GEN-NYS-L: Jack Glenister NY swimmer 1920-1930

Andy Glenister (
Thu, 2 May 1996 13:30:08 +0100

Can any body help me across the pond...

I am interested in details of Jack GLENISTER of New York, who, according
to a recent article in a UK national newpaper, was the first person to
swim across the river at the foot of the Niagara Falls in the 1920-1930
era (although what he was doing there at the time I don't know!).

I'd like to know how to check this out, and if anybody has any details
(eg newspaper extarct) about the event and about Jack and his family.

Any info please to the home of the Glenister World Wide One Name Study

I have details of around 10,000 Glenister births, marriages, deaths etc
in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for the
period 1530-1994 (and a few other odd bits before this!)

Hoping to hear from someone...


Andy Glenister
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