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Subject: NYNY 1820-1824

<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>NOTE: As we move further on in New
York history the amount of information increases greatly. This seems to
me to be a good time to cut back the weekly range from five years to
four years. It will slow us down a bit but will also, I hope, help
prevent information overload. Next week we'll cover 1825-1828.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and feedback,



Jan 26 =09

New York State's J. W. Taylor proposes a amendment to the Maine
statehood bill, prohibiting slavery in Missouri.

Apr 21 =09

The <italic>Lion of the West</italic> leaves Rochester, the first canal
boat from there to Utica, on the Erie Canal.

May =09

The section of the Erie Canal between Utica and the Seneca River is
opened for public use.

Jul 1 =09

The first toll is collected on the Erie Canal.

August<bold> =09

</bold>Martin Van Buren becomes a major investor in the <italic>Albany

Aug 20 =09

A meeting is held at Canandaigua's Mill's Hotel to discuss the building
of a canal linking Canandaigua Lake with the Erie Canal. John C.
Spencer, James D. Bemis, Asa Stanley, Dudley Marvin, andWilliam H.
Adams are appointed to study a route.

Sep 20 =09

Rochester's Methodist Episcopal Church opens. Abelard Reynolds is named
first trustee.

October<bold> </bold>=09

=46ranklin Cowdery begins publishing the Angelica

Nov 13 =09

The Hudson River freezes over at Albany.

Dec 21 =09

The Canandigua Lake canal committee recommends a 19 1/2-mile route that
would require 23 locks and cost $68,000. The Ontario Canal Company is


Diarist, attorney and music lover George Templeton Strong is born. =20
** The ship of the line <italic>Ohio </italic> is launched at
Brooklyn Navy Yard. ** Steamship service to New Orleans begins.


De Witt Clinton wins the governorship, but with a Bucktail (Republican)
legislature. ** Theodore S. Fayton hires John Butterfield as a
driver for Utica's J. Parker and Company stage line. ** A
lighthouse is erected on Dunkirk's Point Gratiot. ** Vermont
native Sewell Newhouse moves to the New York woods to become a trapper.
** Joseph Cox begins operating a ferry on the Genesee River near
Rush. ** Dr. T. Romeyn Beck conducts a geological and
agricultural survey of Albany County, the first such survey in the
state. ** Onondaga County area white population is over fifty
people per square mile. ** Samuel Wilkinson has a pier built at
Buffalo's Buffalo Creek (later the Buffalo River). ** The
approximate date Geneva's Ludlow House is built, at 388 Pulteney
Street. Federal row houses are also built at 394, 398, 400 and 402
Pulteney this year. ** The Genesee River bridge at Carthage
collapses. ** Carthage landing ships 67,468 bushels of flour,
5,310 barrels of pearl and pot ash, 26,743 barrels of beef and pork,
and 709 barrels of whiskey, along with other goods, on 316 vessels. =20
** Three dry seasons reduce the clearance over the Genesee River
sandbar from twelve to six feet.


Population reaches 13,000. ** The Ministry building at the
Watervliet Shaker colony is built.


The Eagle Hotel replaces the Ensworth Tavern. ** Court Street is
extended. ** Population reaches 1,502.


Jan 12 =09

The state legislature begins purging Federalists from the state

Jan 17 =09

Governor Clinton accuses Martin Van Buren of bartering states rights
for patronage in Washington.

Jan 25 =09

Temperatures in New York City drop to -14=B0. Thousands walk from Jersey
City, New Jersey, to Manhattan on the frozen ice on the Hudson River.

=46eb 2 =09

A Bucktail caucus nominates Van Buren for the U. S. Senate.

=46eb 6 =09

The New York legislature elects Van Buren to the Senate.

Mar 31 =09

The state legislature incorporates the Ontario Canal Company.

