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Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:15:35 -0500

You wrote:
>Is anyone having the problem that I am having in acquiring records from NYS?
>For every request that is sent, a payment of $11 is required. In one case,
>I sent to the county, "no record, try town", next, town of residencc, "no
>record, try town of hospital". So for $33, I finally received the death
>certificate. Sent to another county, no money, but try NYSDOH, which I did.
>Although I have definite date of birth, and Civil War military info, that
>came back "no record". Is Murphy after me? Or what am I doing wrong? All
>of the county and NY historical societies have been great in providing info
>that I can't prove by death certificates. Eva

I was unaware that Counties in NY State kept any vital records at all;
everything is filed at the Village/Town/City level, with a copy sent
to the NYSDOH. I'm surprised they kept your money.

I usually call the local Registrar in the locality of interest to make
sure they have the records, at least for the time frame involved, before
bothering to send a request.

The NY State law requiring B/M/D certificates dates back only to 1880 and
enforcement was lax until the 20th century, so you're out of luck unless
the event occurred in New York or one of the few other cities that required
certificates before that time.

Charles Sullivan

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