to the present. I own this book also, and enjoyed the personal stories.
Grass of the EarthAagot Raaen.   Our price:  $23.95 (hardcover)  $12.95 (softcover).   Richly detailed bio of Norwegian homesteaders in Eastern North Dakota. Click the Title to Order Me!
Between Rocks and Hardplaces    Ann Urness Gesme - Our price: $11.95.   Traditions, customs in Norway during 1800's.   This is a popular book with us Americans! GREAT READING! Order Today.
New Land, New Lives - Scandinavian Immigrant to the Pacific Northwest    Janet E. Rasmussen -  Our price: $35.00.  Interviews with real people.   BUY TODAY!!
For Love of Norway    Pål Espolin Johnson - Limited Availability.   It deals with the people of the village of Mostad, a small place squeezed between the ocean and the mountains. Great reading.
The Holme Triology: Land of Wooden Gods Vol. 1Jan Fridegard, Robert E. Bjork (Translator)  - Our price: $19.50. This is set in Viking times at the time Christianity is introduced. The antagonists of the stories are Holmes, a slave and his wife, Ausi. Great!!  Click on title to Order!
People of the Dawn Vol. 2    Jan Fridegard, Robert E. Bjork (Translator)  - Our price: $8.95.   Recommended BUY!    Click on title to Order!
Sacrificial Smoke Vol. 3   Jan Fridegard, Robert E. Bjork (Translator) - Our price:  $9.95. Recommended BUY!    Click on title to Order!
Sing the Cows Home    Kerstin Brorson  Out of Print - Limited Availabilty.   This book is about the herdswomen of Sweden.   Many of the experiences are very similiar to the those of the budeie of Norway.
The Cotter's Son: A Story From Sigdal     H.A. Foss - Our price: $12.95.     Why wait?   A favorite of  Norwaylisters.
North CountryHoward Frank Mosher - Our price: $10.50.    It is the story of his journey following America's northern border from coast to coast. What he discovered was not a border in the conventional sense, but a vast and sparsely settled territory largely ignored by the rest of the US & Canada, a harsh and beautiful region populated by some of the continent's most self-sufficient, independent - minded men and women. His itinerary is bright & with humor, with anecdote and history and lore, as well as great affection for his human subjects.
Anna - Norse Roots in Homestead Soil     Anna Guttormsen Hought - Our price: $9.95.   The remarkable story of a young woman's journey from Oslo to the American West in 1916. An inspiring story. At this price, a must order!
Per - Immigrant and Pioneer    E. Palmer Rockswold -Our price: $13.95.     Per is a poignant story of an immigrant and Dakota pioneer. The period of history is from 1880 to 1920. Excellent reading. Order today!

Arland O. FiskeA popular American Norsk writer
The Best of the Norwegian Heritage     Arland O. Fiske - Our price: $13.95.    Couldn't put it down. Order here.
The Scandinavian Adventure   Arland O. Fiske - Our price: $9.95.   A companion to Norwegian Heritage and Spirit. ORDER TODAY!
The Scandinavian Spirit   Arland O. Fiske - Our price:  $9.95.   A companion to Norwegian Heritage and Adventure. ORDER TODAY!

Waldemar Ager
On the Way to the Melting Pot   Waldemar Ager, Harry T. Cleven (Translator) - Our price: $14.95.    ORDER NOW!!!
Sons of the Old Country   Waldemar Ager -Our price: $22.00.    "Sons of the Old Country" is a lively, fast-moving novel about Norwegian immigrants who worked in the lumber mills of Wisconsin before and during the Civil War. A MUST READ!!! Order NOW!!

Adventure, Mystery, Art, and History

Daring the Sea - The True Story of the First Men to Row Across the Atlantic Ocean    David W. Shaw -Our price: $2.35 (used).
TROLLFJELL I NORDLAND by Finn Lyng  Beautiful stories and photos, of the Nordland area in Norway 2005 to purchase go to

The Body in the Fjord    Katherine Hall Page - Our price: $6.29.     Murder Mystery in Norway.
Edvard Munch : Starry Night    (Getty Museum Studies on Art)    Louise Lippincott -Our price: $19.95.
A History of Scandinavia : Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland    T.K. Derry  - Our price: $19.95.
The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen    James McFarlane (Editor) -Our price: $23.99.

