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Charles Sullivan (
Tue, 09 Apr 1996 22:48:01 -0400

Why don't you post a few of the listings; just date, plot, map, row grave
numbers will suffice (but names can't hurt.) These are often differently
specified in different cemeteries and perhaps someone will recognize
something unique. Are you aware of the religious faith and/or ethnicity of
the individuals buried there? Any clues whatsoever as to the cemetery name
if not absolutely illegible?

There ought to be death certs on file for deaths after 1880, and certainly
the later ones at least will have the name of the cemetery and undertaker.
(It's quickest to get these from the town or village clerk if you know
exactly where the individual died - otherwise you'll need to go to
Albany - or the NYC Municipal Archives if there's a chance they died in
a NY City hospital.)

Both cemetery and undertaker records have been extremely valuable to
me in piecing together family relationships.

Charles Sullivan

>Dear friends,
>Several of our ancestors are buried in the same cemetery on Long Island,
>NY. I have plot, map, row and grave numbers but not the name of the
>cemetery! On one death certificate the cemetery is listed but it is
>illegible and on another it says only "Long Island." Does anyone have a
>suggesstion of how I can get a list of cemeteries that existed between
>1878 and 1915 on Long Island ? Can cemetery records prove useful in
>gathering data, i.e. additional family members, dates of birth, family
>relationships, etc.?
>What is your advice?
>Thanks again, Carolyn

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