Darrell A.Sherrin (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 13:06:29 -0700 (PDT)

Hello, folks in New York and Ontario,
I recently posted a letter or two regarding Maria VanEvery. Several of
you were kind enough to answer, but Maria remained unidentified. Today I
came across some new and startling (to me) information.
Mary SHERMAN from Buffalo Creek, NY, b. 1806, married Samuel DUMONT and
they lived in ONtario, Canada. Her parents were William Sherman and Ruth
Bateman. They died in ONtario in 1812, so it appears Mary had been in
ONtario since she was a child. My family notes said that Samuel had a
step-daughter by the name of Maria VanEvery, born 1827. This date does not
fit with her having been the married daughter of Samuel's second wife, Appy
Today, I went hunting at the FHC in the Ancestral file and discovered
that Samuel Dumont had married Mary VANEVERY SHERMAN. Nowhere else has there
been a hint that Mary had a previous marriage.
If any of you Shermans or VanEverys out there can enlighten me on this
subject, I would be grateful. Also, Mr. O'Brien, the LDS informant, if you
are out there, I have written you a letter, hoping you were at the same
address. Thankyou.


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