Re: Genealogical Legacy
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 13:58:45 -0500

Speaking from personal experience, you never know when some distant cousin
twice removed will get the bug and your research will be invaluable to them.
I have just recently revisited research notes that were sent to me 15 years
ago by a gentleman who was VERY elderly at the time and is surely dead now.
I have since shared his info with many new-found cousins on the Internet --
that's HIS legacy to us, for sure. By all means, follow the many suggestions
you have already received and make every effort to have them preserved.

My husband and I are also childless (although he has 2 children from a
previous marriage) and all my siblings are also childless and take a marginal
interest at best in my passion for genealogy. But I have also made some
wonderful new connections via the Internet with distant relations all
pointing back to the same ancestor and all sharing this interest.

Finally, have you posted the names of the families in Washington Co. for
which you have info on this BB recently? I am interested in any info you may
have on the COVEY family.

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