Carrie Young
A Norwegian American authors True Accounts about her families struggles to survive on the North Dakota planes.   The set makes a wonderful gift!
Nothing To Do But Stay - My Pioneer Mother Carrie Young -Our price: $9.95.   This daughter's loving tribute to her pioneer mother tells of a real heroine who traveled by herself to North Dakota in 1904, to stake a lonely claim and start a farm on 160 empty acres before she married and began her family.
Prairie Cooks : Glorified Rice, Three-Day Buns, and Other Recipes and Reminiscences    Carrie Young, Felicia Young - Our price: $12.57.   Having grown up in a Norwegian American community imbued with the customs and foods of the Old Country, Young recalls how her mother and neighbors skillfully blended Scandinavian with what they called the American style of cooking, as she celebrates the food of her childhood in 72 unique recipes. Photos.
The Wedding Dress : Stories from the Dakota Plains   Our price: $17.95.     Carrie Young's widely acclaimed Nothing To Do But Stay was a powerful and moving testament to her mother, who, at age twenty-five, set out for the Western North Dakota prairies to homestead 160 acres alone. Now, with The Wedding Dress, this extraordinary author goes back to the same time and place to bring us seven unforgettable tales of fiction spanning the century from its first decade through the dust bowl to the early 1980's, these are stories that celebrate the profound dignity of ordinary lives as they reflect the tremendous storytelling gifts of a master of her craft.

Lauraine Snelling  Popular Fiction Writer
Dream to Follow (Return to Red River, 1)     Lauraine Snelling - Our price: $9.74.    Snelling's A Dream to Follow begins her Return to Red River series, a child of her popular Red River of the North series about the Swedish settlement of North Dakota and Minnesota in the 1870s. Her hero in this first installment is young Thorliff Bjorklund,  son of Ingeborg and Haaken Bjorklund, who heads off to college at St. Olaf's to study journalism, but feels guilty leaving the farm to his overworked parents and his younger brother. It's an utterly predictable tale, though Thorliff is likable enough, and once again, her strong suit, Snelling's knowledge of life on the farm, shines through.
An Untamed Land - The Red River of North Dakota - Book 1    Lauraine Snelling - Our price: $8.99.    Yes, the Prologue begins in Norway in 1877. It is fiction but, I believe that at least some of it is based on the author's own family history. The author is a professional writer and she has done a good job of researching the the big and little everyday stuff that the pioneers had to put up with. Order all 4! Click the title.
A New Day Rising -Book 2    Laurine Snelling- Our price: $8.99. After losing her husband in a winter storm, Ingeborg struggles to keep the farm and her family together. When her husband's cousin, then brother, arrive, things become very complicated around the simple prairie dwelling. Order all 4! Click the title.
A Land to Call Home -Book 3    Lauraine Snelling - Our price: $9.59.    The land itself nearly destroys the brave pioneers, then the fire. Will they still hold on to their dream?. Order all 4! Click the title.
The Reaper's Song - Book 4    Lauraine Snelling - Our price: $8.99.    Order all 4! Click the title.
Dakota - Four Inspirational Love Stories on the Northern Plains     Our price: $6.97.   The wide-open plains of the upper Midwest form the background for this one-volume collection of Snelling's full-length books: "Dakota Dawn, Dakota Dream, Dakota Dusk", and "Dakota Destiny". Well worth the price! Click on title to Order!

The Age of Fable - Stories of Gods and Heros    Thomas Bulfinch, Norma Lorre Goodrich -Our price: $13.95.    The subjects of Northern Mythology, stories of Valhalla, The Valkyrior, Thor's Visit to Jotunheim, The Death of Baldur, The Elves, Runic Letters, Skalds, and Iceland.
Beowulf - Epic and Saga      George Jack (Editor) - Our price: $21.95.    If you like mythology, Order this Today!
Chronicles of the Vikings : Records, Memorials and Myths R. I. Page - Our price: $27.95.
Eric the Red : The Vikings Sail the Atlantic (Beyond the Horizons) Dr. Anne Millard -Our price: $24.26.
Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends Cheryl Evans -Our price: $15.95.
The Saga of the Volsungs : The Norse Epic of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer    Jesse L. Byock (Editor) -Our price: $15.95.

Scandinavian Arts and Crafts
Scandinavian Painted Furniture : A Step-By-Step Workbook    Jocasta Innes - Our price: $24.95.  Innes turns her considerable talents to demonstrating Scandinavian
painting. Each of the more than 20 projects is prefaced by a short narrative about the origins of the particular piece. Step-by-step textual guidance.
Essential Scandinavian Style    Rosalind Burdett -Our price: $21.95.
Scandinavian Country : A Little Style Book      Joann Barwick (Photographer) - Our price: $12.00.
Scandinavian Look : Country by Design    Mary Seehafer Sears - Our price: $34.50.

