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Although this is the NY Mailing list, I recognized the name Mix, seeing it
just recently in my research in Tioga County, PA. Both of these counties, in
NY and PA are on the NY/PA border and are adjacent.

I just purchased the books "History of Tioga County", 1883 (reprint) and
"History of Tioga County", 1897 (reprint), these are two different books with
the same name. They are both for Tioga County, Pennsylvania. I remember
seeing the name Mix mentioned in the sections on Clymer Twp., as I have
several ancestors who were early settlers there. One of the earliest
settlements was by a man named James MIX, and the name of the town was
Mixtown, named after him. Unfortunately, these books don't have an
"all-name" index, the only names appearing in the indexes are of the men who
have larger "biographical sketches". About the only way to find people in
these books, one of which is very large (over 1100 pages), is by reading the
sections on the townships.

Anyway, here is what I found on the name MIX by looking in the chapters in
Clymer Township, where I remember seeing the name:

"History of Tioga County", 1883, Clymer Township, page 124:

"The first settlement within the present limits of Clymer was made about
the year 1815. This territory was then in the township of Deerfield. In 1818
James Mix settled on the ridge west of Sabinsville and gave to that locality
the name of Mixtown. In 1820 Simon Rexford purchased and located upon 300
acres of the Mix possession. The Land was divided up, David Rexford, son of
Simon Rexford, taking a portion, and George O. Bristol, a step-son, another

... "The early settlers in and about Mixtown (a small hamlet, surrounded by a
good farming country, near the center of the township) were, besides those
already spoken of, John King, Elihu Matteson, Willard Potter, Archibald
Campbell, Christopher Schoonover, Samuel Swimelar, Orson Pemberton, Isaac
Beach, Rufus Scott, Nathaniel Owen, Watson Trowbridge, Nathaniel Skinner,
William Larrison, Thomas Barber, Samuel Niver, C.R. Skinner, Caleb
Trowbridge, Peter B. Lovell and John Lovell. A majority of these were from
Cortland and Chenango counties in New York and a large portion of them
cleared up farms, erected good dwellings, set out orchards and became
well-to-do citizens, braving all the hardships incident to pioneer life."

**Two of the men listed above are my ancestors, later on, in the 1830's -
50's, several more of my ancestors settled in Clymer Twp.**

Here's what else I found in the other book:

"History of Tioga County", 1897, Clymer Township, page 464:

"James Mix, who located at what is still known as Mixtown in 1818, is
reputed to have been the first settler in the township. In 1820 Simon
Rixford, a Revolutionary soldier, and a pioneer settler at Knoxville,
purchased the Mix property."

"History of Tioga County", 1897, Clymer Township, page 467:

"Mixtown, named for James Mix, who settled upon the site in 1818, is
situated in the western part of the township, about a mile from the Potter
county line. At one time it gave promise of being a place of some importance
as a trading point. It contained two stores, carried on by W.O. Bristol and
J.H. Rushmore, but after the completion of the Fall Brook Railroad to
Westfield and Potter Brook, and of the Addison and Pennsylvania railroad to
Sabinsville, trade was diverted to these places and the stores at Mixtown
discontinued business."

**In the Taxables for the year 1851 in Clymer Twp., there were no men by the
name of Mix, also the Mix name is not mentioned elsewhere in the sections on
Clymer Twp., perhaps when Simon Rexford purchased the property from James Mix
in 1820, James moved elsewhere, perhaps to NY State. I don't know if this
James Mix is one of yours, you didn't mention the dates of your Mix family in
Tioga County, NY...but it is likely that he was at least related to your
family, if not a direct ancestor.**

Lauren Welty-Tennent

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