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>>>>> "Dennis" == Dennis C Deeds <> writes:

Dennis> Hi Rooters, There is a new (to me anyway) 1990 Census Name
Dennis> Search site by the Census Bureau. lets you find how
common a given surname or given name (male or female) is, but has no
specific information about individuals. Also this clearly isn't a
complete list either since less common names are not included. It
does have some amusement factor... has some
interesting information about having the Census Bureau doing an "age
search" for people born between 1910 and 1990.



The Census Bureau provides an "age search" service to the

We will search the confidential records from the Federal
population censuses of 1910 to 1990 and issue an official
transcript of the results (for a congressionally mandated

Individuals can use these transcripts, which may contain
information on a person's age, sex, race, State or country of
birth, and relationship to the householder, as evidence to
qualify for social security and other retirement benefits, in
making passport applications, to prove relationship in
settling estates, in genealogy research, etc., or to satisfy
other situations where a birth or other certificate may be
needed but is not available. Information can be released to
the named person, their heirs, or legal representatives.


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