Wed, 2 Oct 1996 12:23:38 -0400 (EDT)

This is a very useful book. It is available at most Family
History Centers, as well as at many local genealogy organizations. I have
even found the book at public libraries. It may even be on-line. Does
anyone know of a URL?

Mike Marceau in Westminster, Maryland

On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, wrote:

> So often, requets are on the board for addresses of town historians, etc.
Note that Genealogical Publishing Co.;1001 N. Calvert St.;Baltimore, MD
21202 publishes "The Genealogist's Address Book", which they say is a national
yellow pages for genealogosts classified by subject, cross-referenced and
alphabetized, giving names, addresses, phone numbers, contact persons and
business hours of libraries, archives, societies, government agencies, vital
records offices, etc. It also lists town historians.

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