Norwegian Arts and Crafts
Rosemaling Strokes - Design Basics.   Telemark Rosemaling  Volume #1Diane Edwards - THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.   If you are interested in Rosemaling, then this is the book for you. This is not just a pattern book, it is a beginning course in Telemark Rosemaling.
Telemark Rosemaling -Design Basics.   Telemark Rosemaling Volume #2Diane  Edwards -Our price: $9.31.
Rosemaling Beautiful Norwegian Art - (Volume 1)    Helen E. Blanck - Our Price:  $16.95.
The Art of Chip Carving   Wayne Barton - Our price: $17.95.    Chip carving normally begins with an already finished object such as a wooden plate or a box, and incorporates carved-in geometric or free-form designs to create an individual work of art and craft.   Designs shown in 128 pages of full-color pictures and explanatory text include a basswood lamp base, elaborate box lids, plates, wooden trunks, wall plaques, clocks, ect.
Relief Carving in Wood: A Practical  Introduction      Chris Pye - OUT OF STOCK.  - Our price: $13.97.
Woodcarving Tools, Materials & Equipment     Chris Pye -Our price: $19.95The book has a very thorough description of every carving tool imaginable  He also tells you how to modify existing tools--reshaping, grinding,   and bending. He included a very good explanation on how to anneal, harden, and temper your own carving tools.
Woodcarving in the Scandinavian  Style     Harley Refsal -Our price: $14.95Step by step directions with 80 photos of fun Norwegian subject carvings
Simply Beautiful Boxes     Doug Stowe - Our price: $14.95.     Instruction and illustration for making 15 Beautiful boxes.  Can be chip carved.

Cooking and Baking the Norwegian Way
The Best of Scanfest : An Authentic  Treasury of Scandinavian Recipes and Proverbs Cheryl Long (Editor) - Our price: $14.95.  Presents authentic Scandinavian recipes from appetizers to desserts.   Line drawings and proverbs in  both the native language and the English translation add to its charm.  Includes traditional Scandinavian Christmas recipes and is fully indexed.    The book has lay-flat  binding and plastic coating to render it impervious to the sticky fingers of impatient  cooks!

Children's Books
Folktales of Norway    Reidar T. Christiansen (Editor), Pat S. Iversen (Translator) - Our price: $18.00.
Three Billy-Goats Gruff : A Norwegian FolktaleEllen Appleby (Illustrator), Christine Ferrare - Our price: $19.95.
Norwegian Folk Tales From the Collection of Peter Christen Asbjornsen, Jorgen Moe - Our price: $10.50.     Collected here in a contemporary translation. With these tales we meet witches, trolls and ogres, sly foxes and mysterious bears, beautiful princesses and country lads turned heroes. Includes illustrations. Recommended by Norway List!
Hagar the Horrible's Very Nearly Complete Viking HandbookDik Browne, Christopher Browne -Our price: $5.95.
The Vikings   Else Roesdahl -Our price: $11.56.    Readable yet scholarly; great as a reference or for a leisurely reading.
Christmas TrollsJan Brett - Our price: $11.55.   Blond, blue-eyed Treva (The Trouble with Trolls, 1992) teaches a pair of greedy little trolls how to celebrate Christmas:
following them in order to find the gifts and ornaments they've snitched from her house, she helps them decorate their home, shows them how to share, and offers them a gift.
Per and the Dala HorseRebecca Hickox, Yvonne Gilbert (Illustrator) -Our price: $15.95.
The Tomten    Astrid Lindgren -Our price: $6.99.  "The gentle story with its eye-filling scenes is an apt choice for bedtime read-alouds." Ages 4-8.
Snow TreasureMarie McSwigan -Our price: $4.99.    To Read About or Purchase, Click Title.

Fodor's Norway    Our price: $11.50.    Standard Travel Guide for Norway.   DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!
Culture Shock! Norway  Our price: $13.95.     A book about customs, holiday's, clothing, etc. of the Norwegian people. I LOVED IT!
Insight Compact Guides Norway  Our price: $7.95.     Perfect, comprehensive travel guide for newcomers!
Living in Norway    Elisabeth Holte - Our price: $50.00.     Photos and dialog of life in Norway.
Rough Guide: Norway   Jules Brown, Phil Lee (Contributor) - Our price: $17.95.   Thirty-five maps and plans.
Panoramic NorwayGerold Jung -Our price: $44.95.    Beautiful photographs. Lovely coffee table or gift idea!
Rand McNally Norway - Distoguide    Our price: $8.96.    A road map of Norway.    In English.
Insight Pocket Guides Oslo & Bergen Our price: $13.95.     The complete guide to Oslo and Bergen.
Munch at the Munch Museum, Oslo Arne Eggum, Gerd Woll - Our price: $35.00.    Famous Norwegian artist, Edvart Munch.

