Re: GEN-NYS-L: Death Certificates

Charles Sullivan (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 22:17:13 -0400

Carolyn ( wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>The last info I have, dated 1994, is that death certificates from the New
>York City Municipal Archives cost $11.00 each when the date is known. I
>will be ordering 3 from Munich, Germany so I would appreciate it if someone
>would tell me if this is NOT correct. When I don't hear an thing I'll
>assume that they are still $11.00. Thanks.

Don't confuse the NY City Municipal Archives with the NY State Archives or
NY City Dept of Health or NY State Dept of Health. Different rules apply
to all four places.

The current fee at the NY City Municipal Archives is $10.00 (plus S.A.S.E.)
if you supply the name and date. They have all extant NY City death
records prior to 1949 (with some exceptions for outlying boroughs prior to
incorporation of Greater New York City in 1898.)

Charles Sullivan

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