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Brenda Hare (Brenda.Hare@Cedar-Rapids.Net)
Mon, 07 Oct 1996 19:15:49 -0500

Trish & Bud Nicola wrote:
> I have been hunting for the birth record for Joseph John Giblin,
> born August 12, 1905, Croton, Westchester Co. NY and have not been able to
> obtain it. I tried the county and the state. No luck!
> I sent for his Social Security number application. He filed it on
> 12/21/1936. It lists Aug 12, 1905 as his birthdate. If he had no birth
> certificate, is there some kind of legal record that he had to obtain to
> prove his date of birth before he could get his SS#? Would he have had to
> go to court? What court? Westchester Co.?
> Does anyone have any ideas???
> Thanks.
> Patricia Hackett Nicola
> Decatur, GA

Patricia, I don't know if this will help you, but if you were searching
in IOWA - there is such a thing as a "delayed birth record" - and I
would guess this exists in states other than Iowa.

If it were me, looking for a person that I felt was b. 1905, and I knew
he applied for SS# in 1936, and I was looking in Iowa, I would look
under "delayed birth certificates" in the year 1936 - right around the
date he applied for SS#. In Iowa, the delayed bc's are filed by year
applied, NOT by year born...
If I could not find it there, I would look in delayed bc's between 1905
and 1936. I would "guess" he would have had to have had some sort of bc
for the SS# in 1936 (although that is just my guess). Do you have any
other dates/years for his life that he might have had to have had a bc
for? If so, I would look in that year, under delayed bc's...I would try
to come up with a "significant life happening" for the individual and
look under delayed bc's in that year...and hopefully find it, sooner or
later. This may or may not help, but it's what I would do, if I were
looking in Iowa for the same thing.


PS: Will be anxious to hear how you DO find it!

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