Silver Strings: The Story of Ole Bull(Pub. 2003) is a short, fictionalized story of the famous l9th century violinist who became known throughout the western world All ages--especially interesting for musicians or music lovers.   $8.95 + SH.  To order email List member and author Barbara Rosenlund
Fiddle Music From Agder    Norway/Audio CD   Our price: $17.98.
Folk Music From NorwayFolk Music From Norway/Audio CD     Our price: $19.98.
Nordisk Sang - Music Of Norway    Nordisk Sang/Audio CD   Our  price: $17.98.
Rosensfole - Medieval Songs From Norway    Agnes Buen Garnas, Jan Garbarek/Audio CD Our price:  $16.98.

Scandinavian and American DVDs and Video's *In English unless noted
Crown Princess Martha-The American Story  (Historic Documentary)  Steinar Hybertsen, DVD.  2006 $20.00 + SH.  To order email Steinar.
Cool & Crazy: On the Road (2002)   VHS  Our price:   $29.95.  The Norwegian's Men's Choir visitng America after the September 11th tragedy.
Cool and Crazy (2001)   VHS  Our price:  $29.95.  Beautiful Documentary following Norwegian men's choir.
Hamsun (1997)  VHS Our price:  $29.95.  Max Von Sidow is a fabulous Knut Hamsun in this film about the life of the famous Norwegian writer.
Elling (2001)  VHS  Our price: $9.98. This Norwegian comedy (nominated for an Academy Award®) concerns two men being released from a state home.
The Heroes of Telemark (1965) VHS  Our price: $19.95.    Rated: NR  Starring: Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris,  Director: Anthony Mann   The movie follows the account of when how and why the heavy water shipment was sunk into the fjord, at least for the most part. The reality was even more grim, since few were saved off the ferry sinking. But, for Hollywood, the story is pretty well told, and the scenery is great.
Pathfinder (1987)  VHS  English subtitles. Mikkel Gaup - Our price: $19.98.   The Sami people living in the North part of Norway. Taking place in ancient times, a frozen landscape, and mystical leanings. This is a gripping and fascinating look at a very determined and clever people.
The Ox (1991)   VHS  English subtitles. Prices from: $19.98.  The main character (Skärsgard) is driven by hunger to kill and butcher  the land-owner's ox for his family, and must then deal with the consequences of his wrong-doing. For insight into the Swedish  immigration into the U.S., this movie makes a wonderful chronological  predecessor to the film "The Emmigrants", starring Max von Sydow,   which became the basis for the story "Unto a New Land".
The New Land (1973)   VHS  English subtitles.  Our price: $29.99.  Tells the story of Scandinavian settlers in the upper midwest.  The New Land tells the story of  people who came here for a better life, and how they more or less found it.
The Emigrants (1972)  VHS  English subtitles.  Our price: $29.99.  From Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide.   Solid if rambling tale of peasant farmer von Sydow, wife Ullmann, and  fellow Swedes who emigrate to America in the 19th century. Sequel,   THE NEW LAND, is even better.
Memories of a Marriage (1990)VHS  English subtitles.  Our price:  $19.98.  The electic tale of an aging couple reminiscing of their 50 year marriage.  Excellent viewing.
The Man Without a Past (2002)  DVD  Our price: $26.96. A man (Markku Peltola) awakens after a brutal mugging with no memory; he wanders into the outskirts of Helsinki with his face wrapped like an escapee from a classic horror film. A destitute family helps nurse him back to health and a Salvation Army worker named Irma (Kati Outinen) helps him get a job. Though bureaucrats and policemen who can't seem to cope with this amnesiac's lack of established identity, the amnesiac plants potatoes, manages a rock & roll band, and romances Irma as he builds a new self. Kaurismaki weaves his movies out of small details and careful, cautious steps forward--but by the end, The Man Without a Past has become a rich, engrossing, and very funny portrait of the possibilities of life.
Shame (1968)  VHS  Our price: $19.98. "Shame" extends the dissolution to civilization as a whole. It stars Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann as concert violinists who wish only to live undisturbed while a civil war rages around them.
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg (1990)  VHS  Our price: $22.46. Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and businessman, undertook in 1944 to thwart Hitler and Adolph Eichmann in their plan to kill the remaining Jews of Budapest. He saved some 30,000 from death in the concentration camps.
