Brenda Hare (Brenda.Hare@Cedar-Rapids.Net)
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 10:00:39 -0600

I am writing this to a friend who does not have e-mail access. If you
could help her, could you please post responses back to me, and I will
contact my friend. I thank you all in advance for your help:

Her father, George Mason Creevey, was born in 1872 the son of Henry
Creevey and
Polly Maria Mason. His father died in 1880 and she married a second time
Samuel Wright who died about 1909 in Brooklyn, NY - no children by this

My friend's grandmother, Polly Maria Mason was born 20 Nov 1850 in the
of Northville, Fulton Co., NY. Her father, Sampson Mason, lived just
north of
Northville in the town of Hope, Hamilton Co., NY. Polly and Henry
Creevey were
married at the home of Sampson Mason. Among his older children was a
Margaret born in 1829 whose husband was William Wright. There was also
the last century in Northville a doctor, Franklin N. Wright. I suspect
three: Samuel, William and Franklin may have been members of the same
family. I have no information who was related to whom or how.

My specific question is to confirm that Samuel Wright was from
although he lived in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Polly Maria. He might
have been married previously to his last marriage. And also whether he
was of
the same family as William Wright.

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