Re: Ethnic Slurs - not here please!

Jay A. Nellis (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:27:51 -0600 (CST)


Lighten up. It sounds more like a recitation of historical facts than
"English Bashing". After all, he didn't even mention your lousy food. :+)


On Wed, 5 Mar 1997, Diana H. Bailey wrote:

> No one on this list would ever think of insulting African-Americans, Italians,
> Chinese, French etc. but I know it is still "politically correct" to bash
> the English. I don't think there is room for this kind of nonsense on any
> genealogical list.
> Just a gentle reminder - there was plenty of killing, maiming and driving
> out done against the Loyalists who had the audacity not the side with the
> "winners".
> There is not a nation or group on earth that hasn't committed atrocities
> against other groups.
> Diana, who won't hang her head in shame because she is 100% - egads! - English.
> A poster posted: Although we are Ulster-Scot Coopers, we will help our
> English brother Coopers find their way, even tho we were killed, maimed,
> and driven to
> America by our brothers. And then had to fight the American Revolution
> to set ourselves free! You have asked for info regarding James Cooper of
> Philadelphia, nephew of the Earl of Shaftsbury, which we will give a
> start as to his ancestry this time:
> Jay A. Nellis
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