The Dancer (1994)  VHS  Our price: $29.99. The Dancer goes into painstaking detail as it follows a cameo view of a ballerina in the making.
Hip Hip Hurrah!  (1987)  VHS  Our price: $29.95. The life and times of the Scandinavian artists' colony who lived in Skagen on the Danish coast during the 1890s.
Kira's Reason (2003)  VHS  Our price: $49.95.  Enjoying life in their mid-thirties, Kira and her husband Mads have a large house and two wonderful children. Their world is perfectly secure and comfortable until Kira develops a psychiatric disorder, which eventually commits her to a hospital.
Tuvalu (1999)  VHS  Our price:  $19.95. Tuvalu is a simple lovestory about a man who tries to save an old bath institution from being closed. His evil brother wants to earn alot of money and therefore tries to sell the building. One day a mysteri girl shows up and he falls for her at once. But so does his brother and a competition starts between them but he can not compete with the brother because he doesn't have alot of money to impress her with. The story develops and soon the and the bathinstituit are almost out of his range, but then things starts top happen.
The Cuckoo (2003)  VHS  List Price:  $54.99.  The last days of the hostilities between Finland and Russia. A Finnish sniper, Veiko, who for some unknown reason is wearing an SS uniform, is chained to a rock and left to die. Meanwhile, a Russian soldier, Kartuzov, a military prisoner of his own army, is being taken to stand trial. They both eventually escape theirand end up in the remote farm of a Sami woman, whose husband has been killed.  Once they reach the farm, they settle in with Anni and an interesting triangle develops.
Under the Sun (Under Solen) (1999)   Price: $26.96. A perfectly lovely excursion to the Swedish countryside, as love sprouts in an unlikely place. It's 1956, and a 40-year-old bachelor farmer  places an ad for a housekeeper. The woman that shows up on his doorstep is a knockout--which pleases the farmer.  Its careful, respectful approach to a gently-growing romance is like the patience of a farmer who knows that a good crop takes time to nurture.
Kitchen Stories (2003) DVD  Our Price:  $26.98.  This quiet little Scandinavian film tells a simple story of small-town  people doing little things, but if you are open to this type of story, you will be happily entertained.
Rogaland the Jewel of NorwayOur price: $19.95. Rogaland is a miniature of all that makes Norway the most beautiful country in the world. See the deep fjords that cut through the steep mountains where the water is so clear the boats appear to be floating on air. Enter the countryside where the only sound is a brook bubbling through the moss covered banks and the distant bells on the grazing  sheep. Visit the thriving yet cozy town of Stavanger with all its richly  painted wooden buildings. See the coast where rich farmland merges  with the North Sea. All is set to the backdrop of an ever changing sky, sometimes gentle and colorful then troubled and moody. The music in  this video, performed by Norway's finest recording artists, Secret  Garden, Annbjørg Lien, Dalakopa, Tone Hulbækmo, Steinar Ofsdal,  Sigmund Groven and American composer Mike Lynch, echoes the  rugged beauty and quiet strength of this gem called Rogaland.
Where the Home Fires DiedThe story of the people who inhabited the mountain farms in the heart of the Norwegian Fjord Country.   Available thru and other outlets.

Video's Available from Vesterheim
Adventures of the Vikings: Plus the Discovery of North America   VHS -Vesterheim Price:  $29.95.  Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish groups during the Viking Era.    83 min. video.
The Birkebeiner Tale: The Spirit to Endure   VHS  Vesterheim price:  $24.95. The unique documentary that tells the legend behind the race.
Norway Land of Enchantment  VHS  Vesterheim price: $19.95. A musical tour of the most beautiful country on earth, featuring renowned soloist Solveig Larsen.
Norwegian Folk Art: The Migration of a Tradition  VHS  Vesterheim price:  $26.95. Video based on the extrordinary traveling exhibit from New York's Museum of American Folk Art.
Norway! Savoring the Seasons   VHS  Vesterheim price:  $24.95. Experience family customs and celebrations, national festivals and athletic events, 55 min.
The Best of Norway   VHS  Vesterheim price:$29.95. Captures the sights, sounds, places, and people of Norway, 1993.

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