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Charles Sullivan (
Thu, 06 Jun 1996 14:50:22 -0400

Carolyn wrote:
>Dear Rooters,
>There is a small LDS center here in Munich, Germany and they will order
>census records for me (for a price, of course). My question is: What do I
>order to get the census records for Stottville, NY, near Hudson, in
>Columbia County, for 1900 and 1910? The name I am searching for is George
>Leonard M"ULLER. Do I need to know any more than the town?
>The people at the center don't speak much English and I am a beginning
>German speaker so I want to make sure I get the right records. Thanks for
>your help! Carolyn

The Soundex code for M"ULLER/MUELLER/MULLER = M460

The National Archives film numbers follow. Once you find him in the
1900 Soundex (index), you'll know which of the two census schedule
films to order. He'll most likely be in the first Soundex if he went
by George.

For 1910 there's no Soundex, but the entire county is on one roll.

1900 Soundex, NY State: T1062 Roll 469 (M460 David P.** - M460 Henry**)
T1062 Roll 471 (M460 Josephine** - M460 Rudolf)
(** = names continued from previous roll or on next roll.)

1900 census, NY: T623 Roll 1019, Columbia Co (EDs 1-20, ED 21 sheets 1-15)
T623 Roll 1020, Columbia Co (ED 21 sheet 16 - end) + other.

1910 census, NY: T624 Roll 933, Columbia Co + other.

The above info may be found on the NA Gopher:

The corresponding LDS catalog numbers for these films are found in their
Locality Catalog (on microfiche or computer) under UNITED STATES. (Too bad
there's not a cross reference to the NA numbers.)

Charles Sullivan

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