Re: GEN-NYS-L: My NYS surnames

Mary Jane Turner (
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 05:21:10 -0800

>> Actually this is a test.... I have my NYS surnames in a text file
that I'm going to try to upload... I do NOT know what is going to happen
but we shall see. I'm interested in hearing from ANYONE who might be
interested in any of these folks..... THANKS Mary Jane
>>Attachment Converted: C:\NETSCAPE\EUDORA\NYSTATE.LST

Again, Hi everyone,
(I have a VERY red face and I SINCERELY apologize for that test)
Had I thought about it for a minute I would have figured out that I was
NOT just uploading a small bit of text to the message but that a text file
was being sent. I am sorry. I was just trying to get a list of my
surnames on the list via the easiest way <G>. Obviously this was not the
smartest thing I've ever done in my life and I will think of another way of
doing this.
For those of you whou could read the message those counties were all
in NYS.. the file was very small.. no offence taken for not accepting a
file, I wouldn't either.. I will try again once I figure out how to cut and
paste with Eudora..... Mary Jane (slinking back under her rock) <G>.

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