May 23 =09

Ontario Canal Company commissioners N. Gorham, Z. Seymour, Asa Stanley,
P. P. Bates, and William H. Adams open the books for subscriptions, at
Coe's Hotel in Canandaigua.

Jun 12 =09

Ontario Canal Company subscriptions reach $20,000.

Aug 30 =09

The state constitutional convention begins meeting, in Albany.

Oct 26 =09

Joseph Ellicott, Resident-Agent for Batavia's Holland Land Office,
resigns due to ill health and increasing criticism of his performance.


Wealthy alderman Stephen Allen becomes the city's first elected mayor,
serving three one-year terms. ** The city is granted jurisdiction
over underwater land off the Battery, to a distance of 600 feet. **=20
Express riders service begins to Boston. ** Norwegian religious
dissidents Cleng Peerson and Knud Olson Eide arrive.


The towns of Almond and Independence are split off from Alfred. ** =20
The Seneca Canal is completed. ** Monroe and Livingston
counties are carved out of Genesee County. Colonel Nathaniel Rochester
is named clerk of Monroe County. ** Erie County is created out of
Niagara County. ** Timothy Dwight's <italic>Travels in New
England and New York, 1796-1815</italic> is published, posthumously.


The Albany Female Academy is incorporated.

Erie Canal

Construction at Rochesterville is completed. The stretch between Utica
and High Falls is also completed. ** Canvass White recommends
running the canal on the northern side of the Mohawk River, in the
Schenectady-to-Albany portion.


Jan 22 =09

The Albany <italic>Argus</italic> publishes all of the correspondence
in the uproar over Federalist Solomon van Rensselaer's appointment as
the Albany postmaster.


John Butterfield marries Malinda Harriet Baker, in Utica.

Mar 8 =09

Rochester civic leader Edwin S. Hayward is born in Charlton,
Massachusetts, to future Brighton pioneer Nathaniel Hayward.

Mar 18 =09

Joseph Yates wins the Republican nomination for governor.

Apr 29 =09

Montour fruit farmer George C. Wickham is born in Hector, to Mr. and
Mrs. William Wickham.

Oct 29 =09

The first boat with a cargo of Rochester flour leaves for Little Falls,
via the Erie Canal.


The office of the mayor becomes an elective position. ** The
=46ulton Fish Market is completed.


Chili township is created out of Riga township. ** The first
printing presses in Chemung, Niagara and Orleans counties. ** A
huge tree in Silver Creek is blown down in a storm. It will be hollowed
out and have a room made in it. ** The total value of shipments
out of the Genesee River reaches $500,000. ** Erastus Shepard
ceases publication of t=00=00<italic>=07=BFstern Republican</italic>, sends =
materials to Elmira and takes a position as foreman at James Bogart's
office in Geneva. ** The Angelica <italic>Republican</italic>
ceases publication. ** Another treaty with the Onondaga reduces
the size of their reservation a third time. ** Master Masons
Bruster & Allen build the Brethren's Shop and Sisters' Workshop at the
Shaker colony at Watervliet (Albany). ** Newly appointed Le Roy
land agent Jacob Le Roy, son of the former agent Herman Le Roy,
enlarges the land office. It will one day become Le Roy House. ** =20
Gideon Granger, Postmaster General underJefferson and Madison, dies in
Canandaigua. ** The legislature assumes the responsibility for
appointing the Secretary of State. ** Charles Butler becomes
deputy clerk of the State Senate. ** The Champlain Canal is
extended through the village of Waterford.


South Pier, into Lake Erie, is completed. ** Black Rock begins
building the Bird Island Pier into the Niagara River.

