GEN-NYS-L: Mt. Vernon NY

Susan Pawley (
Thu, 16 May 1996 07:50:43 -0400

Hi Folks!
Thanks to all who responded to my query regarding the county of location
of Mt. Vernon NY. However, the same quandary still exists. Some of you
have told me that Mt. Vernon is in Westchester County, and others of you
have said Erie. Is it possible that the "one" in Erie is being confused
with Vernon NY, ie, the town with the Harness Horse Racetrack, Vernon
Is it possible that the online geographical locators are also making
this same confusion as they still turn up a Mt. Vernon in Erie,
Westchester and Sullivan(?) ?
Thanks for your help on this 8-)
Sue Pawley
searching: Greene, Church, Van Vleck
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