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Bertrand: Here is the info our wanted to know:

>Do you know John's wife's maiden name other than Mary?

No, I have not been able to find that out. I got this information from the
1850 Ulster County Census.

>What does Hannah K. mother mean in parenthesis?

That was in my Brother's Keeper program as her last name since I didn't know
it and wanted to be able to recognize her.

>Do you have siblings for Hannah K. (b. 1828)?

Hannah's siblings are:
John b. 1826 New York
Simeon b. 1829 Ulster County, New York m. Lydia
James b. 1830 New York
Cyrus b. 1832 Ulster County, New York m. Eliza Jane INGRAHAM
Andris b. 1833 New York
Benjamin b. 1834 New York
Charlotte b. 1838 New York
Calvin b. 1840 New York
Maria b. 1841 New York
Columbus b. 1842 New York
Isaac b. 1843 New York
William b. 1845 New York
Rachel b. 1848 New York
Lois b. 1849 New York

>Do you have more sixes and sevens in this line?

The sixes are above (Hannah's siblings) the sevens are as follows:

Children of David INGRAHAM (1833 - 1882) and Hannah KNICKERBOCKER
Isabella b. 1853 Neversink, Sullivan, New York
Maurice W. b. 1858 Neversink, Sullivan, New York m. Leah Thomas
Grace b. Sep 1859 Neversink, Sullivan, New York m. ira L. Greattox
Randall Orange b. 11-JUN-1863 d. 12-MAY-1943 Yakima WA m. (1) Mary Whitaker
and (2) Evelyn ROGERS
Ariadna b. 11-JUN-1863 New York m. Frederick Hann
Francis E. b. 1865 Iowa m. Dennis T. Wandling
Mary H. M. b. 1868 Iowa m. William W. Rice
Philip Sheridan b. 23-DEC-1867 Iowa m. Rose Vivian North

>You see I have two wives for William Winne. Do you have this, too?

Yes, I did have this, but I didn't know which children went with which
wife. Now, thanks to you, I have that information. I am descended from
William Winne KNICKERBOCKER and Eva VIEL

>5. Eliza Ingraham Knickerbocker (1817-1906)
+ Peter N. Boice

I have an Eliza Jane INGRAHAM that married Cyrus KNICKERBOCKER (s/o John and
Mary). Do you know if your Eliza was married before or after Cyrus, or is
this just a coincidence and from a different line?

I hope this can help you.

Rachel Johnson
Irving, Texas

P.S. I am really embarrased. In writing this letter to you, I deleted what
you sent me. Is it possible that you can send it to me again? If it is too
hard don't worry about it.

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