Re[2]: GEN-NYS-L: All Members
Thu, 01 Feb 96 08:33:47 EST

As with others, I know I owe some of you data and -- really
-- I AM working on getting it together.

That comment aside, I have the following here:

1. The 1991 directory of county and municipal historians,
some of which have been updated. [As I provide the
information to people, they have sent back corrections when
they had them]. This directory also has the regional
historical associations and county record office addresses
and phone numbers.

2. An index to the 1850 census in NYS, lists heads of
household, county, page and town

3. A history of NYS counties -- parent and progeny counties
with dates (I have it both in WordPerfect and in ASCII)

4. Volume I of "The Settlers of Beekman Patent - Historical
Records." Beekman Patent is Dutchess County and the records
are from the 18th century. It is indexed but will need to
be sent by snail mail after I make copies, unless it is a
very short citation. I had misplaced this book and just
found it again the other day, much to my relief. For those
of you who wanted info from this book, it will be out by
snail mail by Friday.

I do ask patience from those of you who will be
requesting information -- I work two jobs and try to be a
reasonably good mother and wife at the same time.

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