Bob Phillips (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:33:27 -0500

Do we have any descendants of the PHILIPS/PHILLIPS or HAGLE/HEAGLE
families, 1776 era, in Tryon County, N.Y.??? Several men with these
surnames were on the Tryon County Militia Roll, on the Tryon County
Home Page. Were these Loyalists, or what?? Yes, I know that many
people back then switched their allegence several times depending on
who was camped at their doorstep. I just want to know where these
families went and who their descendants were. Thanks for the assist:-)

Looking for parents names of Jonathan PHILLIPS (1794-1868), born in N.Y.,
died in Hastings Co., Ontario. 2nd wife: Marriah HEAGLE (1817-1909), born
Johnstown N.Y., died in Hastings Co., Ontario.

Bob Phillips
Columbus, Ohio

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