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Thu, 31 Oct 1996 23:03:04 -0500

The big news of the week is:
(from John Rigdon- US Genweb coordinator)

My "Site of the Week" award goes to Pamela and Jay Priest for the
Onondaga County, NY site.
This page is VERY well organized and has
real depth of content in ALL of the categories I've listed below.
For myself and many of us,we've just started to think about
collecting records in many of these areas, and yet Pam and Jay have
gathered and presented ALL of this great material in about a month's
time since the county came on line. Great work Guys!

Here's an overview of the categories of records you'll find at
Onondaga County:

Addresses of Libraries, County offices, and other important local
County Queries
Surname index for the county
County Books and Resources Bibliography
Family Data Bases and Histories
Cemetery Records
Photographs and Postcards around the county (great neat idea that I
haven't seen much elsewhere)
Church Records (not much elsewhere)
Pictures and postcards which need identification (sort of have you
seen this dead uncle - not found elsewhere)
Court Records
Place names locations and maps
County History
Poor house and Inmate Records (an interesting data set)
Guest Book (coming soon)
Success Stories (now why didn't I think of that?)
Links to City and County Pages
Maps of the County

WOW! Again - great work! and a great site.

Visit this site or any of the other great county sites at

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