Erie Canal

The packet <italic>Myron Holley</italic> arrives in Bushnell's Basin,
south of Rochester. The town of Fairport is created on that spot. =20
** A dam is constructed on Schoharie Creek at Fort Hunter to create
a slack water section where Erie Canal boats could be towed across the
creek. Lock number 20 is completed nearby. The canal is opened to
Schenectady ** The decision is made to run the canal on the
northern side of the Mohawk River, in the Schenectady-to-Albany


The first court house is built. ** The village's population
reaches 3,130. ** Seven year-old John S. Wilson arrives with
his family from Massachusetts. ** Stonemason William Morgan
arrives to work on an aqueduct. ** Trustees levy an annual
license fee on gambling locations.


Jan 15 =09

Geneva diarist Josephine Matilda deZeng is born.

Mar 3 =09

Moncrief's British hit <italic>Tom and Jerry; or, Life in
London</italic> opens at New York'sPark Theatre.

Apr 23 =09

New York State charters the Delaware and Hudson Canal.

June<bold> </bold>=09

The Baltimore-Conewago Canal commissioners leave Baltimore to meet with
De Witt Clinton in New York City. They hire James Geddes as their canal
director. From there they continue to Albany and take the Erie Canal to
Cayuga Lake. They take asteamboat to Ithaca and travel overland to the
Susquehanna River. Their efforts are for nothing, their canal is not


A horse-car railroad opens between Rochester and the Genesee River
landing at Carthage. =20

Sep 10 =09

Lands formerly belonging to Mary Jemison, the "White Woman of the
Genesee", are put up for sale.

October =09

David Stanhope Bates' aqueduct is constructed to carry the Erie Canal
over the Genesee River at Rochesterville.


Attorney John Wells, co-founder of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft,


A man with a slashed throat in Parma becomes Monroe County's first
official murder victim. ** The first printing press in Yates
County. ** The total value of shipments out of the Genesee River
reaches $807,000. ** The top floor of a Syracuse tavern is
converted into a stage. ** Wayne County is formed. ** The
Waldron house in Rensselaerville is built. ** The Secretary of
State has Superintendent of Schools added to his responsibilities. =20
** William Seward moves from the town of Florida to Auburn to
become Judge Elijah Miller's junior partner. ** William B.
Rochester is named first circuit judge of the eight district. ** =20
A triple lock is built on the Champlain Canal at Whitehall. ** =20
Painter Susan Catherine (Moore Waters) is born in Binghamton. ** =20
Sewell Newhouse of Oneida perfects the steel trap. ** =20
Historian-physician William Seaver interviews Mary Jemison. ** =20
James Fenimore Cooper writes his first Leatherstocking novel,
<italic>The Pioneers</italic>. ** Civil War adjutant general
Lorenzo Thomas graduates from West Point. ** Civil War
photographer Matthew B.Brady is born in Warren County.


Batavia becomes a village. ** The Eagle Tavern is built on Main

Erie Canal

The canal reaches Albany. Brockport becomes the temporary western
terminus. ** Genesee Valley business interests petition the New
York legislature for a valley canal to connect the Erie Canal with the
Allegheny River near Olean.


The village celebrates the opening of the Erie Canal. ** The
first pier of the new aqueduct is carried away by spring floods. **
Willis Kempshall becomes a partner of Ira West in a dry goods store.=20
** The village drops property-owning as a requisite for voting. =20
** The First Baptist Church is built. ** The village on the
east bank of the Genesee River is incorporated into the village limits.
** Geologist Amos Eaton makes a study of the Rochester gorge of
the Genesee River. ** Construction is begun on Washington Street
for the home of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester. ** New Englander
Nathaniel Hayward settles in the town of Brighton and buys seventy


January<bold> =09

</bold>James Fenimore Cooper writes his first sea romance <italic>The
Pilot</italic>, to demonstrate what Sir Walter Scott's <italic>The
Pirate</italic> might have been like if written by a seaman.

Jan 24 =09

At an Ontario Canal Company meeting at Canandaiguas Mead's Hotel, nine
directors are elected. The Canal is never built.

Mar 1 =09

Construction begins on New Jersey's Morris Canal, to link New York City
with the Delaware and Lehigh rivers.

