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Spencer, Griffin, Trevor and Logan with a truck

Spencer, Griffin, Trevor and Logan -- March 1997.

New! I'm soliciting input from Rootsweb Listowners about how to best present email web archives. There are a few of demos available. The archiving is currently disabled until more disk space is added to

A first pass at an Offical Orange County Genealogical Society web page is currently available.

My Genealogy Database


I'm very interested in tracing my family history. My entire genealogy database used to be located on and, but here on RootsWeb is the most up-to-date version.

The entire database is now on this website. The complete comprehensive version in a new easy-to-read format is here. I'm working the the folks here at RootsWeb to provide a GEDCOM-->HTML hosting service. Take a look at the other databases currently in beta test or for more information

Looking for something?


Using Digital's AltaVista Search, I've found all the people who linked to my old web site. Take a look at the list. Some people are pointing for genealogical reasons, others just to be strange. Here are some other search engine amusements

CONKLIN-L Mailing List

  A mailing list for genealogy research for the surname CONKLIN (CONKLIN-L) is also found here.

GEN-NYS-L Mailing List

  A mailing list for Genealogy Research in New York State (GEN-NYS-L) is run here. Take a look there for all the email archives.

MOORE-L Mailing List

  A mailing list for genealogy research for the surname MOORE (MOORE-L) is also found here. The email archives are currently available here.

I recently gave the MOORE-L mailing list to Pam Phillips and Sue Skay Abruscato. Eventually the MOORE-L email archives will move over to their web pages.

LINES-L Mailing List

  While the mailing list is hosted in North Dakota, I'm the list owner for the LINES-L mailing list. For more information about LifeLines, a UNIX based genealogy software package, see the author's web page.

Follow me for information about subscribing to the list

GEDCOM-L Mailing List

  This mailing list is for the discussion of technical issues related to the GEDCOM file format for exchange of genealogy information. NOTE: this is not a list of general genealogy discussion.

Follow me for information about subscribing to the list

Rootsweb Listowners "semi-automated replies"

  As the number of subscribers to a mailing list grows, there are more and more misdirected, misspelled commands, etc and it is nice to have some pre-written replies to send to these people. I offer my set of standard replies for anyone would like to use them.

Rootsweb Supporter GIF button

  Take a look at a few GIF buttons I whipped up to increase visibility of the Rootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative. Anyone who is a Rootsweb Sponsor is free to add to their web pages.

My "other" web pages

  All my non-genealogy related web pages are on my local ISP in New England.
Marc Nozell

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