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Sue Pawley wrote:
Hi Folks!
Have any of you ever written to Mason Lodges to get information on an ancestor?
Do they have or does the initiate have to provide family background to the
Masons? If so, will a Mason Lodge disclose this information to someone
searching genealogy? Or is this information about a Mason kept "secret" also?
Both my Father and Grand Father were Masons, and I even have their Lodge
name and number, which Ive written to over two months ago asking for any
information that they could provide. I've yet to hear back from them. Was
considering writing to them again, but am now wondering if this would just
be a waste of time.

Thanks folks!

Sue Pawley
searching: Greene, Church, Van Vleck

Sue Pawley
Sue I believe its a waste of time. I also am trying to find a picture of
George Washington and his horse. The horse tender in the picture is my
g-g-grandfather Norman Phelps and the picture is supposed to be in the
Masonic Temple in Boston, Mass. I recieved a letter from the Library
Technician at the Grand Lodge of Mass. and was told to write to the
Secretary of the King Solomon Lodge in Somerville, Mass. as he thought the
picture was there. I wrote and just like you Sue, never recieved an answer.
Maybe it's a characteristic of the MASONS not to answer letters. HCP

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