Mar 29 =09

The New York House of Refuge, for New York City juvenile delinquents,
is incorporated.

Apr 2 =09

50,000 New York City inhabitants come out to see murderer John Johnson
hanged for the killing of tourist James Murray.

Apr 3 =09

Samuel Young is nominated by a state caucus for governor.

Apr 12 =09

De Witt Clinton is deposed as an Erie Canal commissioner.

Apr 22 =09

A home at 286 Water Street in New York City is the first house to be
lighted by gas.

May<bold> =09

</bold>James Fenimore Cooper moves his family from 3 Beach Street, New
York City, to 345 Greenwich Street.

Jul 23 =09

Western New York land agent Paolo Busti dies at the age of 74.

August =09

Cooper receives an honorary M. A. from Columbia University.

Aug 1 =09

State electors are selected in Utica to nominate the governor and
lieutenant governor.

Aug 14 =09

The Marquis de Lafayette arrives in New York with his son George
Washington Lafayette, for a tour of the nation.

Oct 26 =09

The cutting of the western end of the Erie Canal at Lockport, to Lake
Erie, is completed.


De Witt Clinton is again elected governor.

Nov 5 =09

The Rensselaer School of Theoretical and Practical Science (Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute) is founded in Troy - the first U. S.
engineering college.

Dec 18 =09

New York City mayor Philip Hone decides to back the Delaware and Hudson


The new Mystic,Connecticut, schooner <italic>Harriet</italic>, carrying
a cargo of naval stores from Plymouth, North Carolina, on its maiden
voyage, is destroyed by fire in New York Harbor.


John Beardslee, founder of Beardslee City, dies. ** Syracuse is
incorporated as a city. ** Erie Canal construction severs Utica's
water supply aqueduct. ** The approximate year editor Benjamin
Smead turns Bath's <italic>Farmers' Advocate and Steuben
Advertiser</italic> over to his sons. ** A. N. Phelps begins
publishing the Canandaigua <italic>Republican</italic>. He soon sells
the paper to Thomas B. Barnum who runs it for a short time. ** The
Naples <italic>Village Record</italic> begins publication. ** =20
Professor Amos Eaton's report on the rock formations along the route of
the future Erie Canal, commissioned by Stephen Van Rennselaer, is
published. ** Orleans County is created out of north central
Genesee Country. ** Hector pioneer Mrs. William Wickham dies at
the age of 82. ** Charles Butler is admitted to the bar, begins
practicing in Lyons. He will move to Geneva after a few months. ** =20
Wine is first produced in the Chautauqua region. ** James
Seaver, MD's <italic>The Life of Mary Jemison</italic>, from her own
words, is published. ** James Fenimore Cooper accompanies four
English noblemen (including future prime minister Edward Stanley) on a
tour of Saratoga, Ballston, Lake George, Ticonderoga and Lake
Champlain. While in Little Falls he decides to write <italic>Last of
the Mohicans</italic>. ** The 7th Regiment of the New York State
Militia takes the title National Guards. ** Evangelist Charles G.
=46inney begins his career, in western New York. ** The steamboat
<italic>Martha Ogden</italic> is built at Sackets Harbor, financed in
part by Rochester merchants.


The Auburn system of prison management is implemented, ending universal
solitary confinement. ** William Henry Seward marries Frances
Miller, daughter of his senior law partner Judge Elijah Miller. Miller
gives them a house.


Pioneers from Virginia and New York found Ann Arbor.


The village gets its first bank and theater. ** A visitor is
robbed of $1,800 at a gambling shop. ** St. Luke'sEpiscopal
Church is built. ** The wooden Main Street bridge across the
Genesee River is replaced by a new wooden one on stone piers. ** =20
Theaqueduct is completed. ** Colonel Nathaniel Rochester's
Washington Stree home is completed. He is named a subscription manager
for the new Bank of Rochester.</fontfamily>

David Minor

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