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>Quite a few people, including a number of Conklins, went from Huntington,
>Suffolk County, L. I. to the Dover area of Dutchess County ca.
>1740's/1750's. It's quite possible that you will tie into the John (1)
>Timothy (2) line that is such a huge group in Huntington and nearby area.
>I'll have to check and see what I have, but I think you may be a few
>generations short of where my material stops on these Dutchess immigrants.
>But this may be a CLUE to where you need to look.
>Good luck!

I have not one but two CONKLIN family trees made out by Grenville
Mackenzie. The second one, CONKLIN II, seems to be the one you're
referring to. My family goes back to the "first", Philipsburg, CONKLIN

On an LDS microfilm I looked at recently, there was a helter-skelter
collection of deeds, mortgages and other scrawled records of the Nine
Partners Patent, which later became Amenia, NY, loosely speaking (Amenia,
Dover, Northeast, whatever). I won't claim that I knew how to read these
records, but what it _looked_ like is that a John Conklin had a stake in
this Patent as of Oct. 1751 ("John Concklin 1/3 of 1/4 of Water Lot 1")
Later on, Isaac Conckling had land in Water Lot 8 bought from James
Wynans, Jr. (as in Wynantskill, I suppose). On the same reel there is a
transcription of a Bible fly leaf from the Livingston family, among which
is Susan Conklin, who married Henry Livingston. Other names in this list
were Beekman, Van Cortlandt, and Stuyvesant. Susan married into a knot of
very prominent families, in other words.

This John Conklin then seems to be the Capt. John Conklin who "removed to
Poughkeepsie about 1727." and died 1765. His eldest daughter Susannah
married Henry Livingston and he had a son Isaac b. 1739 who "resided in
Clinton". Clinton is almost the other side of the state, unless I have
the wrong Clinton (or the wrong family; another John Concklin with son
Isaac "moved to Fishkill after 1751" but Fishkill is further from Amenia
than Poughkeepsie, and closer to the Beekman Patent).

Anyway, if I've connected the dots correctly, these Conklins owned land
in the Dover area but didn't spend much time there. They don't show up
much in the church records I've seen. Several Dutcher families,
meanwhile, belonged to Amenia churches but I didn't see them on the land
records. One or two See families seem to have wandered off to Amenia
(from Clermont?) and even east into Litchfield Co., Connecticut, but I
haven't pinned that down yet. I think that most Sees outside of
Philipsburgh between 1750 and 1820 lived under rocks and fled in panic
from anyone carrying a pen.

Here's my lineage, very briefly:

-- Garret See (b. 1811 somewhere or other, d. 1854 at Wilton NY) married
Sarah Ann Dutcher (1814-?), daughter of Simeon G. Dutcher (b. Wynanstkill
1793, d. 1864 in Wisconsin)
-- Sarah's mother is Johanna Conklin (ca. 1790-1831)
-- Johanna's father is Gilbert Conklin (b. ca. 1765, d. 1835 at Wilton,
NY), son of
-- Abraham Conklin (b. 1737 at Kingston- d. ca 1806 at Schodack), son of
-- Capt. John Conklin and Annetje Storm.
-- Annetje's parents were Dirck Storm and Esther Sie (!)
-- Esther Sie was daughter of Isaac Sy of Philipsburg, originally of
Mannheim. So the path of in-laws circled back around.

Garret was probably descended from Isaac Sy too, but it's hard to tell.
There was another See family in Schoharie County that was not descended
from Isaac, and he might have descended from them, or from elsewhere.

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