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Sat, 27 Jan 1996 01:09:19 -0700

Hello, I am looking for any information or clues on the following
individuals with connections to New York State.

I have access to the LDS Family History Library branches. The San Antonio
Library has census records, including 1850. However, it does not have an
index for that 1850 census, which is the one I most need.

Unfortunately, I have both SMITH and JONES in the family tree. Just found
out I have another SMITH line and a JOHNSON. It's almost easier looking for
Donauschwaben (ethnic Germans) in current Yugoslavia--but there I have
SCHWARTZ's to look for!

Esther Ann WEED: born 14 Feb 1795 in New York State
married Joshua HART born in New Hampshire, lived in Ohio and Michigan
they may have married in Michigan. She was Joshua's second wife. First
wife, Nancy PLACE was probably from New Hampshire. I have no idea of her
wherabouts or parents.

Amos JONES probably born circa 1840. Probably from Massachusetts. Was
visiting relatives in New York State when he met/married his wife Mary Ann
PHELPS, probably of Poetter (Yates), New York. He died shortly after
release from Prisoner-of-War camp (Civil War).She re-married Hiram Lafler,
who adopted Charles Ulyses, born 26 Feb 1865 in Potter (Yates), New York.
Charles Ulyses LAFLER was thus probably born Charles Ulyses JONES. Again, I
have no info. on Amos JONES' location or ancestry.

Mary Ann's parents were Asa PHELPS of Potter and Mary Etta JONES (a
relative Amos was visiting?). They later moved to the current Grand Rapids,
Michigan area. In New York, PHELPS might be as common as JONES. Again, all
I have are names for my current line endings.

Charles Ulyses LAFLER left home and moved in with grandfather Asa PHELPS in
Michigan. He married Lucy Gabrielle MINER. She was born 7 Apr 1868. Her
parents were Hubbard MINER, born circa 1833 in New York State. Hubbard was
married to Mina/Elmina ROSE, born circa 1851 in New York State. And then,
she became Mina MINER. Hubbard MINER is in Michigan by the 1870 census, as
are Asa PHELPS and Catherine (SMITH) BUGBEE>

Mina's parents were John ROSE, married to Cordelia Alice POLHEMUS, born 23
Jul 1832 in Lyons, New York. Have to assume John ROSE was also from the
Hudson Valley, but all I know is his name from the Peck genealogy of the
POLHEMUS family.

Catherine Ann SMITH was married to Eli Bugbee. He was born in 1808 in
Woodstock, Connecticut. He moved to Michigan. Catherine was born 14 Aug
1821 in Ontario County, New York. It is unknown if they met in Michigan or
in New York.

William DELANO was the father of Lucy Eliza Ann DELANO who married Albert
POLHEMUS (1814-1885), born and died in Sodus Center, New York. I presume
he'll connect eventually to Phillipe DeLaNoye and FDR, etc.

Maria RYCKMAN married Johannes POLHEMUS (1744-1822) lived in New Hempstead
(Orange), New York and Sparta (Sussex), New Jersey.

Hendrick WYCKOFF (circa 1650's) married Gertje (surname unknown). Their
daughter, Geesje WYCKOFF (circa 1680's) married another POLHEMUS.

Thank you very much in advance for any clues which I can pursue on each of
these lines.

Michael D. Stamm
"No Sacred Cows Taken Alive"

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