Henry William Whipple

R.L. Boisjolie (boisjoli@ncn.net)
Sun, 08 Dec 1996 13:54:08 -0800

Hi New Yorkers!

I am seaching for the ancestry and birth location of Henry William
Whipple who was born in New York State about 1820. He was quite a
traveler and lived in LaCrosse, WI, Harrison County, Iowa, Lake County,
SD, and Santa Cruz, CA. He was A Civil War Veteran. He died 1/1/1899.
It appears he was married twice. The first wife(I do not have her name)
was the mother of Seth Almon Whipple, born 1851 NY, and Miranda Whipple.
His second wife was named Mary(no last name available) and she was the
mother of Warren Whipple who was born in NY 1861.
If anyone recognizes this family, please contact me. I have been looking
for a long time for their ancestry and I would appreciate any and
all help.

Richard L. "Dick" Boisjolie
E-Mail: boisjoli@ncn.net

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